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Checklist of cards from A Reign of Kings (A Game of Thrones)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
115 A Deadly Game Event U
108 A King's Blood Event U
18 A Way with Words Attachment C
32 Alliance with Highgarden Attachment R
29 Andal Monument Location C
77 Arianne's Suitor Attachment U
78 Arrogance of Dorne Attachment C
54 Asha Greyjoy Character C
66 Astapori Guildmaster Character U
116 Avenge the Princess Event C
49 Balon Greyjoy Character R
130 Balon's Edict Event C
52 Balon's Follower Character U
37 Baratheon Councilor Character U
67 Bejeweled Assassin Character C
97 Black Walder Character U
55 Black Wind's Crew Character R
44 Blackwater Bay Location U
117 Blood and Glory Event U
88 Blood Orange Grove Location C
92 Blood Ties Attachment U
45 Boar Hunting Grounds Location C
51 Boarding Party Character C
33 Born to be King Attachment U
109 Burn and Pillage Event C
34 Burning Heart Tunic Attachment C
30 Cersei's Bedchamber Location U
22 Cersei's Pawn Character C
5 Child Heir Character R
59 Cliffs of the Sea God Location U
118 Conflicting Orders Event C
103 Conn Son of Corrat Character U
119 Contempt for the Weak Event U
120 Coronation Ceremony Event R
6 Crannogmen of the Neck Character U
31 Crown of Azor Ahai Attachment R
61 Crown of Meereen Attachment R
46 Crown of Pyke Attachment R
16 Crown of Seven Kingdoms Attachment R
76 Crown of Sunspear Attachment R
1 Crown of Winter Attachment R
65 Daenerys Targaryen Character R
50 Dagmer Cleftjaw Character U
84 Dornish Outcast Character C
81 Dornish Princeling Character U
68 Dragon-Worshipper Character R
69 Drogo's Bloodrider Character U
121 Enforce the Law Event C
7 Feral Direwolf Character C
104 Flea Bottom Location R
99 Frey Lordling Character C
124 Glory of R'hllor Event R
8 Greatjon's Cousin Character U
53 Greyjoy Councilor Character U
2 Guardians of the North Attachment C
91 Hand of the King Attachment R
107 Heart Tree Grove Location U
144 Heir to the Iron Throne Agenda U
79 Herald of Sunspear Character R
122 Hidden in the Crypt Event U
111 Hidden Poison Event U
106 House Crypt Location U
38 House Florent Convert Character U
62 Illyrio's Loyalty Attachment R
60 Island Transport Location C
82 Jealous Paramour Character C
20 Joffrey Baratheon Character R
101 Keeper of the Seven Character U
39 King's Scribe Character C
40 Knight of Summer Character C
9 Knight of the Rills Character U
23 Lannisport Merchant Character U
24 Lannister Councilor Character U
95 Littlefinger Character R
86 Maiden of Starfall Character R
83 Martell Councilor Character U
93 Master of Coin Attachment C
25 Master of Whisperers Character U
74 Meereen Audience Chamber Location C
123 Melisandre's Sermon Event U
70 Naathi Handmaiden Character C
125 Promise the World Event C
94 Protector of the Realm Attachment C
112 Public Execution Event R
127 Punish the Guilty Event C
26 Red Keep Servant Character R
89 Rhoynar Monument Location R
10 Riverland Horseman Character C
4 Robb Stark Character R
11 Robb's Cavalry Character R
98 Roslin Frey Character R
35 Salladhor Saan Character U
58 Saltwater Cape Location R
27 Scholar of Intrigues Character C
28 Scholar of Poisons Character C
90 Scorching Deserts Location U
17 Ser Ilyn Payne Character R
21 Ser Kevan Lannister Character R
41 Shadow Army Character C
47 Sign of the Kraken Attachment C
42 Sister of the Flames Character R
48 Son of the Sea Wind Attachment U
85 Spiteful Bastard Character C
36 Stannis Baratheon Character R
12 Stark Councilor Character U
128 Swing the Sword Event C
3 Sworn Duty Attachment U
129 Taking Credit Event C
71 Targaryen Councilor Character U
72 Targaryen Loyalist Character C
126 Terrorize the Shores Event U
105 The Iron Throne Location R
57 The Seastone Chair Location R
142 The Small Council Agenda U
113 The Truth Revealed Event R
143 The War of Five Kings Agenda U
56 Thrice-Drowned Veteran Character C
43 Throne of Dragonstone Location R
73 Throne of Meereen Location R
87 Throne of Sunspear Location R
14 Throne of Winterfell Location R
114 Twist of Fate Event C
131 Two Steps Ahead Event U
80 Tyene Sand Character U
102 Tyrion's Bodyguard Character C
110 Tyrion's Cunning Event U
100 Ulf Son of Umar Character C
63 Under the Guild's Sway Attachment R
96 Varys Character R
138 Wardens of the East Plot R
139 Wardens of the North Plot R
140 Wardens of the South Plot R
141 Wardens of the West Plot R
19 Watched Too Closely Attachment U
15 Weirwood Grove Location C
13 Winterfell Guardsman Character C
64 Wisdom of the East Attachment C
75 Worm River Location U
132 Wrath of the Dragon Event R
133 Wrath of the Kraken Event R
134 Wrath of the Lion Event R
135 Wrath of the Stag Event R
136 Wrath of the Sun Event R
137 Wrath of the Wolf Event R