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Checklist of cards from Diamond Edition (Legend of the Five Rings)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
206 700 Soldier Plain Region Common
old-DE-01 A New Wall Event Promotional
310 A Test of Courage Action Common
131 Agasha Chieh Personality Common
140 Agasha Seruma Personality Common
413 Aid of the Grand Master Kiho Common
182 Air Dragon Personality Rare
326 Akodo House Guard Follower Fixed
109 Akodo Kurako Personality Uncommon
110 Akodo Mino (Experienced) Personality Rare
117 Akodo Shigetoshi Personality Uncommon
105 Akodo Tadenori Personality Common
106 Akodo Yobi Personality Uncommon
228 Along the Coast at Midnight Action Uncommon
229 Ambush Action Rare
433 Amnesia Spell Uncommon
1 Are You With Me? Event Uncommon
380 Armor of Earth Item Rare
132 Asako Naokazu Personality Common
149 Ashi Personality Uncommon
327 Ashigaru Archers Follower Common
328 Ashigaru Hordes Follower Common
230 Ashigaru Levies Action Common
329 Ashigaru Spearmen Follower Common
231 Assuming the Championship Action Rare
232 Avoid Fate Action Uncommon
233 Battlefield of Shallow Graves Action Common
159 Bayushi Churai Personality Common
160 Bayushi Kaukatsu Personality Rare
164 Bayushi Shunko Personality Common
161 Bayushi Sunetra (Experienced) Personality Fixed
162 Bayushi Tai Personality Common
156 Bayushi Tsimaru (Experienced) Personality Rare
234 Be Prepared to Dig Two Graves Action Rare
474 Berserker Rage Action Rare
2 Birth of the Anvil Event Rare
3 Birth of the Sword Event Rare
480 Black Heart of the Empire Wind Fixed
381 Blackened Claws Item Uncommon
27 Blacksmiths Holding Common
382 Blade of Secrets Item Rare
383 Blade of Truths Item Rare
484 Block Supply Lines Action Common
414 Bloodstrike Kiho Rare
4 Boastful Proclamation Event Fixed
384 Bone of the Tattered Ear Tribe Item Fixed
5 Boundless Sight Event Rare
385 Bronze Lantern Item Uncommon
362 Byoki no Oni Follower Common
235 Call to Arms Action Common
236 Carrier Pigeon Action Common
462 Castle of the Wasp Stronghold Fixed
6 Celestial Alignment Event Rare
386 Celestial Sword of the Crab Item Fixed
387 Celestial Sword of the Crane Item Fixed
388 Celestial Sword of the Dragon Item Fixed
389 Celestial Sword of the Lion Item Fixed
390 Celestial Sword of the Mantis Item Fixed
391 Celestial Sword of the Phoenix Item Fixed
392 Celestial Sword of the Scorpion Item Fixed
393 Celestial Sword of the Unicorn Item Fixed
415 Chasing Osano-Wo Kiho Common
183 Chiang-Tsu Personality Rare
330 Chitatchikkan Follower Common
7 Chrysanthemum Festival Event Rare
174 Chuda Masaru Personality Common
394 Chukandomo Item Rare
207 City Of Gold Region Common
358 Clay Horse Item Common
434 Cloak of Night Spell Rare
237 Come One at a Time Action Common
331 Command Staff Follower Uncommon
238 Concede Defeat Action Common
239 Confusion at Court Action Common
435 Contemplate the Void Spell Common
240 Contested Holding Action Rare
28 Copper Mine Holding Fixed
241 Corrupted Ground Action Fixed
395 Corrupted Jade Sliver Item Common
332 Courier Follower Common
473 Court Intrigue Event Fixed
396 Dai Tsuchi Item Common
80 Daidoji Akagi Personality Uncommon
79 Daidoji Gudeta Personality Uncommon
29 Daidoji Merchants Holding Uncommon
397 Daikyu Item Uncommon
333 Decoy Follower Rare
245 Desperate Wager Action Rare
246 Destiny has No Secrets Action Common
30 Devout Acolyte Holding Common
416 Dharma Technique Kiho Uncommon
334 Diplomatic Apprentice Follower Common
247 Dirty Politics Action Uncommon
248 Diversionary Tactics Action Common
85 Doji Domotai Personality Common
