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Checklist of cards from Foreign Black Bordered (Magic: The Gathering)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
1 Air Elemental Creature U
2 Aladdin's Lamp Artifact R
3 Aladdin's Ring Artifact R
4 Animate Artifact Enchant Artifact U
5 Animate Dead Enchant Dead Creature U
6 Animate Wall Enchant Wall R
7 Ankh of Mishra Artifact R
8 Armageddon Sorcery R
9 Armageddon Clock Artifact R
10 Aspect of Wolf Enchant Creature R
11 Atog Creature C
12 Bad Moon Enchantment R
13 Badlands Land R
14 Balance Sorcery R
15 Basalt Monolith Artifact U
16 Bayou Land R
17 Benalish Hero Creature C
18 Birds of Paradise Creature R
19 Black Knight Creature U
20 Black Vise Artifact U
21 Black Ward Enchant Creature U
22 Blessing Enchant Creature R
23 Blue Elemental Blast Instant C
24 Blue Ward Enchant Creature U
25 Bog Wraith Creature U
26 Bottle of Suleiman Artifact R
27 Braingeyser Sorcery R
28 Brass Man Artifact Creature U
29 Burrowing Enchant Creature U
30 Castle Enchantment U
31 Celestial Prism Artifact U
32 Channel Sorcery U
33 Chaoslace Instant R
34 Circle of Protection: Black Enchantment C
35 Circle of Protection: Blue Enchantment C
36 Circle of Protection: Green Enchantment C
37 Circle of Protection: Red Enchantment C
38 Circle of Protection: White Enchantment C
39 Clockwork Beast Artifact Creature R
40 Clone Creature U
41 Cockatrice Creature R
42 Conservator Artifact U
43 Contract from Below Sorcery R
44 Control Magic Enchant Creature U
45 Conversion Enchantment U
46 Copy Artifact Enchantment R
47 Counterspell Instant U
48 Craw Wurm Creature C
49 Creature Bond Enchant Creature C
50 Crumble Instant U
51 Crusade Enchantment R
52 Crystal Rod Artifact U
53 Cursed Land Enchant Land U
54 Dancing Scimitar Artifact Creature R
55 Dark Ritual Instant C
56 Darkpact Sorcery R
57 Death Ward Instant C
58 Deathgrip Enchantment U
59 Deathlace Instant R
60 Demonic Attorney Sorcery R
61 Demonic Hordes Creature R
62 Demonic Tutor Sorcery U
63 Desert Twister Sorcery U
64 Dingus Egg Artifact R
65 Disenchant Instant C
66 Disintegrate Sorcery C
67 Disrupting Scepter Artifact R
68 Dragon Engine Artifact Creature R
69 Dragon Whelp Creature U
70 Drain Life Sorcery C
71 Drain Power Sorcery R
72 Drudge Skeletons Creature C
73 Dwarven Warriors Creature C
74 Dwarven Weaponsmith Creature U
75 Earth Elemental Creature U
76 Earthbind Enchant Creature C
77 Earthquake Sorcery R
78 Ebony Horse Artifact R
79 El-Hajjaj Creature R
80 Elvish Archers Creature R
81 Energy Flux Enchantment U
82 Erg Raiders Creature C
83 Evil Presence Enchant Land U
84 Eye for an Eye Instant R
85 Farmstead Enchant Land R
86 Fastbond Enchantment R
87 Fear Enchant Creature C
88 Feedback Enchant Enchantment U
89 Fire Elemental Creature U
90 Fireball Sorcery C
91 Firebreathing Enchant Creature C
92 Flashfires Sorcery U
93 Flight Enchant Creature C
94 Flying Carpet Artifact R
95 Fog Instant C
96 Force of Nature Creature R
97a Forest Basic Land L
97b Forest Basic Land L
97c Forest Basic Land L
98 Fork Instant R
99 Frozen Shade Creature C
100 Fungusaur Creature R
101 Gaea's Liege Creature R
102 Giant Growth Instant C
103 Giant Spider Creature C
104 Glasses of Urza Artifact U
105 Gloom Enchantment U
106 Goblin Balloon Brigade Creature U
107 Goblin King Creature R
108 Granite Gargoyle Creature R
109 Gray Ogre Creature C
110 Green Ward Enchant Creature U
111 Grizzly Bears Creature C
112 Guardian Angel Instant C
113 Healing Salve Instant C
114 Helm of Chatzuk Artifact R
115 Hill Giant Creature C
117 Holy Armor Enchant Creature C
118 Holy Strength Enchant Creature C
119 Howl from Beyond Instant C
120 Howling Mine Artifact R
121 Hurkyl's Recall Instant R
122 Hurloon Minotaur Creature C
123 Hurricane Sorcery U
124 Hypnotic Specter Creature U
125 Instill Energy Enchant Creature U
126 Iron Star Artifact U
127 Ironroot Treefolk Creature C
128a Island Basic Land L
128b Island Basic Land L
128c Island Basic Land L
129 Island Fish Jasconius Creature R
130 Island Sanctuary Enchantment R
131 Ivory Cup Artifact U
132 Ivory Tower Artifact R
133 Jade Monolith Artifact R
134 Jandor's Ring Artifact R
135 Jandor's Saddlebags Artifact R
136 Jayemdae Tome Artifact R
137 Juggernaut Artifact Creature U
138 Jump Instant C
139 Karma Enchantment U
140 Keldon Warlord Creature U
141 Kird Ape Creature C
142 Kormus Bell Artifact R
143 Kudzu Enchant Land R
144 Lance Enchant Creature U
145 Ley Druid Creature U
146 Library of Leng Artifact U
147 Lifeforce Enchantment U
148 Lifelace Instant R
