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Checklist of cards from Antiquities (Magic: The Gathering)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
1 Amulet of Kroog Artifact C
2 Argivian Archaeologist Creature U
3 Argivian Blacksmith Creature C
4 Argothian Pixies Creature C
5 Argothian Treefolk Creature C
6 Armageddon Clock Artifact U
7 Artifact Blast Instant C
8 Artifact Possession Enchantment C
9 Artifact Ward Enchantment C
10 Ashnod's Altar Artifact U
11 Ashnod's Battle Gear Artifact U
12 Ashnod's Transmogrant Artifact U
13 Atog Creature C
14 Battering Ram Artifact Creature C
15 Bronze Tablet Artifact U
16 Candelabra of Tawnos Artifact U
17 Circle of Protection: Artifacts Enchantment U
18 Citanul Druid Creature U
19 Clay Statue Artifact Creature C
20 Clockwork Avian Artifact Creature U
21 Colossus of Sardia Artifact Creature U
22 Coral Helm Artifact U
23 Crumble Instant C
24 Cursed Rack Artifact C
25 Damping Field Enchantment U
26 Detonate Sorcery U
27 Drafna's Restoration Sorcery C
28 Dragon Engine Artifact Creature C
29 Dwarven Weaponsmith Creature U
30 Energy Flux Enchantment U
31 Feldon's Cane Artifact C
32 Gaea's Avenger Creature U
33 Gate to Phyrexia Enchantment U
34 Goblin Artisans Creature U
35 Golgothian Sylex Artifact U
36 Grapeshot Catapult Artifact Creature C
37 Haunting Wind Enchantment U
38 Hurkyl's Recall Instant U
39 Ivory Tower Artifact U
40 Jalum Tome Artifact U
41 Martyrs of Korlis Creature U
42 Mightstone Artifact U
43 Millstone Artifact U
44 Mishra's Factory Land U
95 Mishra's Factory Land U
96 Mishra's Factory Land U
97 Mishra's Factory Land U
45 Mishra's War Machine Artifact Creature U
46 Mishra's Workshop Land U
47 Obelisk of Undoing Artifact U
48 Onulet Artifact Creature U
49 Orcish Mechanics Creature C
50 Ornithopter Artifact Creature C
51 Phyrexian Gremlins Creature C
52 Power Artifact Enchantment U
53 Powerleech Enchantment U
54 Priest of Yawgmoth Creature C
55 Primal Clay Artifact Creature U
57 Rakalite Artifact U
58 Reconstruction Sorcery C
59 Reverse Polarity Instant C
60 Rocket Launcher Artifact U
61 Sage of Lat-Nam Creature C
62 Shapeshifter Artifact Creature U
63 Shatterstorm Sorcery U
64 Staff of Zegon Artifact C
100 Strip Mine Land U
65 Strip Mine Land U
98 Strip Mine Land U
99 Strip Mine Land U
66 Su-Chi Artifact Creature U
67 Tablet of Epityr Artifact C
68 Tawnos's Coffin Artifact U
69 Tawnos's Wand Artifact U
70 Tawnos's Weaponry Artifact U
71 Tetravus Artifact Creature U
56 The Rack Artifact U
72 Titania's Song Enchantment U
73 Transmute Artifact Sorcery U
74 Triskelion Artifact Creature U
75 Urza's Avenger Artifact Creature U
76 Urza's Chalice Artifact C
93 Urza's Mine [Mouth] Land C
92 Urza's Mine [Pulley] Land C
77 Urza's Mine [Sphere] Land C
94 Urza's Mine [Tower] Land C
78 Urza's Miter Artifact U
86 Urza's Power Plant [Boiler] Land C
87 Urza's Power Plant [Bug] Land C
88 Urza's Power Plant [Rock] Land C
79 Urza's Power Plant [Turbine] Land C
80 Urza's Tower [Forest] Land C
91 Urza's Tower [Mountains] Land C
90 Urza's Tower [Plains] Land C
89 Urza's Tower [Tropical] Land C
81 Wall of Spears Artifact Creature U
82 Weakstone Artifact U
83 Xenic Poltergeist Creature U
84 Yawgmoth Demon Creature U
85 Yotian Soldier Artifact Creature C