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Checklist of cards from The Wizards: Unlimited (Middle Earth)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
TW298 "Tom" (Tûma) Hazard Creature Uncommon
TW302 "William" (Wûluag) Hazard Creature Uncommon
TW164 A Chance Meeting Resource Event CommonB1
TW165 A Friend or Three Resource Event CommonB2
TW251 Abductor Hazard Creature CommonA1
TW006 Adrazar Character Fixed1
TW252 Adûnaphel Hazard Creature Rare
TW253 Agburanar Hazard Creature Rare
TW254 Akhôrahil Hazard Creature Rare
TW001 Alatar Character Fixed2
TW166 Align Palantír Resource Event Uncommon
TW255 Ambusher Hazard Creature CommonA1
TW364 Amon Hen Site CommonA1
TW007 Anborn Character Uncommon
TW433 Andrast Region CommonB1
TW434 Andrast Coast Region CommonB1
TW167 Anduin River Resource Event CommonB2
TW435 Anduin Vales Region CommonB2
TW168 Andúril, the Flame of the West Resource Event Rare
TW436 Anfalas Region CommonB2
TW437 Angmar Region CommonB1
TW008 Annalena Character Fixed2
TW438 Anórien Region CommonB2
TW009 Aragorn II Character Fixed1
TW010 Arinmîr Character Uncommon
TW083 Army of the Dead Resource Faction Rare
TW305 Arouse Denizens Hazard Event CommonA2
TW306 Arouse Minions Hazard Event CommonA2
TW439 Arthedain Region CommonB2
TW011 Arwen Character Rare
TW169 Ash Mountains Resource Event CommonB1
TW256 Assassin Hazard Creature Rare
TW112 Athelas Resource Item Uncommon
TW307 Awaken Denizens Hazard Event CommonA2
TW308 Awaken Minions Hazard Event CommonA2
TW309 Awaken the Earth's Fire Hazard Event Uncommon
TW365 Bag End Site Fixed2
TW012 Balin Character Uncommon
TW310 Balrog of Moria Hazard Event Rare
TW366 Bandit Lair Site Fixed3
TW311 Bane of the Ithil-stone Hazard Event Rare
TW367 Barad-dûr Site Rare
TW013 Bard Bowman Character Fixed2
TW014 Barliman Butterbur Character Uncommon
TW368 Barrow-downs Site Fixed1
TW257 Barrow-wight Hazard Creature Uncommon
TW440 Bay of Belfalas Region CommonB1
TW113 Beautiful Gold Ring Resource Item CommonA2
TW441 Belfalas Region CommonB1
TW015 Beorn Character Fixed1
TW369 Beorn's House Site Fixed1
TW084 Beornings Resource Faction Fixed1
TW016 Beregond Character Fixed1
TW017 Beretar Character Uncommon
TW018 Bergil Character Uncommon
TW258 Bert Hazard Creature Uncommon
TW019 Bifur Character CommonB1
TW020 Bilbo Character Rare
TW072 Bill the Pony Resource Ally Uncommon
TW170 Block Resource Event CommonA1
TW370 Blue Mountain Dwarf-hold Site CommonB1
TW085 Blue Mountain Dwarves Resource Faction Uncommon
TW021 Bofur Character CommonB1
TW022 Bombur Character Uncommon
TW114 Book of Mazarbul Resource Item Uncommon
TW023 Boromir II Character Fixed2
TW371 Bree Site Fixed1
TW171 Bridge Resource Event Uncommon
TW259 Brigands Hazard Creature CommonA2
TW442 Brown Lands Region CommonB1
TW312 Call of Home Hazard Event Uncommon
TW313 Call of the Sea Hazard Event Uncommon
TW372 Cameth Brin Site CommonB1
TW443 Cardolan Region CommonB2
TW373 Carn Dûm Site Rare
TW260 Cave-drake Hazard Creature CommonA2
TW374 Caves of Ûlund Site Uncommon
TW024 Celeborn Character Fixed1
TW314 Choking Shadows Hazard Event CommonA1
TW025 Círdan Character Rare
TW375 Cirith Ungol Site Rare
