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Checklist of cards from A Throne of Blades (A Game of Thrones)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
138 Against the Common Foe Plot R
78 Ambassador of the Dragon Character U
59 Ambassador of the Kraken Character U
23 Ambassador of the Lion Character U
41 Ambassador of the Stag Character U
9 Ambassador of the Wolf Character U
86 Balerion Location R
73 Blood of my Blood Attachment U
42 Celtigar Bannerman Character C
88 City of Bones Location C
24 Corrupt Councilman Character C
32 Council Bureaucrat Character U
108 Crushing Victory Event C
109 Cutting the Braid Event U
58 Dagmer Cleftjaw Character R
110 Dark Prophecy Event R
34 Deep Ore Vein Location C
60 Deep Sea Buccaneers Character C
69 Destroyer Fleet Location R
55 Discretion Attachment U
98 Disgraced Lordling Character C
79 Dothraki Screamers Character C
61 Drowned Convert Character U
80 Eastern Mercenary Character U
25 Envoy of Highgarden Character R
53 Estates of Highgarden Location U
37 Ever Vigilant Attachment C
111 Famine Event R
70 Flagship Location C
26 Footmen of the Reach Character C
139 Forced March Plot R
17 Ford on the Trident Location C
140 Fortified Position Plot U
112 Funeral Pyre Event C
52 Gates of Storm's End Location C
1 Ghost Attachment R
27 Gossiping Bard Character R
89 Graveyard of the Gods Location C
62 Great Axe Warrior Character R
104 Great Sept of Baelor Location R
2 Grey Wind Attachment R
76 Grey Worm Character R
63 Grizzled Shiphand Character C
56 Heart of Iron Attachment C
19 Heavy Taxes Attachment R
94 High Septon Character R
29 Highborn Character U
43 House Celtigar Retainer Character R
28 House Herald Character U
90 House of the Undying Location U
10 House Tully Knight Character C
113 Insult to Injury Event C
64 Iron Raiders Character U
95 Janos Slynt Character U
107 Jousting Arena Location U
11 Kennel Master Character R
74 Khal Attachment R
75 Khaleesi's Favor Attachment C
125 King's Gallows Location U
40 Knight of Flowers Character R
12 Knight of the Red Fork Character C
3 Lady Attachment U
114 Lightning Raid Event C
99 Lord Tyrion's Host Character U
91 Lordship Attachment C
30 Lurkers at Harrenhal Character R
96 Maester Aemon Character R
115 Maester's Conclave Event U
6 Mark of the Wolf Attachment C
44 Masked Sorcereress Character U
127 Mining Event U
45 Mistress of Shadows Character R
100 Mountain Warriors Character U
57 Naval Tactician Attachment R
4 Nymeria Attachment U
116 Oath of the Drowned God Event R
118 Ours is the Old Way Event U
119 Overwhelming Numbers Event C
120 Peace Envoys Event U
101 Petty Noble Character C
141 Plans within Plans Plot U
92 Power Behind the Throne Attachment U
65 Privateer Character R
121 Prosperity and Plenty Event C
81 Pureborn Character C
50 Pyre of the False Gods Location R
82 Qartheen Cutpurse Character C
77 Quaithe of the Shadow Character R
21 Raff the Sweetling Character U
122 Rally to the Throne Event R
123 Rampage Event R
102 Ranging Party Character C
46 Red Devotee Character C
20 Ridicule Attachment C
14 Riverrun Location R
47 Royal Guard Character U
142 Rule by Decree Plot U
71 Salt Mines Location R
66 Saltcliffe Captain Character C
93 Scroll and Seal Event U
35 Secret Passage Location C
48 Septon of Dragonstone Character C
103 Septon of King's Landing Character C
31 Septon of Lannisport Character C
67 Septon of Pyke Character C
13 Septon of Winterfell Character C
7 Ser Edmure Tully Character U
83 Servitors of the Thirteen Character U
124 Show of Strength Event R
49 Soldier of the Light Character R
117 Sorefoot King Event R
143 Spending the Winter Stores Plot U
144 Stalemate Plot R
126 Starve them Out! Event C
72 Straits of Blazewater Bay Location U
36 Street of Splendor Location R
5 Summer Attachment R
8 The Blackfish Character R
38 The Dragon's Mouth Attachment U
128 The Gold Price Event C
22 The Hound Character R
129 The Iron Price Event U
15 The Iron Throne Location U
33 The Iron Throne Location U
51 The Iron Throne Location U
68 The Iron Throne Location U
87 The Iron Throne Location U
145 The Others are Massing Plot R
105 The Red Keep Location R
130 The Seven's Blessing Event U
106 The Shadow Tower Location R
131 The Sword in the Darkness Event U
132 Thrown to the Wolves Event R
84 Thundering Cavalry Character R
54 Trade Port Location R
133 Trickery Event R
39 True King Attachment C
134 Turning the Tide Event U
135 Twisting the Blade Event R
136 Valiant Protector Event C
85 Warlock of Qarth Character R
137 Wedding Gift Event C
18 Winterfell Kennels Location U
16 Woods of the North Location C
97 Yoren Character R