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Checklist of cards from Shaolin Showdown (Shadowfist)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
68 "I Will Avenge You!" Event Common
11 "Monkey" Chang, Transformed Martial Artist Character Rare
72 "Time to Kick Ass!" Event Promo
122 "Try My Kung Fu!" Event Common
134 18 Bronze Men State Uncommon
41 Ancient Grove Site Common
86 Ancient Monument, Feng Shui Site Site Common
127 Bear vs. Fox Event Uncommon
59 Big Mack, Bar-Room Brawler Character Rare
42 Butterfly Swords State Common
69 Carnival of Carnage Event Common
23 Charge of the Rhino, Lodge Enforcer Character Uncommon
74 Charmed Life State Uncommon
109 Chen Sho Kung, Master Swordsman Character Rare
55 Chinese Doctor, Wise Physician Character Common
6 Coil of the Snake, Lodge Assassin Character Common
1 Commander Corliss, TacOps Officer Character Rare
30 Contingency Plans Event Uncommon
37 Dark's Soft Whisper Event Common
60 Doctor Shen, Martial Artist Character Rare
121 Dragon Boat Festival Edge Promo
73 Dragon Dojo Site Common
89 Dragon Mountain, Feng Shui Site Site Rare
128 Eagle vs. Snake Event Uncommon
147 Elephant Gun State Promo
28 Faked Death Event Common
78 Feng Kan, Wind Demon Character Uncommon
96 Fire Infiltrator, Netherworld Subversive Character Common
24 Fist of the Bear vPAP, Lodge Enforcer Character Uncommon
70 Flying Kick Event Common
136 Flying Monkey Squad, Guerrilla Gorillas Character Common
110 Fong Sai Yuk vPAP, Martial Artist Character Rare
87 Forgotten Shrine, Feng Shui Site Site Common
46 Fortune of the Turtle State Uncommon
90 Four Sorrows Island, Feng Shui Site Site Rare
12 General Senggelinqin, Manchu Military Mastermind Character Rare
5 Geoscan Report Event Common
111 Gong Wei, Reformed Bandit Character Rare
91 Hartwell Iron Works, Feng Shui Site Site Rare
38 Healing Earth Event Common
92 Heaven's Peak, Feng Shui Site Site Rare
2 Hermes, Purist Agent Character Rare
140 Homemade Grenade State Common
61 Iala Mane, Blind Master Character Rare
101 Impoverished Monk, Dedicated Martial Artist Character Common
83 Infernal Plot Event Uncommon
102 Instrument of the Hand, Martial Artist Character Common
123 Into the Light Event Common
40 Invincible Chi Event Uncommon
7 Jade Wheel Society, Secret Society Character Common
65 Jenny Zheng, Promising Student Character Uncommon
97 Jiang Xushen, Fire Infiltrator Character Rare
13 Juan "El Tigre" Velasquez, Lodge Killer Character Rare
62 Katie Kincaid, Gunfighter Character Rare
71 Kiii-YAAAH! Event Common
43 King on the Water State Common
14 Kinoshita, Lodge Chairperson Character Rare
137 Koko Chanel, Master of Monkey Style Character Rare
75 Lai Kuang, Eunuch Sorcerer Character Rare
85 Larcenous Fog State Common
142 Larcenous Mist v2 Event Common
47 Legacy of the Master State Uncommon
112 Li Sen-Hao, Master of the Mantis Style Character Rare
79 Li Yu, Fire Demon Character Uncommon
31 Lodge Politics Event Uncommon
76 Malachi, Purist Agent Character Rare
25 Manchu Bureaucrat, Corrupt Official Character Uncommon
35 Manchu Garrison Site Common
8 Manchu Officer, Military Commandant Character Common
9 Manchu Soldiers, Imperial Pawns Character Common
88 Market Square, Feng Shui Site Site Common
120 Master Blacksmith, Industrious Peasant Character Uncommon
135 Master Killer State Uncommon
103 Master Swordsman, Righteous Warrior Character Common
26 Might of the Elephant, Lodge Enforcer Character Uncommon