TW172 Clear Skies Resource Event Rare
TW315 Clouds Hazard Event Rare
TW173 Concealment Resource Event CommonA1
TW261 Corpse-candle Hazard Creature CommonA1
TW262 Corsairs of Umbar Hazard Creature Uncommon
TW174 Cracks of Doom Resource Event Uncommon
TW263 Crebain Hazard Creature CommonA1
TW264 Daelomin Hazard Creature Rare
TW115 Dagger of Westernesse Resource Item CommonA2
TW444 Dagorlad Region CommonB1
TW026 Dáin II Character Rare
TW027 Damrod Character Uncommon
TW376 Dancing Spire Site Uncommon
TW175 Dark Quarrels Resource Event CommonA2
TW377 Dead Marshes Site Uncommon
TW028 Denethor II Character Rare
TW316 Despair of the Heart Hazard Event CommonA1
TW378 Dimrill Dale Site Uncommon
TW176 Dodge Resource Event CommonA1
TW379 Dol Amroth Site CommonB1
TW380 Dol Guldur Site Rare
TW317 Doors of Night Hazard Event Fixed5
TW029 Dori Character Uncommon
TW445 Dorwinion Region CommonB1
TW318 Dragon's Desolation Hazard Event Uncommon
TW177 Dreams of Lore Resource Event CommonA2
TW319 Drowning Seas Hazard Event Uncommon
TW381 Drúadan Forest Site CommonB1
TW382 Dunharrow Site Rare
TW446 Dunland Region CommonB1
TW086 Dunlendings Resource Faction Fixed1
TW383 Dunnish Clan-hold Site Fixed1
TW116 Durin's Axe Resource Item Uncommon
TW030 Dwalin Character CommonB1
TW265 Dwar of Waw Hazard Creature Rare
TW117 Dwarven Ring of Barin's Tribe Resource Item Rare
TW118 Dwarven Ring of Bávor's Tribe Resource Item Rare
TW119 Dwarven Ring of Drúin's Tribe Resource Item Rare
TW120 Dwarven Ring of Durin's Tribe Resource Item Rare
TW121 Dwarven Ring of Dwálin's Tribe Resource Item Rare
TW122 Dwarven Ring of Thélor's Tribe Resource Item Uncommon
TW123 Dwarven Ring of Thrár's Tribe Resource Item Uncommon
TW178 Eagle-mounts Resource Event Rare
TW384 Eagles' Eyrie Site CommonB1
TW124 Earth of Galadriel's Orchard Resource Item Uncommon
TW385 Easterling Camp Site Rare
TW087 Easterlings Resource Faction Rare
TW386 Edhellond Site CommonB1
TW387 Edoras Site Fixed1
TW179 Elf-song Resource Event Rare
TW125 Elf-stone Resource Item CommonB2
TW031 Elladan Character Fixed1
TW032 Elrohir Character Fixed1
TW033 Elrond Character Rare
TW126 Elven Cloak Resource Item CommonA2
TW447 Elven Shores Region CommonB1
TW088 Elves of Lindon Resource Faction Rare
TW448 Enedhwaith Region CommonB1
TW127 Ent-draughts Resource Item Uncommon
TW089 Ents of Fangorn Resource Faction Fixed1
TW034 Éomer Character Uncommon
TW035 Éowyn Character Uncommon
TW449 Eriadoran Coast Region CommonB1
TW036 Erkenbrand Character Fixed1
TW180 Escape Resource Event CommonA1
TW388 Ettenmoors Site CommonB1
TW320 Eye of Sauron Hazard Event Rare
TW128 Fair Gold Ring Resource Item CommonA2
TW181 Fair Sailing Resource Event Rare
TW182 Fair Travels in Border-lands Resource Event CommonA1
TW183 Fair Travels in Dark-domains Resource Event Rare
TW184 Fair Travels in Free-domains Resource Event Rare
TW185 Fair Travels in Shadow-lands Resource Event CommonA1
TW186 Fair Travels in Wilderness Resource Event CommonA1
TW450 Fangorn Region CommonB1
TW187 Far-sight Resource Event CommonA1
TW037 Faramir Character Fixed1
TW485 Fatty Bolger Character Promotional
TW188 Favor of the Valar Resource Event Rare
TW321 Fell Beast Hazard Event Rare