81 Doji Gombei Personality Common
82 Doji Jotaro Personality Common
83 Doji Kurohito (Experienced 2) Personality Fixed
old-2590 Doji Masazumi Personality Common
84 Doji Nagori Personality Common
86 Doji Tanitsu (Experienced 2) Personality Rare
436 Doom of Fu Leng Spell Rare
8 Doom of the Dark Lord Event Rare
417 Double Chi Kiho Common
31 Dragon Dancers Holding Fixed
398 Dragon Pearl Item Rare
475 Dragon's Strength Event Uncommon
249 Dying Effort Action Uncommon
184 Earth Dragon Personality Rare
437 Earthquake Spell Common
335 Elite Spearmen Follower Common
438 Emergence of the Masters Spell Common
336 Empress's Guard Follower Rare
252 Encircled Terrain Action Common
253 Enough Talk! Action Common
154 Ep'kee Personality Uncommon
254 Explosives Action Uncommon
256 Face of Ninube Action Common
257 Faith in my Clan Action Rare
258 Fall on Your Knees Action Uncommon
400 Fan of Command Item Uncommon
32 Fantastic Gardens Holding Uncommon
9 Far From the Empire Event Rare
208 Farmlands Region Common
439 Fear's Bane Spell Common
418 Feeding on Flesh Kiho Uncommon
259 Feign Death Action Rare
209 Fields of the Moon Region Uncommon
210 Fields of the Sun Region Uncommon
440 Fire and Air Spell Fixed
185 Fire Dragon Personality Rare
337 Firestorm Legion Follower Uncommon
443 Fist of Osano-Wo Spell Rare
419 Fist of the Earth Kiho Common
420 Flee the Darkness Kiho Common
260 Focus Action Rare
261 For the Empire Action Common
444 Force of Will Spell Common
338 Fortified Infantry Follower Common
421 Freezing the Lifeblood Kiho Common
169 Fushiki no Oni Personality Common
262 Geisha Assassin Action Rare
33 Geisha House Holding Fixed
170 Gekido no Oni Personality Common
34 Gifts and Favors Holding Fixed
339 Goblin Slingers Follower Common
171 Goblin Wizard Personality Common
35 Gold Mine Holding Fixed
36 Grove of the Five Masters Holding Uncommon
401 Gunsen of Water Item Rare
340 Gunso Follower Common
341 Heavy Cavalry Follower Common
342 Heavy Infantry Follower Common
343 Heavy Mounted Infantry Follower Common
66 Hida Hitoshi Personality Common
73 Hida Isamu Personality Rare
67 Hida Kosho Personality Uncommon
68 Hida Kuon (Experienced 3) Personality Fixed
69 Hida Reiha (Experienced) Personality Rare
70 Hida Shara Personality Common
71 Hida Sunao Personality Common
72 Hida Tenshu Personality Common
74 Hida Utaemon Personality Uncommon
344 Hiruma Archers Follower Common
78 Hiruma Ashihei Personality Common
345 Hiruma House Guard Follower Fixed
75 Hiruma Todori Personality Common
92 Hitomi Daisetsu Personality Common
98 Hitomi Mae Personality Common
263 Honor's Cost Action Common
37 Honor's Lesson Dojo Holding Rare
346 Hoshi House Guard Follower Fixed
93 Hoshi Wayan (Experienced 2) Personality Rare
457 House of Tao Stronghold Fixed
38 House of the Red Lotus Holding Common
264 I Believed in You Action Uncommon
265 Iaijutsu Challenge Action Common
266 Iaijutsu Lesson Action Fixed
143 Ik'krt Personality Common
107 Ikoma Sume Personality Common
11 Imperial Ambassadorship Event Fixed
267 Imperial Edicts Action Common
347 Imperial Honor Guard Follower Uncommon
12 Imperial Quest Event Uncommon
268 In Search of the Future Action Common
13 In Time of War Event Uncommon
39 Iron Mine Holding Fixed
348 Isawa House Guard Follower Fixed
133 Isawa Ihara Personality Uncommon
135 Isawa Moriko Personality Uncommon
134 Isawa Toshiji Personality Common
137 Isawa Washichi (Experienced 2) Personality Rare
136 Isawa Yoriko Personality Uncommon
193 Iuchi Najato Personality Common
172 Iuchiban Personality Fixed
173 Jama Suru (Experienced) Personality Rare
