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Checklist of cards from Kindred Most Wanted (Vampire: The Eternal Struggle)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
163 Acrobatics Combat PAl2/PG3
164 Aire of Elation Action Modifier PAn2
165 Alastor Political Action PAl
45 Alexis Sorokin Vampire U/PA
1 Allonzo Montoya Vampire U
32 Almodo Giovanni Vampire U
4 Amaravati Vampire U
33 Ambrogino Giovanni Vampire U
166 Ambush Action PG3
167 Anarch Revolt Master PAn
59 Anarch Secession Action R
168 Anastasz di Zagreb Vampire PAl
169 Anathema Political Action PAl2
60 Anima Gathering Action C
18 Ankh-sen-Sutekh Vampire U
170 Antara Vampire PAn
171 Apportation Combat PB
172 Approximation of Loyalty Action Modifier PAn2
173 Archon Political Action PAl3
174 Archon Investigation Master PG
175 Ardan Lane Vampire PB
11 Azaneal Vampire U/PB
61 Baal's Bloody Talons Combat R
62 Backflip Combat C
63 Backstep Combat C
176 Bang Nakh -- Tiger's Claws Equipment PAl5
177 Banishment Political Action PAn2
5 Basir Vampire U
64 Bay and Howl Master R/PG
178 Behind You! Combat PG2
34 Benedict Giovanni, Agent Vampire PA
65 Beretta 9mm Equipment C
66 Big Game Action C/PA
44 Black Annis Vampire U
19 Black Lotus Vampire U
179 Black Spiral Buddy Ally PG
67 Black Sunrise Reaction C
39 Black Wallace Vampire U
180 Blood Doll Master PB3/PG3/PAn2
181 Blood Fury Combat PB3
68 Bloodstone Equipment C
69 Bloodstorm of Chorazin Reaction C/PB
182 Blur Combat PAl5
71 Breath of Thanatos Action Modifier/Combat C
183 Bribes Action Modifier PAn3/PAl
72 Bujo Action R
184 Bum's Rush Action PG4/PAl3
185 Burst of Sunlight Combat PB3
20 Cagliostro, The Grand Copht Vampire U
186 Call the Great Beast Action PB
46 Callirus Vampire U
187 Campground Hunting Ground Master PG
35 Carmine Giovanni Vampire U
188 Celerity Master PAl
189 City Gangrel Connections Master PG
190 Claws of the Dead Combat PG5
191 Closed Session Action Modifier PAl
192 Cohn Rose Vampire PB
193 Concealed Weapon Combat PAl3
194 Concordance Action PB2
73 Condemnation: Mute Action R
195 Conflagration Combat PB3
74 Confusion of the Eye Reaction C/PG
196 Consignment to Duat Action PB2
16 Count Germaine Vampire PA
197 Count Germaine Vampire U/PAn
36 Cristobal Ghiberti Vampire U
12 Cybele Vampire U/PB
199 D'habi Revenant Retainer PB
76 Dead Hand Combat C
25 Denette Stensen Vampire PG
198 Depravity Master PAl
77 Deviki Prasanta Ally R
47 Devyn Vampire U
78 Dis Pater Master R
200 Disarm Combat PAl
79 Disengage Combat C
80 Distant Friend Action R
201 Diversity Political Action PAn2
37 Don Michael Antonio Giovanni Vampire U
26 Doyle Fincher Vampire U
81 Dr. Marisa Fletcher, CDC Event R
202 Dreams of the Sphinx Master PG/PAn
82 Dual Form Action R
203 Dummy Corporation Master PB2
58 Dylan Vampire U
83 Earthshock Combat C
42 Echo Vampire PAl
205 Ecstasy Reaction PB2
84 Edged Illusion Action C
206 Elder Impersonation Action Modifier PB2
13 Elihu Vampire U
207 Enchant Kindred Action PAn3
208 Enhanced Senses Reaction PAl3
27 Enkidu, The Noah Vampire U/PG
209 Enticement Action PB
210 Entrenching Action PAn
85 Esteem Action Modifier C
211 Faceless Night Action Modifier PB3
212 Fame Master PAl
86 Fatuus Mastery Action C
87 FBI Special Affairs Division Event R
213 Fear of the Void Below Combat PB
88 Ferraille Master R
215 Finding the Path Political Action PB2
