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Checklist of cards from Flashpoint (Shadowfist)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
124 "Trust Me, I've Got a Plan" Event Common
136 Alchemist's Lair Site Common
132 Anomaly Spirit, Sorcerous Construct Character Uncommon
23 Arcanoseed, Battleground Site Site Uncommon
25 Arcanostriker State Uncommon
26 Arcanotank State Uncommon
21 Arcanotower 2056 Site Rare
22 Arcanotower Now Site Rare
27 Arcanoworms State Uncommon
140 Art of War Edge Uncommon
33 Bad Colonel, Pledged Hood Warlord Character Uncommon
83 Birdhouse Cafe, Feng Shui Site Site Common
106 Blood of the Valiant Event Common
73 Bloody Horde, Demon Trouble Character Common
69 Both Guns Blazing State Common
24 Buro Godhammer State Common
1 BuroMil Elite, Perfect Soldiers Character Common
2 BuroMil Grunt, Brutal Soldier Character Common
3 BuroMil Ninja, Shadowy Assassin Character Common
17 Bzzzzzt! Event Uncommon
60 Carnival of Carnage Event Common
111 CAT Tactics Edge Uncommon
137 Cheap Punks, Mercenary Hoods Character Common
118 Chimpanzer, Cyborg Monkey Tank Character Common
84 City Park, Feng Shui Site Site Common
74 Claw of Fury, Shadowy Assassin Character Common
70 Claw of the Dragon State Common
57 Coffee-Stained Cop, Wily Veteran Character Uncommon
7 Colonel Griffith, BuroMil Mastermind Character Rare
71 Comrades in Arms State Common
102 Cop on Vacation, Martial Artist Character Uncommon
20 Creche of the New Flesh, Feng Shui Site Site Common
85 Curio Shop, Feng Shui Site Site Common
80 Cyclone of Knives Event Uncommon
119 Dallas Rocket, Fanatic Guerilla Character Common
39 Dark's Soft Whisper Event Uncommon
76 Destroyer, Demon Martial Artist Character Uncommon
61 Dirk Wisely's Gambit Event Common
18 Disinformation Packet Event Uncommon
112 Doomsday Device Edge Uncommon
11 Drop Troopers, BuroMil Cyborgs Character Uncommon
42 Drunken Stance State Common
8 Dunwa Saleem, Lodge Traitor Character Rare
4 Encephalon Screamer, Abomination Character Common
46 Ex-Commando, Dangerous Vet Character Common
62 Fighting Spirit Event Common
97 Fire Sled, Netherworld State State Common
43 Flying Windmill Kick State Common
44 Fortuitous Chi State Common
143 Forty-Story Inferno, Battleground Site Site Uncommon
9 Genghis X, BuroMil Supersoldier Character Rare
77 Gibbering Horror, Disgusting Demon Character Uncommon
81 Glimpse of the Abyss Event Uncommon
47 Gonzo Journalist, Crazed Reporter Character Common
123 Gorilla Fighter, Flying Monkey Character Uncommon
58 Grease Monkey, Gutsy Mechanic Character Uncommon
48 Hacker, Gun-Totin' Techie Character Common
86 Heart of the Rainforest, Feng Shui Site Site Common
87 Hidden Sanctuary, Feng Shui Site Site Common
131 Homemade Tank State Common
129 Hosed Event Uncommon
116 Hover Tank State Common
125 In Your Face Again Event Common
40 Invincible Chi Event Uncommon
49 Jane Q. Public, Girl Next Door Character Common
52 Joey Paz, Escrima Master Character Rare
53 Johnny Badhair, Wild Man Character Rare
34 Just a Rat, Lodge Survivor Character Uncommon
120 Just Another Consumer, Scrappy Rebel Character Common
68 Kar Fai's Crib Site Rare
141 Killing Ground, Battleground Site Site Common
98 Kung Fu Student, Fledgling Shaolin Character Common
109 Laughter of the Wind Event Uncommon
35 Leatherback, Lodge Survivor Character Uncommon
67 Let's Book! Event Uncommon
54 Little Jim, Rebel Abomination Character Rare
37 Lodge Politics Event Common
117 MegaTank State Uncommon
55 Melissa Aguelera, Commando Vet Character Rare
134 Memory Reprocessing Event Uncommon
133 Mirror Dancer, Netherworld Spirit Character Uncommon
126 Monkeywrenching Event Common
29 Mountain Warrior, Pledged Survivor Character Common
31 Mr. Big, Hood Mastermind Character Rare
16 Napalm Sunrise Event Common
88 Night Market, Feng Shui Site Site Common
127 Nuked Event Common
63 Old Hermit's Gambit Event Common
36 Open Season Edge Uncommon
107 Orange Meditation Event Common
14 Paradox Cube Edge Uncommon
89 Peacock Summit, Feng Shui Site Site Common
5 Plasma Trooper, BuroMil Cyborg Character Common
6 Pod Trooper, Abomination in a Can Character Common
145 Portal in Tower Square, Battleground Site Site Uncommon
121 Portal Jockey, Redeemed Timewalker Character Common
146 Pump-Action Shotgun State Common
78 Purist Sorcerer, Buro Infiltrator Character Uncommon
12 Purist, Buro Sorcerer Character Uncommon
45 Rain of Fury State Uncommon
90 Rainforest Grove, Feng Shui Site Site Common
94 Rainforest River, Feng Shui Site Site Uncommon
91 Rainforest Temple, Feng Shui Site Site Common
103 Red Monk, Martial Artist Character Uncommon
50 Redeemed Gunman, Reforming Hood Character Common
82 Registry of the Damned Site Uncommon
28 Resistance is Futile! State Uncommon
10 Rhys Engel, Purist Mastermind Character Rare
99 Righteous Fist, Martial Artist Character Common
122 Rocket Scientist, Techie Guerrilla Character Common
32 Sam Mallory, Lodge Killer Character Rare
92 Sampan Village, Feng Shui Site Site Common
115 Satellite Intelligence Event Uncommon
15 Scorched Earth Edge Uncommon
59 Scrappy Kid, Martial Arts Prodigy Character Uncommon
100 Shan Tsu, Shaolin Master Character Rare
108 Shaolin Surprise Event Common
56 Silver Jet, Secret Warrior Character Rare
64 Slo Mo Vengeance Event Common
110 Smart Missile Edge Common
142 Sniper Nest, Battleground Site Site Common
13 Spawn of the New Flesh, Unstable Abomination Character Uncommon
96 Spirit Pole Edge Uncommon
72 Stolen Police Car State Common
30 Student of the Shark, Pledged Hood Character Common
51 Stunt Man, Gutsy Hombre Character Common
113 Supercomputer Edge Uncommon
114 Tank Warfare Edge Uncommon
144 The Home Front, Battleground Site Site Uncommon
130 The Underground Event Uncommon
95 Thunder Champion, Netherworld Commandant Character Uncommon
65 Ting Ting's Gambit Event Common
128 Too Much Monkey Business Event Common
19 Total War Event Uncommon
93 Turtle Island, Feng Shui Site Site Common
79 Underworld Presence Edge Uncommon
75 Vile Prodigy, Infant Demon Character Common
104 Virtuous Hood, Martial Artist Character Uncommon
105 Wandering Monk, Martial Artist Character Uncommon
38 We Know Where You Live Event Uncommon
139 White Ninja, Assassin Character Rare
66 Who's the Big Man Now?! Event Common
41 Wing of the Crane Event Uncommon
101 Xiaoyang Yun, Spy Mastermind Character Rare
138 Yakuza Enforcer, Killer Hood Character Common
135 Year of the Rat Event Uncommon