TW266 Fell Turtle Hazard Creature Rare
TW322 Fell Winter Hazard Event CommonA1
TW189 Fellowship Resource Event CommonA2
TW038 Fíli Character Uncommon
TW190 Fog Resource Event Uncommon
TW191 Ford Resource Event CommonA1
TW039 Forlong Character CommonB1
TW451 Forochel Region CommonB1
TW323 Foul Fumes Hazard Event CommonA1
TW040 Frodo Character Rare
TW041 Galadriel Character Rare
TW042 Galva Character Rare
TW043 Gamling the Old Character Uncommon
TW002 Gandalf Character Fixed2
TW452 Gap of Isen Region CommonB2
TW192 Gates of Morning Resource Event Fixed5
TW044 Ghán-buri-Ghán Character Uncommon
TW267 Ghosts Hazard Creature CommonA1
TW268 Ghouls Hazard Creature CommonA1
TW269 Giant Hazard Creature CommonA2
TW270 Giant Spiders Hazard Creature CommonA2
TW045 Gildor Inglorion Character Fixed1
TW046 Gimli Character Fixed1
TW389 Gladden Fields Site CommonA1
TW129 Glamdring Resource Item Uncommon
TW390 Glittering Caves Site Uncommon
TW047 Glóin Character Uncommon
TW324 Gloom Hazard Event CommonA1
TW048 Glorfindel II Character Fixed1
TW391 Goblin-gate Site Fixed2
TW073 Goldberry Resource Ally Uncommon
TW074 Gollum Resource Ally Uncommon
TW193 Gollum's Fate Resource Event Rare
TW453 Gorgoroth Region CommonB1
TW194 Great Ship Resource Event Rare
TW195 Great-road Resource Event CommonA1
TW130 Great-shield of Rohan Resource Item Uncommon
TW325 Greed Hazard Event CommonA1
TW392 Grey Havens Site CommonB1
TW454 Grey Mountain Narrows Region CommonB1
TW455 Gundabad Region CommonB1
TW075 Gwaihir Resource Ally Rare
TW049 Halbarad Character Uncommon
TW050 Haldalam Character Rare
TW051 Haldir Character Uncommon
TW271 Half-trolls of Far Harad Hazard Creature CommonA1
TW196 Halfling Stealth Resource Event CommonB2
TW197 Halfling Strength Resource Event CommonB2
TW052 Háma Character CommonB1
TW456 Harondor Region CommonB1
TW131 Hauberk of Bright Mail Resource Item CommonA1
TW132 Healing Herbs Resource Item CommonA2
TW457 Heart of Mirkwood Region CommonB1
TW393 Henneth Annûn Site Fixed1
TW198 Hiding Resource Event Rare
TW458 High Pass Region CommonB2
TW090 Hillmen Resource Faction Uncommon
TW394 Himring Site Uncommon
TW272 Hoarmûrath of Dír Hazard Creature Rare
TW091 Hobbits Resource Faction Rare
TW459 Hollin Region CommonB2
TW133 Horn of Anor Resource Item CommonB1
TW460 Horse Plains Region CommonB1
TW199 Horses Resource Event CommonA1
TW273 Huorn Hazard Creature CommonA1
TW461 Imlad Morgul Region CommonB1
TW053 Imrahil Character Uncommon
TW274 Indûr Dawndeath Hazard Creature Rare
TW395 Irerock Site Uncommon
TW396 Iron Hill Dwarf-hold Site Fixed1
TW092 Iron Hill Dwarves Resource Faction Fixed1
TW462 Iron Hills Region CommonB1
TW397 Isengard Site Fixed2
TW398 Isles of the Dead that Live Site Rare
TW463 Ithilien Region CommonB1
TW275 Khamûl the Easterling Hazard Creature Rare
TW464 Khand Region CommonB1
TW054 Kíli Character Fixed2
TW200 Kindling of the Spirit Resource Event CommonA1
TW093 Knights of Dol Amroth Resource Faction Uncommon
TW399 Lake-town Site CommonB1
TW465 Lamedon Region CommonB1
TW201 Lapse of Will Resource Event Uncommon
TW076 Leaflock Resource Ally Uncommon
TW466 Lebennin Region CommonB2
TW055 Legolas Character Uncommon
