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Checklist of cards from Other Foils (Wars TCG)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
1F14 Ace McCallister Character F
1F28 Alnak Station/Captured Base Location F
1F29 Alnak Station/Hallway Location F
2F4 Careless Cat Character F
1F7 Cloud Interrupt F
2F6 Cornered Interrupt F
1F8 Deigan Follower Character F
1F24 Devanar-Damir Character F
1F26 Expansion Interrupt F
1F15 Fifth Ace Interrupt F
1F30 Ganymede/Traginium Well Location F
1F31 Ganymede/Underground Bunker Location F
2F12 Gongen/Michiyo Shrine Location F
1F1 Horatio Hicks Character F
1F9 Ikazuchi Leader Character F
2F1 Inca Fighter Ship F
1F34 Jack Wilgress Character F
1F32 James Howler (Dutch) Character F
1F33 Jet Pack Attack Interrupt F
1F10 Jikoku Fighter Ship F
1F11 Kano Masako Character F
1F19 Kulak Character F
1F2 Level II Guru Character F
2F7 Lifeseeker Character F
1F12 Loremaster Character F
1F20 Makaltika Ship F
1F16 Misty Miller Character F
1F17 Nimble Jockey Character F
1F3 Orbital Coverage Asset F
2F8 Ore Alembic Character F
2F9 Rakat Character F
1F21 Rally Cry Asset F
2F2 Ranger Watchman Character F
2F10 Ravagers Character F
1F22 Revenge Interrupt F
1F25 Selfless Protector Character F
1F4 State of Readiness Interrupt F
4F1 Strype McMillan Character F
1F18 Sultry Opportunist Character F
1F5 Survey Cruiser Ship F
1F6 Syndicate Interference Interrupt F
2F11 Tahka Assault Craft Ship F
2F3 Tamon Interceptor Ship F
1F27 Transport Depot Asset F
3F2 Trinket Vendor Character F
1F23 Volt Scrounge Character F
3F3 Yulak Learner Character F
2F5 Zhang Hotrod Vehicle F
1F13 Zocho Ship F