216 Flesh of Marble Combat PG3
217 Flurry of Action Action PG2
89 Follow the Alpha Action Modifier R
218 Force of Will Action PG
90 Forced March Action Modifier C/PA
219 Forgotten Labyrinth Action Modifier PAn/PG2
220 Form of Corruption Action PB
221 Form of Mist Combat PG2
222 Free States Rant Political Action PAn3
91 From a Sinking Ship Master R
223 Games of Instinct Action PG2
224 Gengis Vampire PAl
92 Glass Walker Pact Master R
225 Gleam of Red Eyes Combat PG2
226 Govern the Unaligned Action PAl3
93 Grasp of the Python Combat C
227 Graverobbing Action PAl
94 Groundfighting Combat C
95 Haqim's Law: Judgment Master R
228 Harry Reese Vampire PG
229 Hartmut Stover Vampire PG
96 Harzomatuili Ally R
230 Haven Uncovered Master PAn3
97 Haymaker Combat C
231 Heart of Darkness Action PB2
98 Heart of the City Action R
232 Heidelberg Castle, Germany Master PAl
233 Hidden Lurker Action Modifier PAn4
99 Hierophant Political Action C
234 Honor the Elders Political Action PAn2
100 Ignore the Searing Flames Combat C/PB
101 Immense Size Combat R
102 Inquisition Action PG
235 Iron Glare Action Modifier PAn
56 Jane Sims Vampire U
28 Janey Pickman Vampire U
6 Janni Vampire U
236 Jaroslav Pascek Vampire PAl
17 Jayne Jonestown Vampire PA
29 Jeffrey Mullins Vampire PG
237 Jesús Alcalá Vampire PG
7 Joe "Boot" Hill Vampire U
238 Juggler Vampire PAl
21 Kemintiri Vampire U
103 Khabar: Glory Action C
104 Kingston Penitentiary, Ontario Master R
53 L'Epuisette Vampire U
105 Learjet Equipment C
106 Leathery Hide Combat C/PG
239 Legal Manipulations Action PB5
240 Life in the City Master PAn
107 Lifeless Tongues Action R
2 Lorrie Dunsirn Vampire U
241 Lost in Crowds Action Modifier PG2
41 Louhi Vampire U
242 Lucas Halton Vampire PAl
243 Lucinde, Alastor Vampire PAl
244 Madame Guil Vampire PAl
245 Major Boon Master PG
246 Marcus Vitel Vampire PAn
247 Marcus Vitel Vampire PAn
248 Maria Stone Vampire PAn
48 Marion French Vampire U
249 Mask of a Thousand Faces Action Modifier PB2
49 Mata Hari Vampire U/PA
14 Maureen, Dark Priestess Vampire PB
250 Meat Hook Equipment PAl2
251 Media Influence Action PAn
252 Menele Vampire PAl
108 Mercy for Seth Combat C
8 Michael diCarlo Vampire U/PG
253 Mighty Grapple Combat PAl
109 Mind of a Killer Action R
254 Minion Tap Master PAl3
30 Mitru the Hunter Vampire U/PG
255 Mob Rule Action Modifier/Reaction PAn3
256 Muhsin Samir Vampire PAl
257 Mylan Horseed (Goblin) Ally PB
22 Neferu Vampire U
111 Nightshades Action Modifier C
258 Nimble Feet Combat PG4
112 Not to Be Master R
113 NSA Trio Event R
259 Obfuscate Master PB
114 Ossian Ally R
260 Owl Companion Retainer PG
115 Pack Alpha Combat C
3 Pariah Vampire U
50 Paul Forrest, False Prophet Vampire U
116 Permanency Action Modifier C
15 Petaniqua Vampire U/PB
40 Petaniqua Vampire U/PB
117 Phased Motion Detector Equipment C
31 Phillipe Rigaud Vampire U/PG
262 Potence Master PAn
118 Powder of Rigidity Equipment PA
263 Praxis Seizure: Barcelona Political Action PAl
264 Praxis Seizure: Rome Political Action PAl
265 Precognition Reaction PAl3
119 Priority Shift Action R
120 Procurer Ally C
121 Projectile Combat C
266 Protean Master PG
122 Proxy Kissed Master C
267 Psyche! Combat PAl2
268 Psychomachia Action Modifier PB3
123 Purification Action/Reaction R
269 Pursuit Combat PAn4