TW134 Lesser Ring Resource Item Uncommon
TW276 Leucaruth Hazard Creature Rare
TW467 Lindon Region CommonB2
TW400 Lond Galen Site CommonB1
TW326 Long Winter Hazard Event CommonA1
TW202 Lordly Presence Resource Event CommonB1
TW401 Lórien Site CommonB1
TW402 Lossadan Cairn Site CommonA1
TW403 Lossadan Camp Site CommonB1
TW094 Lossoth Resource Faction Uncommon
TW327 Lost at Sea Hazard Event Rare
TW328 Lost in Border-lands Hazard Event CommonA1
TW329 Lost in Dark-domains Hazard Event Rare
TW330 Lost in Free-domains Hazard Event CommonA1
TW331 Lost in Shadow-lands Hazard Event CommonA1
TW332 Lost in the Wilderness Hazard Event CommonA1
TW203 Lucky Search Resource Event Rare
TW204 Lucky Strike Resource Event CommonA1
TW333 Lure of Creation Hazard Event Uncommon
TW334 Lure of Expedience Hazard Event CommonA1
TW335 Lure of Nature Hazard Event CommonA2
TW336 Lure of Power Hazard Event Rare
TW337 Lure of the Senses Hazard Event CommonA1
TW056 Mablung Character Uncommon
TW135 Magic Ring of Courage Resource Item Uncommon
TW136 Magic Ring of Lore Resource Item Uncommon
TW137 Magic Ring of Nature Resource Item Uncommon
TW138 Magic Ring of Stealth Resource Item Uncommon
TW139 Magic Ring of Words Resource Item Uncommon
TW095 Men of Anfalas Resource Faction Uncommon
TW096 Men of Anórien Resource Faction Fixed1
TW097 Men of Dorwinion Resource Faction Uncommon
TW098 Men of Lamedon Resource Faction Uncommon
TW099 Men of Lebennin Resource Faction Uncommon
TW100 Men of Northern Rhovanion Resource Faction Uncommon
TW057 Merry Character Uncommon
TW404 Minas Morgul Site Rare
TW405 Minas Tirith Site Fixed2
TW338 Minions Stir Hazard Event Uncommon
TW205 Mirror of Galadriel Resource Event Uncommon
TW140 Miruvor Resource Item CommonA1
TW206 Misty Mountains Resource Event CommonB2
TW207 Moon Resource Event Uncommon
TW208 Morannon Resource Event Rare
TW339 Morgul Night Hazard Event Rare
TW340 Morgul-horse Hazard Event Rare
TW341 Morgul-knife Hazard Event Rare
TW406 Moria Site Fixed3
TW407 Mount Doom Site Uncommon
TW408 Mount Gram Site Fixed2
TW409 Mount Gundabad Site Uncommon
TW209 Mountains of Shadow Resource Event CommonB1
TW277 Mouth of Sauron Hazard Creature Rare
TW468 Mouths of the Anduin Region CommonB1
TW278 Mûmak (Oliphant) Hazard Creature Rare
TW210 Muster Resource Event CommonA1
TW342 Muster Disperses Hazard Event CommonA1
TW141 Narsil Resource Item Uncommon
TW211 Narya Resource Event Rare
TW212 Nenya Resource Event Rare
TW213 New Friendship Resource Event CommonB1
TW343 New Moon Hazard Event Uncommon
TW344 Night Hazard Event CommonA1
TW058 Nori Character CommonB1
TW469 Northern Rhovanion Region CommonB2
TW470 Númeriador Region CommonB1
TW471 Nurn Region CommonB1
TW059 Óin Character Uncommon
TW410 Old Forest Site CommonA1
TW214 Old Friendship Resource Event CommonB1
TW279 Old Man Willow Hazard Creature Uncommon
TW472 Old Pûkel Gap Region CommonB1
TW473 Old Pûkel-land Region CommonB1
TW215 Old Road Resource Event CommonB2
TW280 Olog-hai (Trolls) Hazard Creature Uncommon
TW281 Orc-guard Hazard Creature CommonA1
TW282 Orc-lieutenant Hazard Creature Uncommon
TW283 Orc-patrol Hazard Creature CommonA2
TW284 Orc-raiders Hazard Creature CommonA2
