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Checklist of cards from Year of the Dragon (Shadowfist)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
13 Abominable Lab Site Fixed
52 Abysmal Absorber, Netherworld Demon Character Fixed
107 Amulet of the Turtle v2 State Fixed
9 Arcanowave Reinforcer Edge Fixed
66 Birdhouse Cafe, Feng Shui Site Site Fixed
32 Blade Palm Event Fixed
67 Blessed Orchard, Feng Shui Site Site Fixed
96 Blood of the Valiant Event Fixed
86 Blue Monk, Kung Fu Infiltrator Character Fixed
36 Bronze Sentinel, Righteous Automaton Character Fixed
25 Bull Market Event Fixed
14 Buro Godhammer State Fixed
68 Cave Network, Feng Shui Site Site Fixed
1 CDCA Scientist, Overzealous Researcher Character Fixed
2 CHAR, BuroMil Cyborg Character Fixed
69 City Park, Feng Shui Site Site Fixed
70 City Square, Feng Shui Site Site Fixed
51 Claw of the Dragon State Fixed
97 Confucian Stability Event Fixed
26 Covert Operation v2 Event Fixed
71 Curio Shop, Feng Shui Site Site Fixed
10 Dangerous Experiment v2 Event Fixed
46 Dirk Wisely's Gambit Event Fixed
104 Discerning Fire Event Fixed
17 Draco vPAP, Lodge Enforcer Character Fixed
53 Eunuch Underling v2, Sorcerer Bureaucrat Character Fixed
54 Evil Twin v2, Sinister Sibling Character Fixed
109 Explosives v2 State Fixed
30 Family Estate Site Fixed
72 Festival Circle, Feng Shui Site Site Fixed
73 Field of Tentacles, Netherworld Feng Shui Site Site Fixed
47 Final Brawl Event Fixed
74 Floating Restaurant, Feng Shui Site Site Fixed
55 Four Burning Fists, Demon Martial Artist Character Fixed
75 Fox Pass v2, Feng Shui Site Site Fixed
37 Friends of the Dragon v2, Student Supporters Character Fixed
76 Gambling House, Feng Shui Site Site Fixed
87 Gardener, Devoted Follower Character Fixed
62 Glimpse of the Abyss Event Fixed
88 Golden Candle Society, Secret Society Character Fixed
48 Golden Comeback Event Fixed
38 Hacker, Gun-Totin' Techie Character Fixed
34 Hands Without Shadow v2 State Fixed
15 Helix Chewer State Fixed
16 Helix Rethread State Fixed
3 Homo Omega vPAP, Buro Cyborg Character Fixed
50 House on the Hill Site Fixed
65 Inexorable Corruption State Fixed
64 Infernal Temple v2 Site Fixed
77 Inner Sanctum, Feng Shui Site Site Fixed
98 Iron and Silk Event Fixed
78 Jade Valley, Feng Shui Site Site Fixed
79 Jagged Cliffs, Feng Shui Site Site Fixed
39 Jane Q. Public, Girl Next Door Character Fixed
80 Kinoshita House v2, Feng Shui Site Site Fixed
56 Kun Kan, Earth Demon Character Fixed
89 Kung Fu Student, Fledgling Shaolin Character Fixed
40 Little Jim, Rebel Abomination Character Fixed
41 Maverick Cop, Gun-Toting Hero Character Fixed
27 Mole Network v2 Event Fixed
11 Nerve Gas Event Fixed
42 Netherworld Vet, Portal Crawler Character Fixed
12 Neutron Bomb Event Fixed
81 Nine Dragon Temple, Feng Shui Site Site Fixed
28 Operation Killdeer Event Fixed
24 Paper Trail Edge Fixed
82 Perpetual Motion Machine, Netherworld Feng Shui Site Site Fixed
4 Plasma Trooper, BuroMil Cyborg Character Fixed
105 Pocket Demon v2 Event Fixed
5 Prototype X, Abomination Character Fixed
6 PubOrd Officer, Security Cop Character Fixed
110 Pump-Action Shotgun v2 State Fixed
18 Rat Fink, Lodge Infiltrator Character Fixed
90 Red Monk v2, Martial Artist Character Fixed
43 Redeemed Gunman, Reforming Hood Character Fixed
91 Righteous Fist, Martial Artist Character Fixed
99 Rigorous Discipline v2 Event Fixed
102 Robot Arm State Fixed
83 Sacred Heart Hospital, Feng Shui Site Site Fixed
19 Sam Mallory, Lodge Killer Character Fixed
101 Satellite Intelligence Event Fixed
108 Secret Headquarters Site Fixed
35 Shadowfist State Fixed
31 Shadowy Mentor State Fixed
92 Shan Tsu, Shaolin Master Character Fixed
100 Shaolin Sanctuary Site Fixed
106 Shattering Fire Event Fixed
95 Shield of Pure Soul Edge Fixed
57 Sinister Priest, Macabre Sorcerer Character Fixed
20 Sting of the Scorpion vPAP, Lodge Assassin Character Fixed
84 Stone Garden, Feng Shui Site Site Fixed
21 Student of the Bear, Pledged Martial Artist Character Fixed
22 Student of the Shark, Pledged Hood Character Fixed
29 Suicide Mission Event Fixed
49 Surprise, Surprise Event Fixed
7 Test Subjects, Abominations Character Fixed
103 The Hungry v2 Edge Fixed
93 The Iron Monkey, Masked Hero Character Fixed
23 The Pledged, Loyal Initiates Character Fixed
58 Thing with a 1000 Tongues, Disgusting Demon Character Fixed
44 Ting Ting, Martial Artist Character Fixed
63 Tortured Memories Event Fixed
45 Tricia Kwok, Undercover Cop Character Fixed
85 Turtle Beach, Feng Shui Site Site Fixed
59 Vassals of the Lotus, Ancient Hoods Character Fixed
33 Violet Meditation v2 Event Fixed
8 Vivisector v2, Abomination Scientist Character Fixed
60 Walking Corpses, Undead Servitors Character Fixed
61 White Disciple, Eunuch Sorcerer Character Fixed
94 Wong Fei Hong vPAP, Kung Fu Master Character Fixed