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Checklist of cards from Base Set (Duel Masters)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
S6 Zagaan, Knight of Darkness Creature Super Rare
66 Writhing Bone Ghoul Creature Common
65 Wandering Braineater Creature Common
44 Virtual Tripwire Spell Common
64 Vampire Silphy Creature Very Rare
S2 Urth, Purifying Elemental Creature Super Rare
43 Unicorn Fish Creature Rare
110 Ultimate Force Spell Common
42 Tropico Creature Rare
109 Tri-horn Shepherd Creature Rare
108 Tower Shell Creature Very Rare
88 Tornado Flame Spell Uncommon
22 Toel, Vizier of Hope Creature Uncommon
107 Thorny Mandra Creature Very Rare
63 Terror Pit Spell Rare
41 Teleportation Spell Rare
21 Szubs Kin, Twilight Guardian Creature Rare
62 Swamp Worm Creature Uncommon
87 Super Explosive Volcanodon Creature Uncommon
106 Storm Shell Creature Rare
86 Stonesaur Creature Uncommon
61 Stinger Worm Creature Uncommon
105 Steel Smasher Creature Common
104 Stampeding Longhorn Creature Rare
40 Spiral Gate Spell Common
20 Sonic Wing Spell Common
19 Solar Ray Spell Common
60 Skeleton Soldier, the Defiled Creature Common
18 Senatine Jade Tree Creature Common
39 Seamine Creature Very Rare
S8 Scarlet Skyterror Creature Super Rare
38 Saucer-Head Shark Creature Rare
17 Ruby Grass Creature Uncommon
85 Rothus, the Traveler Creature Rare
S10 Roaring Great-Horn Creature Super Rare
37 Revolver Fish Creature Uncommon
16 Reusol, the Oracle Creature Common
103 Red-Eye Scorpion Creature Rare
15 Rayla, Truth Enforcer Creature Very Rare
102 Poisonous Mushroom Creature Uncommon
101 Poisonous Dahlia Creature Uncommon
36 Phantom Fish Creature Common
100 Pangaea's Song Spell Uncommon
84 Onslaughter Triceps Creature Uncommon
83 Nomad Hero Gigio Creature Rare
59 Night Master, Shadow of Decay Creature Rare
99 Natural Snare Spell Rare
14 Moonlight Flash Spell Uncommon
98 Mighty Shouter Creature Common
13 Miele, Vizier of Lightning Creature Common
82 Meteosaur Creature Uncommon
58 Masked Horror, Shadow of Scorn Creature Uncommon
35 Marine Flower Creature Common
81 Magma Gazer Spell Rare
12 Lok, Vizier of Hunting Creature Uncommon
11 Laser Wing Spell Rare
10 Lah, Purification Enforcer Creature Rare
9 La Ura Giga, Sky Guardian Creature Common
34 King Ripped-Hide Creature Very Rare
S4 King Depthcon Creature Super Rare
33 King Coral Creature Uncommon
8 Iocant, the Oracle Creature Uncommon
80 Immortal Baron, Vorg Creature Common
32 Illusionary Merfolk Creature Uncommon
7 Iere, Vizier of Bullets Creature Common
31 Hunter Fish Creature Common
6 Holy Awe Spell Rare
S1 Hanusa, Radiance Elemental Creature Super Rare
5 Gran Gure, Space Guardian Creature Very Rare
97 Golden Wing Striker Creature Common
57 Gigargon Creature Very Rare
56 Gigagiele Creature Rare
55 Gigaberos Creature Rare
54 Ghost Touch Spell Common
79 Gatling Skyterror Creature Very Rare
4 Frei, Vizier of Air Creature Uncommon
96 Forest Hornet Creature Uncommon
78 Fire Sweeper Burning Hellion Creature Common
95 Fear Fang Creature Common
77 Fatal Attacker Horvath Creature Common
30 Faerie Child Creature Uncommon
76 Explosive Fighter Ucarn Creature Rare
3 Emerald Grass Creature Common
75 Draglide Creature Rare
94 Dome Shell Creature Uncommon
93 Dimension Gate Spell Common
2 Dia Nork, Moonlight Guardian Creature Rare
S5 Deathliger, Lion of Chaos Creature Super Rare
S9 Deathblade Beetle Creature Super Rare
53 Death Smoke Spell Common
74 Deadly Fighter Braid Claw Creature Common
52 Dark Reversal Spell Uncommon
51 Dark Raven, Shadow of Grief Creature Uncommon
50 Dark Clown Creature Rare
29 Crystal Memory Spell Rare
73 Crimson Hammer Spell Common
49 Creeping Plague Spell Rare
92 Coiling Vines Creature Uncommon
1 Chilias, the Oracle Creature Rare
72 Chaos Strike Spell Rare
28 Candy Drop Creature Common
71 Burning Power Spell Common
91 Burning Mane Creature Common
90 Bronze-Arm Tribe Creature Common
70 Brawler Zyler Creature Common
27 Brain Serum Spell Uncommon
48 Bone Spider Creature Uncommon
47 Bone Assassin, the Ripper Creature Common
69 Bolshack Dragon Creature Very Rare
46 Bloody Squito Creature Common
45 Black Feather, Shadow of Rage Creature Common
89 Aura Blast Spell Rare
S7 Astrocomet Dragon Creature Super Rare
68 Artisan Picora Creature Common
67 Armored Walker Urherion Creature Uncommon
26 Aqua Vehicle Creature Common
25 Aqua Soldier Creature Uncommon
S3 Aqua Sniper Creature Super Rare
24 Aqua Knight Creature Rare
23 Aqua Hulcus Creature Common