TW285 Orc-warband Hazard Creature CommonA1
TW286 Orc-warriors Hazard Creature CommonA2
TW287 Orc-watch Hazard Creature CommonA1
TW142 Orcrist Resource Item Uncommon
TW060 Ori Character CommonB1
TW061 Orophin Character CommonB1
TW411 Ost-in-Edhil Site Uncommon
TW143 Palantír of Amon Sûl Resource Item Rare
TW144 Palantír of Annúminas Resource Item Rare
TW145 Palantír of Elostirion Resource Item Uncommon
TW146 Palantír of Minas Tirith Resource Item Uncommon
TW147 Palantír of Orthanc Resource Item Uncommon
TW148 Palantír of Osgiliath Resource Item Rare
TW003 Pallando Character Fixed2
TW216 Paths of the Dead Resource Event Rare
TW062 Peath Character Uncommon
TW412 Pelargir Site CommonB1
TW217 Persuasive Words Resource Event CommonB1
TW288 Pick-pocket Hazard Creature Uncommon
TW063 Pippin Character Uncommon
TW345 Plague of Wights Hazard Event Uncommon
TW149 Potion of Prowess Resource Item CommonA1
TW218 Praise to Elbereth Resource Event Uncommon
TW150 Precious Gold Ring Resource Item CommonA2
TW289 Pûkel-men Hazard Creature Rare
TW077 Quickbeam Resource Ally Uncommon
TW219 Quiet Lands Resource Event Uncommon
TW004 Radagast Character Fixed2
TW101 Rangers of Ithilien Resource Faction Fixed1
TW102 Rangers of the North Resource Faction Fixed1
TW151 Red Arrow Resource Item Uncommon
TW152 Red Book of Westmarch Resource Item Uncommon
TW474 Redhorn Gate Region CommonB2
TW220 Reforging Resource Event CommonA1
TW290 Ren the Unclean Hazard Creature Rare
TW221 Rescue Prisoners Resource Event CommonA2
TW222 Return of the King Resource Event Rare
TW413 Rhosgobel Site Fixed2
TW475 Rhudaur Region CommonB2
TW103 Riders of Rohan Resource Faction Fixed1
TW223 Ringlore Resource Event Uncommon
TW224 Risky Blow Resource Event CommonA1
TW414 Rivendell Site CommonB1
TW346 River Hazard Event CommonA2
TW078 Roäc the Raven Resource Ally Rare
TW064 Robin Smallburrow Character Fixed2
TW291 Rogrog Hazard Creature Rare
TW476 Rohan Region CommonB2
TW415 Ruined Signal Tower Site Fixed2
TW225 Sacrifice of Form Resource Event Rare
TW065 Sam Gamgee Character Uncommon
TW153 Sapling of the White Tree Resource Item Uncommon
TW416 Sarn Goriwing Site CommonA1
TW005 Saruman Character Fixed2
TW154 Scroll of Isildur Resource Item Uncommon
TW226 Secret Entrance Resource Event Rare
TW227 Secret Passage Resource Event CommonA1
TW079 Shadowfax Resource Ally Rare
TW292 Shelob Hazard Creature Rare
TW417 Shelob's Lair Site Rare
TW155 Shield of Iron-bound Ash Resource Item CommonA2
TW418 Shrel-Kain Site CommonB1
TW347 Siege Hazard Event Rare
TW293 Silent Watcher Hazard Creature Rare
TW080 Skinbark Resource Ally Rare
TW294 Slayer Hazard Creature CommonA1
TW295 Smaug Hazard Creature Rare
TW348 Snowstorm Hazard Event Rare
TW477 Southern Mirkwood Region CommonB2
TW478 Southern Rhovanion Region CommonB1
TW419 Southron Oasis Site Rare
TW104 Southrons Resource Faction Rare
TW156 Star-glass Resource Item Uncommon
TW228 Stars Resource Event Uncommon
TW229 Stealth Resource Event CommonA1
TW157 Sting Resource Item Uncommon
TW230 Stone of Erech Resource Event Rare
TW420 Stone-circle Site Rare
TW349 Storms of Ossë Hazard Event Rare
TW231 Sun Resource Event Uncommon
