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Checklist of cards from Blastplosion of Gigantic Rage (Duel Masters)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
15 Aqua Trickster Creature Uncommon
6 Asra, Vizier of Safety Creature Common
24 Baira, the Hidden Lunatic Creature Common
7 Baraid, the Explorer Creature Uncommon
8 Belix, the Explorer Creature Rare
25 Beratcha, the Hidden Glutton Creature Common
33 Bonfire Lizard Creature Uncommon
34 Brad's Cutter Creature Common
3 Diamondia, the Blizzard Rider Evolution Creature Very Rare
16 Emergency Typhoon Spell Common
9 Engbelt, the Spydroid Creature Common
1 Evil Incarnate Evolution Creature Very Rare
35 Eviscerating Warrior Lumez Creature Rare
17 Fantasy Fish Creature Rare
36 Gankloak, Rogue Commando Creature Common
26 Gazer Eyes, Shadow of Secrets Creature Rare
42 Hazard Hopper Creature Uncommon
27 Hazaria, Duke of Thorns Creature Rare
43 Hearty Cap'n Polligon Creature Common
2 Heavyweight Dragon Creature Very Rare
53 Hide and Seek Spell Uncommon
37 Hysteria Lizard Creature Uncommon
38 Jabaha's Automaton Evolution Creature Rare
28 Jagila, the Hidden Pillager Creature Uncommon
S2 Klujadras Creature Super Rare
10 Lamiel, Destiny Enforcer Creature Rare
52 Live and Breathe Spell Uncommon
39 Lockdown Lizard Creature Rare
18 Lucky Ball Creature Uncommon
44 Macho Melon Creature Uncommon
19 Melodic Hunter Creature Common
11 Merlee, the Oracle Creature Uncommon
S4 Miraculous Meltdown Spell Super Rare
S3 Miraculous Plague Spell Super Rare
S5 Miraculous Rebirth Spell Super Rare
4 Miraculous Snare Spell Very Rare
5 Miraculous Truce Spell Very Rare
5j Miraculous Truce (#5j) Spell Very Rare
29 Morbid Medicine Spell Uncommon
12 Nial, Vizier of Dexterity Creature Common
45 Ninja Pumpkin Creature Common
46 Quillspike Rumbler Creature Common
47 Rainbow Gate Spell Common
55 Reap and Sow Spell Uncommon
20 Revival Soldier Creature Common
51 Rise and Shine Spell Uncommon
48 Rollicking Totem Creature Rare
30 Roulette of Ruin Spell Rare
49 Royal Durian Creature Rare
31 Saliva Worm Creature Common
40 Sapian Tark, Flame Dervish Creature Common
50 Skyscraper Shell Creature Rare
54 Slash and Burn Spell Uncommon
13 Solar Trap Spell Common
32 Spinning Terror, the Wretched Creature Common
21 Squawking Lunatron Creature Rare
41 Ten-Ton Crunch Spell Common
22 Time Scout Creature Common
S1 Warlord Ailzonius Evolution Creature Super Rare
23 Warped Lunatron Creature Rare
14 Yuliana, Channeler of Suns Creature Rare