14 Kachiko's Promises Event Rare
77 Kaiu Hisayuki Personality Common
455 Kakita Dueling Academy Stronghold Fixed
87 Kakita Gosha Personality Common
349 Kakita House Guard Follower Fixed
91 Kakita Korihime (Experienced) Personality Rare
88 Kakita Mai Personality Common
89 Kakita Mai (Experienced) Personality Rare
90 Kakita Masazumi Personality Common
old-2591 Kakita Rei (Experienced) Personality Rare
269 Kamoko's Charge Action Common
144 Kan'ok'ticheck (Experienced) Personality Fixed
350 Kenshinzen Follower Rare
460 Kenson Gakka Stronghold Fixed
270 Kharmic Strike Action Uncommon
187 Ki-Rin Personality Rare
40 Ki-Rin's Shrine Holding Uncommon
41 Ki-Rin's Shrine (Experienced) Holding Uncommon
42 Kisada's Shrine Holding Rare
94 Kitsuki Iweko Personality Uncommon
351 Kobune Crew Follower Uncommon
43 Kobune Port Holding Fixed
271 Kolat Assassin Action Uncommon
272 Kolat Recruiter Action Rare
190 Koto Personality Common
175 Kukanchi Personality Common
76 Kuni Tansho Personality Uncommon
446 Kuro's Fire Spell Rare
177 Kyoso no Oni Personality Uncommon
464 Kyuden Agasha Stronghold Fixed
456 Kyuden Doji Stronghold Fixed
461 Kyuden Gotei Stronghold Fixed
453 Kyuden Hida Stronghold Fixed
459 Kyuden Ikoma Stronghold Fixed
476 Left Hand of the Emperor Wind Fixed
403 Lessons from Kuro Item Uncommon
273 Let Your Spirit Guide You Action Rare
353 Light Mounted Infantry Follower Common
44 Lion Scout Holding Rare
447 Look into the Void Spell Common
274 Loyal Yojimbo Action Common
275 Luring Tactics Action Uncommon
354 Mantis Bushi Follower Uncommon
355 Mantis Raiders Follower Common
211 Mapped Region Region Common
45 Marketplace Holding Fixed
46 Master of Bushido Holding Common
47 Master Painter Holding Uncommon
111 Matsu Aoiko Personality Common
116 Matsu Atasuke Personality Common
108 Matsu Ikari Personality Common
113 Matsu Kenji Personality Rare
112 Matsu Mabuchi Personality Common
115 Matsu Michiho Personality Common
114 Matsu Nimuro (Experienced) Personality Fixed
404 Mempo of the Void Item Rare
422 Mercy Shrouds the Earth Kiho Common
356 Minor Shugenja Follower Common
96 Mirumoto Gonkuro Personality Common
97 Mirumoto Tsuge Personality Common
178 Mohai Personality Uncommon
276 Moment of Brilliance Action Common
16 Moon and Sun Event Uncommon
463 Morning Glory Castle Stronghold Fixed
121 Moshi Amika Personality Common
120 Moshi Kalani Personality Common
194 Moto Chagatai Personality Common
195 Moto Chagatai (Experienced 2) Personality Fixed
196 Moto Kadu-kai Personality Uncommon
197 Moto Reijiro Personality Common
357 Moto Steed Follower Common
198 Moto Zhijuan Personality Common
17 My Enemy's Weakness Event Rare
405 My Father's Weapon Item Common
212 Mystic Ground Region Common
18 Naga Storm Mirumoto Mountain Event Uncommon
277 Narrow Ground Action Common
19 New Emerald Champion Event Rare
482 New Year's Celebration Event Fixed
278 Nezumi Technique Action Fixed
279 Ninja Kidnapper Action Rare
280 Ninja Thief Action Common
146 Nir'um'tuk Personality Common
281 No Hiding Place Action Common
20 Norikazu's Ravings Event Uncommon
471 Northern Provinces of the Moto Stronghold Fixed
483 Obsidian Mine Holding Fixed
406 Obsidian Mirror Item Uncommon
481 Occult Murders Event Fixed
179 Ogre Bushi Personality Uncommon
359 Ogre Elite Follower Fixed
360 Ogre Warriors Follower Uncommon
361 Oni Horde Follower Uncommon
282 Open Warfare Action Uncommon
48 Oracle of the Void Holding Uncommon
283 Outmaneuvered by Force Action Common
284 Outmaneuvered in Court Action Common
old-490a Overconfidence Action Fixed
286 Overwhelmed Action Uncommon