TW158 Sword of Gondolin Resource Item CommonA2
TW232 Tempering Friendship Resource Event CommonB2
TW233 Test of Form Resource Event CommonA2
TW234 Test of Lore Resource Event CommonA2
TW159 The Arkenstone Resource Item Rare
TW350 The Balance of Things Hazard Event Rare
TW351 The Burden of Time Hazard Event Uncommon
TW235 The Cock Crows Resource Event Uncommon
TW236 The Evenstar Resource Event Uncommon
TW105 The Great Eagles Resource Faction Uncommon
TW296 The Great Goblin Hazard Creature Rare
TW421 The Lonely Mountain Site Fixed2
TW160 The Mithril-coat Resource Item Rare
TW352 The Nazgûl are Abroad Hazard Event Rare
TW237 The Old Thrush Resource Event Uncommon
TW161 The One Ring Resource Item Rare
TW353 The Pale Sword Hazard Event Rare
TW354 The Precious Hazard Event Rare
TW355 The Ring's Betrayal Hazard Event Uncommon
TW479 The Shire Region CommonB1
TW422 The Stones Site Rare
TW423 The White Towers Site Uncommon
TW238 The White Tree Resource Event Rare
TW356 The Will of Sauron Hazard Event Rare
TW357 The Will of the Ring Hazard Event Rare
TW424 The Wind Throne Site Fixed5
TW066 Théoden Character Fixed1
TW297 Thief Hazard Creature Rare
TW067 Thorin II Character Rare
TW239 Thorough Search Resource Event CommonA1
TW068 Thranduil Character Fixed1
TW425 Thranduil's Halls Site Fixed1
TW426 Tolfalas Site Rare
TW081 Tom Bombadil Resource Ally Rare
TW358 Tookish Blood Hazard Event CommonB1
TW162 Torque of Hues Resource Item Uncommon
TW106 Tower Guard of Minas Tirith Resource Faction Fixed1
TW359 Traitor Hazard Event Rare
TW082 Treebeard Resource Ally Uncommon
TW240 True Fána Resource Event Rare
TW360 Twilight Hazard Event CommonA2
TW480 Udûn Region CommonB1
TW241 Use Palantír Resource Event Uncommon
TW299 Ûvatha the Horseman Hazard Creature Rare
TW427 Vale of Erech Site Rare
TW242 Vanishment Resource Event CommonA1
TW428 Variag Camp Site Rare
TW107 Variags of Khand Resource Faction Rare
TW243 Vilya Resource Event Rare
TW069 Vôteli Character CommonB1
TW070 Vygavril Character Rare
TW071 Wacho Character Uncommon
TW361 Wake of War Hazard Event Uncommon
TW300 Wargs Hazard Creature CommonA2
TW301 Watcher in the Water Hazard Creature Uncommon
TW362 Weariness of the Heart Hazard Event CommonA2
TW429 Weathertop Site Fixed4
TW430 Wellinghall Site Fixed1
TW481 Western Mirkwood Region CommonB1
TW244 White Mountains Resource Event CommonB1
TW303 Witch-king of Angmar Hazard Creature Rare
TW482 Withered Heath Region CommonB1
TW245 Wizard's Fire Resource Event Rare
TW246 Wizard's Flame Resource Event Uncommon
TW247 Wizard's Laughter Resource Event Uncommon
TW163 Wizard's Ring Resource Item Rare
TW248 Wizard's River-horses Resource Event Uncommon
TW249 Wizard's Test Resource Event Uncommon
TW250 Wizard's Voice Resource Event Rare
TW483 Wold & Foothills Region CommonB2
TW304 Wolves Hazard Creature CommonA2
TW108 Wood-elves Resource Faction Fixed1
TW484 Woodland Realm Region CommonB2
TW109 Woodmen Resource Faction Uncommon
TW431 Woodmen-town Site CommonB1
TW363 Words of Power and Terror Hazard Event Rare
TW432 Wose Passage-hold Site CommonB1
TW110 Woses of Old Pûkel-land Resource Faction Rare
TW111 Woses of the Drúadan Forest Resource Faction Uncommon