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Checklist of cards from A Tourney of Swords (A Game of Thrones)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
138 All Eyes on the Contest Plot U
31 Ancestral Sword Attachment R
61 Ancient Arakh Attachment R
50 Andrik the Unsmiling Character U
108 Any Knight can Make a Knight Event R
21 Archery Champion Character C
109 Archery Contest Event C
46 Asha's Contempt Attachment C
52 Assassin of Pyke Character C
57 Banner Ship Location C
41 Bearer of the Light Character C
91 Behind the White Shield Attachment U
95 Beric Dondarrion Character U
53 Berserk Axeman Character C
63 Black Charger Attachment U
139 Blood Will Tell Plot R
1 Blue Steel Dirk Attachment R
16 Cersei's Favor Attachment C
54 Champion of Pyke Character U
83 Champion of Starfall Character R
2 Chestnut Courser Attachment U
110 Claim of the South Event C
84 Corrupt Disciple Character C
22 Court Retainer Character C
32 Crowd-Pleaser Attachment U
64 Daenerys' Favor Attachment C
81 Darkstar Character U
85 Deadly Lover Character R
111 Defend the Innocent Event C
76 Desert Palfrey Attachment U
82 Doran Martell Character U
86 Dornish Cavalier Character C
66 Dothraki Scout Character U
77 Double-Pointed Spear Attachment R
112 Dracarys! Event U
67 Dragonbone Archer Character C
78 Ellaria's Favor Attachment C
17 Enthralled Attachment C
42 Fair-Weather Knight Character R
65 Fleeing the Flames Attachment C
113 For Casterly Rock! Event U
114 For Lyanna! Event U
115 For the Drowned God! Event U
116 For Winterfell! Event U
140 Grand Melee Plot R
5 Greatjon Umber Character R
23 Gregor's Retainer Character R
117 Guard the King's Secrets Event C
106 Harrenhal Tourney Grounds Location R
68 Hired Guards Character C
118 I Am But a Woman Event C
18 Ill-Tempered Destrier Attachment U
6 Jory Cassel Character U
119 Jousting Contest Event C
120 Kill them All Event C
69 Killer of the Wounded Character R
107 King's Pavilion Location R
37 Knight of Flowers Character U
8 Knight of the Blue Fork Character C
9 Knight of the Green Fork Character R
144 Knights of the Realm Agenda U
28 Lannisport Tourney Grounds Location R
24 Last-Minute Entrant Character R
121 Littlefinger's Meddling Event R
122 Looking for Rubies Event U
33 Mare In Heat Attachment U
34 Margaery's Favor Attachment C
123 Massed Charge Event C
10 Master of Shackles Character C
87 Master of the Spear Character U
70 Meereen Champion Character U
74 Meereen Tourney Grounds Location R
124 Melee Contest Event C
125 Melted Down and Reforged Event R
75 Myrish Villa Location U
92 Mystery Knight Attachment C
101 Newly-Chained Maester Character C
11 Northern Champion Character U
126 Obey the King Event C
35 Offer of Pardon Attachment C
3 On Arya's List Attachment C
71 Pentoshi Mercenaries Character C
29 Perfectly Respectable Inn Location U
72 Pike Phalanx Character U
62 Plains Rider Attachment R
79 Poisoned Javelin Attachment U
14 Practice Yard Location U
47 Practiced Disdain Attachment U
58 Proving Grounds Location R
127 Queen of Love and Beauty Event R
25 Queen's Champion Character U
128 Resort to Cheating Event R
4 Sansa's Favor Attachment C
80 Seduced by Arianne Attachment C
129 See who is Stronger Event R
96 Ser Barristan Selmy Character R
38 Ser Emmon Cuy Character U
39 Ser Guyard Morrigen Character R
97 Ser Jaime Lannister Character R
20 Ser Meryn Trant Character U
98 Ser Osmund Kettleblack Character U
40 Ser Parmen Crane Character U
99 Ser Preston Greenfield Character U
36 Servant of R'hllor Attachment R
93 Silver Link Attained Attachment U
55 Sneaking Cutthroat Character R
88 Southron Skirmisher Character C
45 Storm's End Tourney Grounds Location R
59 Stormy Coastline Location R
89 Sunspear Tourney Grounds Location R
60 Swift Reinforcements Location U
73 Sworn Defender Character R
26 Tavern Braggart Character C
141 The Art of Seduction Plot R
90 The Boneway Location R
130 The Dragon Does Not Fear Event R
145 The Kingsguard Agenda U
51 The Knight Character R
94 The Queen's Seal Attachment C
104 The Red Keep Location R
7 The Smalljon Character U
19 The Strangler Attachment R
131 The Wealth of the Isles Event R
100 Thoros of Myr Character R
49 Torch and Oil Attachment R
142 Tourney Duel Plot R
102 Tourney Equipment Boy Character C
43 Tourney Knight Character C
103 Tourney Magistrate Character C
105 Tourney Office Location U
132 Tourney Season Event U
133 Trial by Battle Event U
12 Trident Defender Character C
13 Umber Reinforcements Character R
44 Vanguard Lancer Character C
134 Vengeance! Event U
27 Vigilant Watchman Character U
30 Waiting Area Location R
56 Warrior of the Old Way Character C
48 Wild Garron Attachment U
15 Winterfell Tourney Grounds Location R
135 Wolf King's Charge Event R
136 You Murdered Her Children Event R
137 Your Life for His... Event U
143 Your Reputation Precedes You Plot U