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Checklist of cards from Reflections (Lord Of The Rings)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
9R+12 Aiglos Artifact R+
9R+49 Bilbo, Bearer of Things Burgled Companion R+
9R+31 Boromir, Bearer of Council Companion R+
9R+3 Durin III, Dwarven Lord Companion R+
9R+32 Elendil, The Tall Companion R+
9R13 Elven Rope Possession R
9R24 Ent Draught Condition R
9R50 Everyone Knows Condition R
9R-2 Freca, Hungry Savage Minion R+
9R+14 Galadriel, Bearer of Wisdom Companion R+
9R+15 Gil-galad, Elven High King Companion R+
9R+4 Gimli, Bearer of Grudges Companion R+
9R+16 Glorfindel, Revealed in Wrath Companion R+
9R+51 Goldberry, River-daughter Ally R+
9R+28 Gollum, Dark as Darkness Minion R+
9R45 Horn of the Mark Possession R
9R+41 Host of Moria, Legion of the Underdeeps Minion R+
9R25 Huorn Companion R
9R+33 Isildur, Bearer of Heirlooms Companion R+
9R+47 Ithil Stone Artifact R+
9R+17 Knife of the Galadhrim Possession R+
9R+39 Library of Orthanc Artifact R+
9R5 Linnar, Dwarven Lord Companion R
9R18 Merry's Dagger Possession R
9R+34 Narsil, Blade of the Faithful Artifact R+
9R19 Narya, Ring of Fire Artifact R
9R20 Nenya, Ring of Adamant Artifact R
9R21 Pippin's Dagger Possession R
9R+26 Radagast, The Brown Companion R+
9R6 Ring of Accretion Artifact R
9R42 Ring of Asperity Artifact R
9R+7 Ring of Fury Artifact R+
9R8 Ring of Guile Artifact R
9R+43 Ring of Ire Artifact R+
9R44 Ring of Rancor Artifact R
9R9 Ring of Retribution Artifact R
9R40 Sack of the Shire Event R
9R35 Sapling of the White Tree Artifact R
9R+48 Sauron, The Lord of the Rings Minion R+
9R36 Scroll of Isildur Artifact R
9R37 Seeing Stone of Minas Anor Artifact R
9R38 Seeing Stone of Orthanc Artifact R
9R27 Sent Back Condition R
9R10 Sindri Companion R
9R+29 Slippery as Fishes Condition R+
9R+30 Sméagol, Bearer of Great Secrets Companion R+
9R22 Strands of Elven Hair Possession R
9R+1 The One Ring, The Binding Ring The One Ring R+
9R46 The Red Arrow Artifact R
9R+52 Tom Bombadil, The Master Ally R+
9R11 Úri Companion R
9R23 Vilya, Ring of Air Artifact R