113 Miu Tsui Fa, Butt-Kicking Mom Character Rare
139 Mo' Monkeys, Mo' Problems Edge Uncommon
98 Mouth of the Fire Righteous, Netherworld Master Character Rare
15 Mr. X, Lodge Mastermind Character Rare
16 Natraj Thalnasser, Lodge Warlord Character Rare
66 Novice Students, Fledgling Martial Artists Character Uncommon
114 Old Man Wu, Master of the Monkey Style Character Rare
56 Old Uncle, Martial Artist Character Common
36 Opium Den, Hood Site Site Uncommon
10 Order of the Wheel, Secret Society Character Common
129 Order Out of Chaos Event Uncommon
48 Path of the Clever Fox State Uncommon
100 Path of the Fire Righteous, Netherworld State State Common
49 Path of the Healthy Tiger State Uncommon
50 Path of the Lurking Rat State Uncommon
44 Path of the Praying Mantis State Common
51 Path of the Raging Bear State Uncommon
45 Path of the Storm Turtle State Common
104 Peasant Agitator, Disgruntled Commoner Character Common
105 Peasant Leader, Disgruntled Commoner Character Common
106 Peasant Mob, Angry Rabble Character Common
67 Peking Opera Troupe, Kung Fu Acrobats Character Uncommon
93 Plains of Ash, Feng Shui Site Site Rare
52 Point Blockage State Uncommon
77 Poison Clan Killers, Mercenary Assassins Character Rare
138 Portal Rat, Netherworld Saboteur Character Uncommon
130 Positive Chi v2 Event Uncommon
94 Primeval Forest, Feng Shui Site Site Uncommon
143 Primus, Master of Paradox Character Promo
115 Quan Lo, The Perfect Master Character Rare
17 Rachel McShane, Lodge Enforcer Character Rare
29 Realpolitik Event Common
4 Reinvigoration Process v2 Edge Uncommon
84 Rend Chi Event Uncommon
131 Robust Feng Shui Event Uncommon
141 Sabotage State Common
18 Senor Ocho, Lodge Assassin Character Rare
39 Shaking the Mountain Event Common
107 Shaolin Student, Fledgling Monk Character Common
124 Shaolin Surprise v2 Event Common
19 Shinobu Yashida, Pledged Master Character Rare
80 Shui Yu, Water Demon Character Uncommon
57 Sifu, Martial Arts Teacher Character Common
63 Six Bottles Hwang, Drunken Master Character Rare
145 Sliding Paper Walls, Battleground Site Site Uncommon
32 Spider vs. Mantis Event Uncommon
58 Student of the Dragon, Martial Artist Character Common
125 Superior Kung Fu Event Common
132 Sword Dance Event Uncommon
148 Sword of the Master State Promo
108 Swordsman, Foot Soldier Character Common
3 TacOps Troopers, BuroMil Elite Character Uncommon
95 Temple of the Monkey King, Feng Shui Site Site Uncommon
133 Temple of the Shaolin Dragon, Feng Shui Site Site Rare
126 The Dragon Unyielding Event Rare
20 The Eastern King v2, Lodge Mastermind Character Rare
53 The Fox Outfoxed State Uncommon
99 The Inner Fire Edge Uncommon
21 The Unspoken Name, Lodge Chairperson Character Rare
149 Three Sectional Staff State Uncommon
81 Ti Kan, Metal Demon Character Uncommon
146 Tiger Hook Swords State Common
33 Tiger vs. Crane Event Uncommon
116 Tong Su Yin, Master of the Snake Style Character Rare
117 Tsung Jin, Master of the Crane Style Character Rare
144 Two Dragons Inn Site Rare
82 Underworld Contract Edge Uncommon
54 Walk of a Thousand Steps State Uncommon
27 Web of the Spider vPAP, Lodge Mastermind Character Uncommon
118 Wei Fong-Yi, Master of the Fox Style Character Rare
34 Year of the Snake Event Uncommon
119 Yen Fan, Pledged Traitor Character Rare
22 Yen Song, Shaolin Traitor Character Rare
64 Zheng Yi Quan vPAP, Kung Fu Master Character Rare