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Checklist of cards from Valyrian Premium Starter (A Game of Thrones)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
SB36 Acolyte of Asshai Character SB
LM9 Ambitious Sellsword Character LM
LM26 Arianne Martell Character LM
SB4 Arya Stark Character SB
LM27 Attainted Attachment LM
LM40 Bastard Attachment LM
SB24 Bastard of Robert Character SB
SBP6 Burning Bridges Plot SBP
SBP7 Calm Before the Storm Plot SBP
SB18 Castle Walls Location SB
SB19 Catelyn Stark Character SB
SB7 Cautious Bannerman Character SB
LM3 Cersei Lannister Character LM
LM44 Concession Event LM
LM24 Condemned Attachment LM
LM10 Copper Counter Attachment LM
LM39 Crossroads Location LM
LM7 Dangerous Mines Location LM
LMP1 Debts to Pay Plot LMP
SB8 Direwolf Pup Character SB
SB42 Disgraced Lordling Character SB
SB39 Distraction Event SB
LM38 Dornish Betrayer Character LM
LM37 Dornish Fiefdoms Location LM
SB9 Dreadfort Turncloaks Character SB
SB1 Eddard Stark Character SB
LM21 Ellaria Sand Character LM
LMP2 Filthy Accusations Plot LMP
SB29 Flame Reader Character SB
LM46 From the Shadows Event LM
LMP4 Game of Thrones Plot LMP
LM14 Gossiping Bard Character LM
LM4 Grand Maester Pycelle Character LM
LM31 Greenblood Trader Character LM
LM20 Guardian of the Red Keep Character LM
LM12 Highgarden Merchant Prince Character LM
SB3 Home Guard Character SB
LM15 Host of Golden Tooth Keep Character LM
LM28 Host of Sunspear Character LM
LM48 House Lannister House LM
SB48 House Stark House SB
SB10 House Tully Footsoilder Character SB
SB14 House Tully Knight Character SB
LM25 Imprisoned Attachment LM
LM41 In Exile Attachment LM
SB43 Kingsroad Farmstead Location SB
SB41 Kingsroad Inn Location SB
LM32 Knight of Starfall Character LM
SB13 Knight of the Red Fork Character SB
LM18 Lannisport Brothel Location LM
LM8 Lannisport Moneylender Character LM
SB44 Last Stand Event SB
LM5 Littlefinger's Advice Attachment LM
SB31 Maester Cressen Character SB
LMP6 Marched to the Wall Plot LMP
LM11 Marching Dogs Character LM
SB40 Minor Fiefdom Location SB
SB2 Northern Fiefdoms Location SB
SB38 Nothing to Hide Event SB
LM23 Nymeria Sand Character LM
LM30 Nymeria's Sand Entourage Character LM
LM29 Obara Sand Character LM
LM36 Oberyn's Spears Character LM
SB28 Old Red Priest Character SB
LM35 Palace Guard Character LM
LM34 Paramour Character LM
LMP3 Preemptive Strike Plot LMP
SBP5 Price of Excess Plot SBP
SB34 Priestess of the Light Character SB
LM42 Queen's Assassin Character LM
SB45 Queen's Holdfast Location SB
SB37 Raw Recruit Character SB
SBP1 Ready as We'll Ever Be Plot SBP
SB23 Red Zealots Character SB
SB32 Renly Baratheon Character SB
SB27 Renly's Reserves Character SB
SB6 Resilience Attachment SB
SB21 Riverrun Bannerman Character SB
SB5 Riverrun Messenger Character SB
SB26 Robert Baratheon Character SB
LMP7 Rule by Decree Plot LMP
SBP2 Securing Support Plot SBP
LM33 Septon of Dorne Character LM
LM6 Ser Balon Swann Character LM
SB33 Ser Cortnay Penrose Character SB
SB15 Ser Edmure Tully Character SB
LM1 Ser Jaime Lannister Character LM
LM17 Ser Kevan Lannister Character LM
LM19 Small Council Retainer Character LM
SB35 Sorceress' Shadow Character SB
LM22 Spearmaiden Character LM
SB20 Standard of the Direwolf Attachment SB
LM13 Standard of the Lion Attachment LM
SBP3 Storm of Swords Plot SBP
SB30 Stormlands Fiefdoms Location SB
SB46 Strength in Unity Attachment SB
LM45 Surrender Event LM
LM16 Taken Hostage Attachment LM
SBP4 Taxation Plot SBP
SB16 The Blackfish Character SB
SB47 Treaty Agenda SB
LM43 Turncloak Courier Character LM
SB22 Vanguard of the Rose Character SB
SB11 Ward Attachment SB
LM2 Western Fiefdoms Location LM
LMP5 Wildfire Assault Plot LMP
SB25 Wildfire Blade Attachment SB
SB12 Winterfell Watchtower Attachment SB
SB17 Woods of the North Location SB