149 Lifetap Enchantment U
150 Lightning Bolt Instant C
151 Living Artifact Enchant Artifact R
152 Living Lands Enchantment R
153 Living Wall Artifact Creature U
154 Llanowar Elves Creature C
155 Lord of Atlantis Creature R
156 Lord of the Pit Creature R
157 Lure Enchant Creature U
158 Magical Hack Instant R
159 Magnetic Mountain Enchantment R
160 Mahamoti Djinn Creature R
161 Mana Flare Enchantment R
162 Mana Short Instant R
163 Mana Vault Artifact R
164 Manabarbs Enchantment R
165 Meekstone Artifact R
166 Merfolk of the Pearl Trident Creature C
167 Mesa Pegasus Creature C
168 Mijae Djinn Creature R
169 Millstone Artifact R
170 Mind Twist Sorcery R
171 Mishra's War Machine Artifact Creature R
172 Mons's Goblin Raiders Creature C
173a Mountain Basic Land L
173b Mountain Basic Land L
173c Mountain Basic Land L
174 Nether Shadow Creature R
175 Nettling Imp Creature U
176 Nevinyrral's Disk Artifact R
177 Nightmare Creature R
178 Northern Paladin Creature R
179 Obsianus Golem Artifact Creature U
180 Onulet Artifact Creature R
181 Orcish Artillery Creature U
182 Orcish Oriflamme Enchantment U
183 Ornithopter Artifact Creature U
184 Paralyze Enchant Creature C
185 Pearled Unicorn Creature C
186 Personal Incarnation Creature R
187 Pestilence Enchantment C
188 Phantasmal Forces Creature U
189 Phantasmal Terrain Enchant Land C
190 Phantom Monster Creature U
191 Pirate Ship Creature R
192 Plague Rats Creature C
193a Plains Basic Land L
193b Plains Basic Land L
193c Plains Basic Land L
194 Plateau Land R
195 Power Leak Enchant Enchantment C
196 Power Sink Instant C
197 Power Surge Enchantment R
198 Primal Clay Artifact Creature R
199 Prodigal Sorcerer Creature C
200 Psychic Venom Enchant Land C
201 Purelace Instant R
203 Raise Dead Sorcery C
204 Reconstruction Sorcery C
205 Red Elemental Blast Instant C
206 Red Ward Enchant Creature U
207 Regeneration Enchant Creature C
208 Regrowth Sorcery U
209 Resurrection Sorcery U
210 Reverse Damage Instant R
211 Reverse Polarity Instant U
212 Righteousness Instant R
213 Roc of Kher Ridges Creature R
214 Rock Hydra Creature R
215 Rocket Launcher Artifact R
216 Rod of Ruin Artifact U
217 Royal Assassin Creature R
218 Sacrifice Instant U
219 Samite Healer Creature C
220 Savannah Land R
221 Savannah Lions Creature R
222 Scathe Zombies Creature C
223 Scavenging Ghoul Creature U
224 Scrubland Land R
225 Scryb Sprites Creature C
226 Sea Serpent Creature C
227 Sedge Troll Creature R
228 Sengir Vampire Creature U
229 Serendib Efreet Creature R
230 Serra Angel Creature U
231 Shanodin Dryads Creature C
232 Shatter Instant C
233 Shatterstorm Sorcery U
234 Shivan Dragon Creature R
235 Simulacrum Instant U
236 Siren's Call Instant U
237 Sleight of Mind Instant R
238 Smoke Enchantment R
239 Sol Ring Artifact U
240 Sorceress Queen Creature R
241 Soul Net Artifact U
242 Spell Blast Instant C
243 Stasis Enchantment R
244 Steal Artifact Enchant Artifact U
245 Stone Giant Creature U
246 Stone Rain Sorcery C
247 Stream of Life Sorcery C
248 Sunglasses of Urza Artifact R
249a Swamp Basic Land L
249b Swamp Basic Land L
249c Swamp Basic Land L
250 Swords to Plowshares Instant U
251 Taiga Land R
252 Terror Instant C
116 The Hive Artifact R
202 The Rack Artifact U
253 Thicket Basilisk Creature U
254 Thoughtlace Instant R
255 Throne of Bone Artifact U
256 Timber Wolves Creature R
257 Titania's Song Enchantment R
258 Tranquility Sorcery C
259 Tropical Island Land R
260 Tsunami Sorcery U
261 Tundra Land R
262 Tunnel Instant U
263 Underground Sea Land R
264 Unholy Strength Enchant Creature C
265 Unstable Mutation Enchant Creature C
266 Unsummon Instant C
267 Uthden Troll Creature U
268 Verduran Enchantress Creature R
269 Vesuvan Doppelganger Creature R
270 Veteran Bodyguard Creature R
271 Volcanic Eruption Sorcery R
272 Volcanic Island Land R
273 Wall of Air Creature U
274 Wall of Bone Creature U
275 Wall of Brambles Creature U
276 Wall of Fire Creature U
277 Wall of Ice Creature U
278 Wall of Stone Creature U
279 Wall of Swords Creature U
280 Wall of Water Creature U
281 Wall of Wood Creature C
282 Wanderlust Enchant Creature U
283 War Mammoth Creature C
284 Warp Artifact Enchant Artifact R
285 Water Elemental Creature U
286 Weakness Enchant Creature C
287 Web Enchant Creature R
288 Wheel of Fortune Sorcery R
289 White Knight Creature U
290 White Ward Enchant Creature U
291 Wild Growth Enchant Land C
292 Will-O'-The-Wisp Creature R
293 Winter Orb Artifact R
294 Wooden Sphere Artifact U
295 Wrath of God Sorcery R
296 Zombie Master Creature R