423 Palm Strike Kiho Rare
305 Peasant Vengeance Action Common
145 Pep'trchek Personality Common
49 Phoenix Library Holding Rare
213 Plains Above Evil Region Common
214 Plains of Otosan Uchi Region Rare
288 Plans Within Plans Action Rare
21 Poetry Contest Event Fixed
289 Political Distraction Action Common
291 Primal Rage Action Uncommon
22 Proposal of Peace Event Fixed
424 Purity of Spirit Kiho Common
448 Purity of the Seven Thunders Spell Rare
363 Ratling Archers Follower Common
364 Ratling Bushi Follower Common
147 Ratling Conjuror Personality Common
148 Ratling Scavenger Personality Common
365 Ratling Scroungers Follower Uncommon
215 Ratling Village Region Common
454 Razor's Edge Dojo Stronghold Fixed
216 Refuge of the Three Sisters Region Common
293 Refugees Action Common
23 Regions of Rokugan Event Fixed
294 Relentless Assault Action Uncommon
295 Remorseful Seppuku Action Common
24 Restoring the Doji Treasury Event Uncommon
242 Retribution Action Common
296 Return for Training Action Common
243 Rhetoric Action Common
51 Rice Paddy Holding Common
477 Right Hand of the Emperor Wind Fixed
428 Ring of Air Ring Uncommon
429 Ring of Earth Ring Uncommon
430 Ring of Fire Ring Uncommon
431 Ring of the Void Ring Uncommon
432 Ring of Water Ring Uncommon
217 Road of Dust Region Common
150 Ruantek Personality Common
407 Ruby of Iuchiban Item Rare
218 Ryoko Owari Region Rare
449 Ryoshun's First Gift Spell Common
425 Ryoshun's Last Words Kiho Uncommon
52 Sanctified Temple Holding Fixed
53 Scorpion Distracter Holding Rare
297 Scroll Cache Action Rare
219 Secluded Ravine Region Common
176 Seppun Jin (Experienced 3) Personality Rare
54 Shackled Oni Holding Common
25 Shadow of the Dark God Event Uncommon
55 Shadowlands Bastion Holding Rare
220 Shadowlands Marsh Region Uncommon
298 Shame Action Uncommon
138 Shiba Bunjaku Personality Common
141 Shiba Danjuro Personality Common
139 Shiba Mirabu (Experienced 2) Personality Fixed
486 Shiba Ningen (Experienced) Personality Rare
142 Shiba Tsukimi Personality Common
203 Shinjo Nakaga (Experienced) Personality Rare
199 Shinjo Noriyori Personality Uncommon
200 Shinjo Reizo Personality Common
202 Shinjo Xushen Personality Common
201 Shinjo Yushiro Personality Common
56 Shinmaki Monastery Holding Common
221 Shinsei's Shrine Region Uncommon
366 Shireikan Follower Common
458 Shiro Mirumoto Stronghold Fixed
472 Shiro Shinjo Stronghold Fixed
57 Shokansuru Holding Fixed
163 Shosuro Higatsuku Personality Common
367 Shosuro House Guard Follower Fixed
166 Shosuro Maru Personality Common
299 Shosuro Technique Action Fixed
158 Shosuro Toson Personality Common
157 Shosuro Toson (Experienced) Personality Uncommon
300 Show Me Your Stance Action Common
58 Shrine Of Stone Holding Uncommon
59 Silk Works Holding Common
60 Silver Mine Holding Fixed
61 Simple Huts Holding Common
368 Skeletal Troops Follower Common
488 Slaughter the Scout Action Common
301 Smoke and Mirrors Action Uncommon
302 Sneak Attack Action Rare
222 Sorrow's Path Region Common
165 Soshi Angai Personality Common
303 Soul's Sacrifice Action Common
292 Spearhead Action Common
369 Spearmen Follower Common
370 Spirit Guide Follower Rare
62 Stables Holding Fixed
304 Stand or Run Action Common
306 Strength of Purity Action Common
307 Strike at the Tail Action Fixed
308 Superior Strategist Action Rare
309 Suspended Terrain Action Common
450 Sympathetic Energies Spell Common
151 T'k Personality Common
408 Takao's Jingasa Item Common
99 Tamori Chieko Personality Common
100 Tamori Hiroko Personality Common
101 Tamori Shaitung Personality Common
