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Checklist of cards from Enter Titans East! (Teen Titans)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
CH-061 Amazing Mumbo Character Common
CH-062 Aqualad Character Common
CH-063 Aqualad Character Uncommon
CH-064 Atlas Character Uncommon
SK-036 Attack From above Skillz Common
CH-065 Beast boy Character Uncommon
CH-066 Beast boy-Amoeba Character Common
SK-034 Bee Sting Skillz Uncommon
SL-016 Betrayal Storyline Common
SL-017 Betrothed Storyline Uncommon
GD-006 Birdarang Gadgets Common
CH-067 Blackfire-The Empress Character Common
CH-068 British Toy Soldier Character Common
FD-017 Broken Reality Field Rare
CH-069 Brother Blood Character Common
CH-070 Brother Blood Character Uncommon
CH-071 Brother Blood-Cyborg Character Rare
CH-072 Bumblebee Character Common
CH-073 Bumblebee Character Uncommon
CH-074 Bumblebee Character Rare
SL-018 Can I keep him? Storyline Uncommon
CH-075 Chang's Assistant Character Common
CH-076 Chang's Other Assistant Character Common
SL-019 Chemical bath Storyline Uncommon
SK-040 Common Ground Skillz Common
CH-077 Cyborg Character Common
CH-078 Cyborg- Stone Character Common
SL-020 Date With Destiny Storyline Common
SL-021 Deception Storyline Uncommon
SK-033 Dragon's Fire Skillz Common
GD-001 Energy bows and arrows Gadgets Common
CH-079 Fang Character Common
SK-035 Flame Thrower Skillz Common
SK-037 Flight of the moth Skillz Common
GD-002 Flight Pack Gadgets Common
SK-039 Flying Objects Skillz Common
CH-080 Galfore Character Common
SK-042 Gamma maneuver Skillz Uncommon
CH-081 Gizmo Character Uncommon
CH-082 Glrdlskech Character Rare
SL-022 Got Gadgets? Storyline Uncommon
SL-023 Haunted Obsession Storyline Uncommon
CH-083 Head mistress Character Common
GD-004 HIVE academy communicator Gadgets Rare
CH-084 HIVE Robots Character Common
CH-085 HIVE Soldier Character Common
FD-016 HIVE Underwater base Field Rare
GD-008 Holographic generator Gadgets Uncommon
CH-086 Hot Spot Character Common
SK-031 I'm a genius! Skillz Common
SL-024 Infected Storyline Uncommon
CH-087 Kitten Character Common
CH-088 Malchior Character Uncommon
CH-089 Mas Character Common
CH-090 Master of Games Character Common
SK-049 Master Plan Skillz Common
SL-025 Mega Monkeys 4 Storyline Uncommon
CH-091 Menos Character Common
SL-026 Meteor Storyline Uncommon
SK-050 Mover Skillz Common
FD-018 Mumbo jumbo's hat world Field Rare
CH-092 Mutant Moth Character Common
SK-047 New Allies Skillz Uncommon
SK-038 No powers of my own Skillz Uncommon
CH-094 Professor Chang Character Common
CH-095 Professor Chang Character Uncommon
FD-019 Professor Chang's observatory Field Rare
GD-007 R-Cycle Gadgets Uncommon
CH-096 Raven Character Common
CH-097 Raven - Green Character Common
CH-098 Raven - Grey Character Common
CH-099 Raven - Pink Character Common
CH-101 Raven - Spellbound Character Uncommon
CH-100 Raven - White Character Rare
CH-102 Red X Character Common
CH-103 Red X Character Rare
CH-104 Robin Character Uncommon
CH-105 Robot Cyborg Character Common
SL-027 Self Sacrifice Storyline Uncommon
GD-003 Shrink Suit Gadgets Rare
CH-106 Silkie Character Common
CH-107 Silkie-larvae M319 Character Uncommon
CH-108 Slade Character Common
SK-041 Slade's aftershock Skillz Uncommon
CH-109 Slade's Robot Character Common
SL-028 Something In Common Storyline Uncommon
CH-110 Speedy Character Common
CH-111 Speedy Character Uncommon
SL-029 Spellbound Storyline Common
CH-112 Spike Character Common
SL-030 Stankball Storyline Rare
CH-113 Starfire Character Uncommon
CH-093 Starfire-Princess Koriand'r Character Common
CH-114 Steamroller Character Common
FD-020 Steel City Field Rare
GD-005 T-Car Gadgets Common
GD-009 T-Communicator Gadgets Common
GD-010 T-Sub Gadgets Common
SK-032 Take that Skillz Common
SK-048 Take this Skillz Common
FD-021 Tamaran Field Rare
CH-115 Tamaranian Citizen Character Common
CH-116 Tamaranian Guard Character Common
SL-031 Temper tantrum Storyline Uncommon
CH-117 Ternion Character Rare
CH-118 Terra Character Common
FD-022 The Old stadium Field Rare
FD-023 The Prom Field Rare
SK-046 Titans Together Skillz Uncommon
FD-024 Titans Tower East Field Rare
FD-025 Tournament of Heroes Field Rare
SK-043 Trick Arrow Skillz Common
SL-032 Unlikely Allies Storyline Uncommon
CH-119 Warp Character Uncommon
PR-001 We Got Your Back Storyline Promo
SK-044 Who needs teammates? Skillz Uncommon
CH-120 Wildebeast Character Common
SK-045 Wizard with the most Skillz Uncommon
SL-033 You sure you got the right dog? Storyline Uncommon
SL-034 You're a Bunny Storyline Uncommon
SL-035 You've got a zit Storyline Rare