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Checklist of cards from Fallen Empires (Magic: The Gathering)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
1 Aeolipile Artifact R
103 Armor Thrull Creature C
104 Armor Thrull Creature C
105 Armor Thrull Creature C
2 Armor Thrull Creature C
3 Balm of Restoration Artifact R
106 Basal Thrull Creature C
107 Basal Thrull Creature C
108 Basal Thrull Creature C
4 Basal Thrull Creature C
5 Bottomless Vault Land R
109 Brassclaw Orcs Creature C
110 Brassclaw Orcs Creature C
111 Brassclaw Orcs Creature C
6 Brassclaw Orcs Creature C
7 Breeding Pit Enchantment U
112 Combat Medic Creature C
113 Combat Medic Creature C
114 Combat Medic Creature C
8 Combat Medic Creature C
9 Conch Horn Artifact R
10 Deep Spawn Creature U
11 Delif's Cone Artifact C
12 Delif's Cube Artifact R
13 Derelor Creature R
14 Draconian Cylix Artifact R
15 Dwarven Armorer Creature R
16 Dwarven Catapult Instant U
17 Dwarven Hold Land R
18 Dwarven Lieutenant Creature U
19 Dwarven Ruins Land U
115 Dwarven Soldier Creature C
116 Dwarven Soldier Creature C
20 Dwarven Soldier Creature C
21 Ebon Praetor Creature R
22 Ebon Stronghold Land U
117 Elven Fortress Enchantment C
118 Elven Fortress Enchantment C
119 Elven Fortress Enchantment C
23 Elven Fortress Enchantment C
24 Elven Lyre Artifact R
25 Elvish Farmer Creature R
120 Elvish Hunter Creature C
121 Elvish Hunter Creature C
26 Elvish Hunter Creature C
122 Elvish Scout Creature C
123 Elvish Scout Creature C
27 Elvish Scout Creature C
28 Farrel's Mantle Enchantment U
124 Farrel's Zealot Creature C
125 Farrel's Zealot Creature C
29 Farrel's Zealot Creature C
30 Farrelite Priest Creature U
31 Feral Thallid Creature U
32 Fungal Bloom Enchantment R
126 Goblin Chirurgeon Creature C
127 Goblin Chirurgeon Creature C
33 Goblin Chirurgeon Creature C
34 Goblin Flotilla Creature R
128 Goblin Grenade Sorcery C
129 Goblin Grenade Sorcery C
35 Goblin Grenade Sorcery C
36 Goblin Kites Enchantment U
130 Goblin War Drums Enchantment C
131 Goblin War Drums Enchantment C
132 Goblin War Drums Enchantment C
37 Goblin War Drums Enchantment C
38 Goblin Warrens Enchantment R
39 Hand of Justice Creature R
40 Havenwood Battleground Land U
41 Heroism Enchantment U
133 High Tide Instant C
134 High Tide Instant C
42 High Tide Instant C
43 Hollow Trees Land R
135 Homarid Creature C
136 Homarid Creature C
137 Homarid Creature C
44 Homarid Creature C
45 Homarid Shaman Creature R
46 Homarid Spawning Bed Enchantment U
138 Homarid Warrior Creature C
139 Homarid Warrior Creature C
47 Homarid Warrior Creature C
140 Hymn to Tourach Sorcery C
141 Hymn to Tourach Sorcery C
142 Hymn to Tourach Sorcery C
48 Hymn to Tourach Sorcery C
143 Icatian Infantry Creature C
144 Icatian Infantry Creature C
145 Icatian Infantry Creature C
49 Icatian Infantry Creature C
146 Icatian Javelineers Creature C
147 Icatian Javelineers Creature C
50 Icatian Javelineers Creature C
51 Icatian Lieutenant Creature R
148 Icatian Moneychanger Creature C
149 Icatian Moneychanger Creature C
52 Icatian Moneychanger Creature C
53 Icatian Phalanx Creature U
54 Icatian Priest Creature U
150 Icatian Scout Creature C
151 Icatian Scout Creature C
152 Icatian Scout Creature C
55 Icatian Scout Creature C
56 Icatian Skirmishers Creature R
57 Icatian Store Land R
58 Icatian Town Sorcery R
59 Implements of Sacrifice Artifact R
153 Initiates of the Ebon Hand Creature C
154 Initiates of the Ebon Hand Creature C
60 Initiates of the Ebon Hand Creature C
155 Merseine Enchantment C
156 Merseine Enchantment C
157 Merseine Enchantment C
61 Merseine Enchantment C
158 Mindstab Thrull Creature C
159 Mindstab Thrull Creature C
62 Mindstab Thrull Creature C
160 Necrite Creature C
161 Necrite Creature C
63 Necrite Creature C
162 Night Soil Enchantment C
163 Night Soil Enchantment C
64 Night Soil Enchantment C
65 Orcish Captain Creature U
165 Orcish Spy Creature C
166 Orcish Spy Creature C
66 Orcish Spy Creature C
164 Orcish Veteran Creature C
167 Orcish Veteran Creature C
168 Orcish Veteran Creature C
67 Orcish Veteran Creature C
169 Order of Leitbur Creature C
170 Order of Leitbur Creature C
68 Order of Leitbur Creature C
171 Order of the Ebon Hand Creature C
172 Order of the Ebon Hand Creature C
69 Order of the Ebon Hand Creature C
70 Orgg Creature R
71 Raiding Party Enchantment U
72 Rainbow Vale Land R
73 Ring of Renewal Artifact R
74 River Merfolk Creature R
75 Ruins of Trokair Land U
76 Sand Silos Land R
77 Seasinger Creature U
78 Soul Exchange Sorcery U
79 Spirit Shield Artifact R
173 Spore Cloud Instant C
174 Spore Cloud Instant C
80 Spore Cloud Instant C
81 Spore Flower Creature U
82 Svyelunite Priest Creature U
83 Svyelunite Temple Land U
175 Thallid Creature C
176 Thallid Creature C
177 Thallid Creature C
84 Thallid Creature C
85 Thallid Devourer Creature U
86 Thelon's Chant Enchantment U
87 Thelon's Curse Enchantment R
88 Thelonite Druid Creature U
89 Thelonite Monk Creature R
178 Thorn Thallid Creature C
179 Thorn Thallid Creature C
180 Thorn Thallid Creature C
90 Thorn Thallid Creature C
91 Thrull Champion Creature R
92 Thrull Retainer Enchantment U
93 Thrull Wizard Creature U
181 Tidal Flats Enchantment C
182 Tidal Flats Enchantment C
94 Tidal Flats Enchantment C
95 Tidal Influence Enchantment U
96 Tourach's Chant Enchantment U
97 Tourach's Gate Enchantment R
98 Vodalian Knights Creature R
183 Vodalian Mage Creature C
184 Vodalian Mage Creature C
99 Vodalian Mage Creature C
100 Vodalian Soldiers Creature C
185 Vodalian Soldiers Creature C
186 Vodalian Soldiers Creature C
187 Vodalian Soldiers Creature C
101 Vodalian War Machine Creature R
102 Zelyon Sword Artifact R