270 Pushing the Limit Combat PAl2
271 Quick Meld Combat PG
43 Rabbat, The Sewer Goddess Vampire PA
52 Ransam, The Old Man Vampire U
38 Raphaela Giovanni Vampire U
272 Raven Spy Retainer PG
124 Rebirth Action Modifier R/PA
125 Red List Action C/PA
273 Reins of Power Political Action PAn
274 Restoration Action PAn2
275 Restricted Vitae Event PAn
126 Revelation of Despair Reaction C
127 Revelation of Wrath Combat R
23 Reverend Djoser Jones Vampire U
315 Rötschreck Master PB
128 Ruins of Charizel Master R/PB
276 Rutor's Hand Action PB3
277 Sabbat Threat Political Action PAl
24 Sahira Siraj Vampire PB
129 Samuel Haight Ally R
130 Scalpel Tongue Action Modifier/Reaction C
278 Scarlet Carson O'Toole Vampire PG
279 Second Tradition: Domain Reaction PAl3
131 Selective Silence Combat C
280 Sense the Sin Reaction/Action Modifier PB3
281 Seren Sukardi Vampire PB
282 Serpentis Master PB2
283 Shadow Feint Combat PG2
284 Shadow of the Beast Action PG
132 Shared Nightmare Action R
133 Shared Strength Combat R
134 Shilmulo Tarot Equipment R
285 Sideslip Combat PAl3
286 Skidmark Vampire PAn
287 Skin of Steel Combat PAn
288 Skin of the Adder Combat PB
289 Skryta Zyleta Vampire PG
290 Slave Auction Master PAl
291 Sleep Unseen Action Modifier PAn
292 Slum Hunting Ground Master PAn
293 Soak Combat PAn2/PG2
294 Society of Leopold Master PAn
135 Sonar Reaction C/PG
57 Sonja Blue Vampire U
136 Soul Decoration Action C
295 Spying Mission Action Modifier PB2
296 Steve Booth Vampire PAl
297 Stunt Cycle Combat PAn3
298 Stutter-Step Combat PG4
137 Sudario Refraction Action R
299 Sudden Reversal Master PAl
300 Superior Mettle Combat PG3
138 Suppressing Fire Action Modifier C
139 Svadharma Master C
301 Swallowed by the Night Action Modifier/Combat PAn3
302 Talons of the Dead Master PG
9 Tariq, The Silent Vampire U
303 Taste of Vitae Combat PAn2
51 Tatiana Stepanova, Alastor Vampire U
304 Temptation Action PB
70 The Book of Going Forth by Night Equipment PB
75 The Crocodile Temple Master R
214 The Final Nights Political Action PAn
110 The Name Forgotten Action R
261 The Path of the Feral Heart Master PG
140 The Textbook Damnation Equipment R
305 Theft of Vitae Combat PB6
141 Threestar Cab Company Master PA
306 Thrown Gate Combat PAn4
307 Torn Signpost Combat PAl2
142 Tranquility Combat R
143 Trophy: Clan Respect Master R
144 Trophy: Diablerie Master R
145 Trophy: Discipline Master R
146 Trophy: Domain Master R
147 Trophy: Hunting Ground Master R
148 Trophy: Progeny Master R
149 Trophy: Retainers Master R
150 Trophy: Safe Passage Master R
151 Trophy: Wealth Master R
152 True Love's Face Action Modifier C
153 Trumped-Up Charges Political Action C/PA
154 Truth of a Thousand Lies Action Modifier C
155 Tumnimos Action C
308 Undead Strength Combat PAl4
156 Undue Influence Action C
157 Undying Thirst Reaction R
54 Valerius Maior, Hell's Fool Vampire U/PB
55 Valerius Maior, Hell's Fool Vampire U/PB
10 Vardar Vardarian Vampire U
158 Victim of Habit Action R
309 Voter Captivation Action Modifier PAn3
310 Vox Senis Master PAl
311 Wake with Evening's Freshness Reaction PAn3/PB5/PG2
159 Warning Sirens Master C
312 Warzone Hunting Ground Master PAn
160 Waters of Duat Action C
161 Web of Knives Recruit Action C
162 Weigh the Heart Action Modifier C
313 Wolf Companion Retainer PG
314 Wolfgang Vampire PAn