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Checklist of cards from A Flight of Dragons (A Game of Thrones)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
20 Agent of the Lion Character U
42 Andrik the Unsmiling Character U
93 Anguy The Archer Character U
57 Arakh Attachment U
100 Archmaester Character R
138 Assaut on King's Landing Plot U
30 Asshaii Initiate Character C
83 Astapor Location R
43 Balon Greyjoy Character R
94 Beric Dondarrion Character R
62 Black Hatchling. Character C
27 Blessing of R'hllor Attachment C
58 Blood Steed Attachment C
59 Bloodrider Attachment U
139 Calm over Westeros Plot R
1 Capture Attachment U
23 Chattaya's Location R
21 Circle of Spies Character C
14 Complacence Attachment C
108 Constant Rebuilding Event R
109 Countermeasures Event R
74 Crone of Vaes Dothrak Character R
63 Daenerys Targaryen Character U
87 Daznak's Pit Location C
75 Dothraki Horselord Character U
76 Dothraki Skirmisher Character C
37 Dragon Battlements Location C
60 Dragon Fear Attachment C
110 Dragon Flight Event R
7 Dreadfort Guard Character C
64 Drogon Character R
111 Endless Bureaucracy Event U
112 Endless Endurance Event U
113 Endless Raid Event U
114 Endless Vigil Event U
31 Field Sergeant Character C
115 Fire and Blood Event C
8 Flayed Men Character C
140 Focused Offense Plot U
91 Formal Petition Attachment R
16 Grand Maester Pycelle Character U
88 Great Pyramid Location C
49 Great Wyk Location R
65 Green Hatchling Character C
77 Handmaid Character C
116 Harder and Stronger Event C
117 Hidden Agenda Event C
22 House Courtesan Character C
32 House Florent Rearguard Character C
45 House Harlaw Pikeman Character C
55 House Targaryen House U
118 Immolate Event C
101 Initiate of the Citadel Character C
51 Ironman's Bay Location R
46 Ironmen Raiders Character U
17 Jalabhar Xho Character C
66 Jhogo Character U
3 Jory Cassel Character U
67 Khal Drogo Character U
78 Khalasar Horsemen Character C
15 King's Spider Attachment R
24 Lannisport Treasury Location C
119 Lethal Counterattack Event R
95 Littlefinger Character U
52 Longship Raider Location C
53 Longship Reserves Location C
38 Lookout Tower Location U
33 Lost Captain Character U
106 Lys Location R
102 Lyseni Assassin Character R
79 Maegi Character R
4 Maester Luwin Character R
103 Maester of Oldtown Character U
25 Marbrand Estates Location R
84 Meereen Location R
96 Mord Character U
104 Mountain Skirmisher Character C
12 Northern Borderlands Location C
141 Oath of Fealty Plot U
142 Old Intrigues Plot R
120 Open Revolt Event R
143 Outmaneuver Plot R
80 Pentoshi Guildmaster Character U
121 Perished in Flame Event U
122 Price of Failure Event U
85 Qarth Location R
81 Qartheen Merchant Character C
89 Quartheen Bazaar Location U
123 Quick as a Snake Event C
124 Recovery Event U
39 Recruiting Tent Location R
34 Red Sorceress Character U
144 Regroup Plot U
2 Resilience Attachment C
125 Retreat Event U
68 Rhaegal Character R
126 Ritual of R'hllor Event R
5 Roose Bolton Character R
127 Salvage Event C
128 Secrets of Oldtown Event R
129 Seen in the Flames Event C
18 Ser Balon Swann Character U
29 Ser Cortnay Penrose Character U
19 Ser Gregor Clegane Character R
69 Ser Jorah Mormont Character R
6 Ser Rodrick Cassel Character U
35 Shadow Assassin Character R
130 Shifting Plans Event C
47 Ship's Bosun Character C
92 Skulduggery Attachment U
105 Squire Character C
131 Stalwart Defender Event C
26 Stokeworth Estates Location U
56 Stormborn Attachment R
132 Stranglehold Event R
107 Street of Silk Location R
70 Strong Belwas Character R
133 Subterfuge Event C
40 Support of Harlaw Attachment U
97 Syrio Forel Character R
90 Temple of the Graces Location C
50 Ten Towers Location R
41 Terror of the Seas Attachment R
48 The Dead Walking Character C
11 The Dreadfort Location R
134 The Lion's Claws Event R
98 The Mad Huntsman Character U
28 The Onion Knight Attachment R
44 The Reader Character R
36 The Stone Drum Location R
82 The Unsullied Character U
99 Tom Sevenstrings Character U
54 Tower of Pyke Location U
145 Treacherous Passage Plot R
135 True Queen's Decree Event R
61 Unburnt Attachment U
86 Vaes Dothrak Location U
71 Viserion Character R
72 Viserys Targaryen Character R
136 Waking the Dragon Event U
137 Whirlwind Assault Event U
73 White Hatchling Character C
13 Winterfell Armory Location R
9 Winterfell Cavalry Character C
10 Winterfell Recruit Character U