102 Tamori Shaitung (Experienced) Personality Rare
63 Tangen's Lies Holding Uncommon
371 Tattered Ear Watcher Follower Fixed
465 Tch'tch Warrens Stronghold Fixed
152 Te'tik'kir (Experienced) Personality Rare
470 Temple of the Ninth Kami Stronghold Fixed
223 Temples of the New Tao Region Common
311 Test of Might Action Common
244 The Daimyo's Command Action Rare
old-398 The Dragon Pearl Item Rare
250 The Egg of P'an Ku Action Rare
399 The Emerald Armor Item Rare
251 The Emperor Returns Action Uncommon
255 The Face of Fear Action Common
441 The Fire from Within Spell Common
442 The Fires That Cleanse Spell Rare
10 The Heavy Shadow of Fear Event Uncommon
485 The Hiruma Dojo Holding Common
402 The Imperial Standard Item Rare
445 The Kami Watch Over Me Spell Uncommon
352 The Legion of Two Thousand Follower Rare
188 The Mad Ronin Personality Rare
287 The Path of Wisdom Action Rare
290 The Price of Innocence Action Common
467 The Shadowed Tower Of The Shosuro Stronghold Fixed
15 The Shogun's Fealty Event Fixed
469 The Spawning Ground Stronghold Fixed
468 The Towers of the Yogo Stronghold Fixed
312 Three-Stone River Action Common
409 Thuk-Kigi's War Machine Item Rare
189 Thunder Dragon Personality Rare
224 Tidal Land Bridge Region Uncommon
313 Time of Destiny Action Uncommon
487 To Do What We Must Action Common
314 Today We Die Action Rare
103 Togashi Jusai Personality Uncommon
104 Togashi Satsu (Experienced) Personality Fixed
95 Togashi Teijo Personality Common
451 Tomb of Jade Spell Common
426 Touching the Soul Kiho Uncommon
315 Touching the Void Action Common
64 Trading Grounds Holding Fixed
316 Treachery and Deceit Action Uncommon
50 Treasure Hoard Holding Fixed
317 Tribute to Your House Action Rare
122 Tsuruchi Hiro Personality Common
123 Tsuruchi Hiro (Experienced) Personality Rare
125 Tsuruchi Isunori Personality Common
124 Tsuruchi Nobumoto Personality Common
318 Tsuruchi Technique Action Fixed
372 Tsuruchi's Legion Follower Uncommon
319 Twisted Forest Action Common
320 Uncertainty Action Common
478 Underhand of the Emperor Wind Fixed
65 Unicorn Marketeer Holding Rare
321 Unrequited Love Action Common
373 Untested Troops Follower Common
186 Utagawa Personality Common
204 Utaku Etsumi (Experienced) Personality Rare
374 Utaku House Guard Follower Fixed
225 Utaku Meadows Region Common
205 Utaku Tama Personality Common
old-489a Utz! Action Common
226 Valley of the Two Generals Region Uncommon
375 Veteran Bushi Follower Uncommon
376 Veteran Samurai Follower Uncommon
227 Violence Behind Courtliness City Region Common
479 Voice of the Emperor Wind Fixed
191 Void Dragon Personality Rare
180 Voitagi Personality Common
452 Walking the Way Spell Uncommon
377 War Dogs Follower Uncommon
466 Warrens of the Nezumi Stronghold Fixed
378 Warrior Monks Follower Common
192 Water Dragon Personality Rare
322 Wedge Action Rare
323 White Shore Plain Action Fixed
324 White Stag Burns Action Uncommon
26 Wisdom Gained Event Uncommon
325 Wounded in Battle Action Common
427 Written in Blood Kiho Rare
410 Yakamo's Claw Item Fixed
153 Yoee'trr Personality Common
167 Yogo Soto Personality Common
168 Yogo Tjeki Personality Rare
118 Yoritomo Chimori Personality Common
119 Yoritomo Hiroya Personality Common
379 Yoritomo House Guard Follower Fixed
130 Yoritomo Kajiko Personality Uncommon
127 Yoritomo Kumiko (Experienced) Personality Fixed
128 Yoritomo Masasue (Experienced) Personality Rare
129 Yoritomo Sen Personality Common
126 Yoritomo Ukyo Personality Uncommon
411 Yoritomo's Kama Item Rare
412 Yoshi's Fan Item Rare
181 Yosuchi Personality Common
155 Zin'tch Personality Rare