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Checklist of cards from Santa Slayer (Warlord)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
12 Around the World in 1 Night Action Promo
10 Black Petre Elf Character Promo
8 Blade Dancer Mercenary Character Promo
5 Blitzer Mercenary Character Promo
1 Christophe Kringle Deverenian Character Promo
9 Comet Mercenary Character Promo
2 Cookies and Milk Action Promo
6 Down the Chimney Action Promo
11 Kringle's Armor Item Promo
3 Kringle's Bag Item Promo
7 Kringle's Sleigh Item Promo
4 Storm Dasher Mercenary Character Promo