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Checklist of cards from Expanded Middle-earth Deluxe (Lord Of The Rings)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
14R5 Brand, King of Dale Companion R
14R1 Dain Ironfoot, King Under the Mountain Companion R
14R7 Duilin, Ranger from Blackroot Vale Companion R
14R8 Duinhir, Tall Man of Blackroot Vale Companion R
14R2 Elladan, Son of Elrond Companion R
14R3 Elrohir, Son of Elrond Companion R
14R10 Furious Hillman Minion R
14R4 Gildor Inglorion, Of the House of Finrod Companion R
14R6 Grimbeorn, Beorning Chieftain Companion R
14R9 Halbarad, Ranger of the North Companion R
14R12 Half-troll of Far Harad Minion R
14R13 Horror of Harad Minion R
14R11 Swarming Hillman Minion R
14R14 Uruk-hai Healer Minion R
14R15 Uruk-hai Scout Minion R