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Checklist of cards from Rise of the Shogun (Legend of the Five Rings)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
149 A Dragon's Caress Spell Rare
79 Advance with Glory Action Common
30 Akodo Meyo Personality Common
31 Akodo Osamu Personality Rare
65 Akuma no Oni (Experienced 2) Personality Rare
80 Allegiance to the Dark Lord Action Common
81 Ancestral Ground Action Common
18 Asahina Aoshi Personality Rare
19 Asahina Beniha Personality Uncommon
42 Asako Bairei (Experienced 2) Personality Rare
43 Asako Makito Personality Uncommon
76 Assembly Grounds Region Common
77 Bamboo Thickets Region Uncommon
124 Battle Maiden Troop Follower Rare
54 Bayushi Iyona Personality Common
55 Bayushi Kwanchai (Experienced 2) Personality Fixed
56 Bayushi Shaiga Personality Common
57 Bayushi Takaharu Personality Uncommon
82 Blackmailed Bride Action Rare
83 Bounty of the Clan Action Uncommon
84 Bow Your Head! Action Common
85 Breeding Season Action Uncommon
154 Broken Wave City Stronghold Fixed
86 Call Upon the Dead Action Common
144 Calling the East Wind Kiho Rare
5 Castle Barracks Holding Common
60 Chuda Ikumi Personality Common
150 Consumed by Five Fires Spell Common
87 Control Action Rare
125 Crab Detachment Follower Common
61 Daigotsu Eiya Personality Uncommon
62 Daigotsu Makishi Personality Common
88 Daigotsu's Discipline Action Uncommon
89 Dark Harmony Action Uncommon
126 Deathseeker Troop Follower Common
90 Deeds of Honor Action Common
91 Delaying Column Action Common
92 Determination Action Rare
20 Doji Domotai (Experienced 2) Personality Rare
21 Doji Ichita Personality Common
22 Doji Otoya Personality Common
127 Dragon Detachment Personality Uncommon
151 Earth Becomes Sky Spell Uncommon
6 East Hub Village Holding Rare
93 Fan and Sword Action Uncommon
94 Fields of Honor Action Common
134 Fire Maple Mempo Item Uncommon
95 Glorious Mission Action Common
135 Golden Oriole Wakizashi Item Uncommon
136 Hachiwari Item Rare
12 Hida Benjiro (Experienced) Personality Rare
13 Hida Wakou Personality Uncommon
137 Hida War Drums Item Rare
14 Hiruma Sakimi Personality Common
24 Hitomi Chishou Personality Common
96 Honored Hostage Action Uncommon
66 Horiuchi Nobane (Experienced) Personality Rare
97 Hunted Down Action Common
48 Ik'chda Personality Common
98 Infamous Deeds Action Common
99 Insight Action Rare
100 Inspired Strategy Action Uncommon
544 Isawa Angai Personality Fixed
45 Isawa Emori Personality Common
46 Isawa Seiga Personality Common
49 Itch'choo Personality Common
67 Iuchi Bitomu Personality Common
138 Jade Figurine Item Common
50 K'Chee Personality Rare
101 Kaimetsu-Uo's Lineage Action Uncommon
15 Kaiu Sadao Personality Common
23 Kakita Kaisei Personality Uncommon
102 Kisada's Banishment Action Uncommon
103 Knowledge Action Rare
63 Kokujin Akae Personality Uncommon
564 Kokujin Konetsu Personality Rare
16 Kuni Daigo Personality Rare
17 Kuni Fumitake Personality Uncommon
7 Kuroiban Compound Holding Uncommon
104 Kyoden's Technique Action Common
128 Legion of Pain Follower Rare
145 Lightning Strike Kiho Rare
32 Matsu Bunka Personality Uncommon
33 Matsu Gakuya Personality Common
34 Matsu Yoshino (Experienced) Personality Rare
35 Matsu Yufu Personality Uncommon
639 Merchant's Wagon Item Uncommon
25 Mirumoto Taishuu Personality Common
36 Moshi Sakae Personality Uncommon
72 Ninube Chisai Personality Uncommon
8 North Hub Village Holding Rare
73 Obsidian Dragon Personality Rare
140 Obsidian Figurine Item Common
51 Oh-krch Personality Uncommon
605 One More Sacrifice Action Uncommon
106 One-Sided Melee Action Uncommon
565 Oni no Akuma (Experienced 2) Personality Rare
1b Orochi Sensei Sensei Fixed
155 Pale Oak Castle Stronghold Fixed
1 Paper Lantern Festival Event Common
107 Passing the Message Action Uncommon
146 Path of Pain Strategy Common
108 Perfection Action Rare
109 Rally the Ranks Action Common
110 Rampage Action Rare
129 Ratling Truthseeker Follower Uncommon
111 Rising Tensions Action Uncommon
112 River Crossing Action Common
141 Rosoku's Urn Item Rare
113 Rout Action Common
130 Scorpion Detachment Follower Uncommon
2 Second Doom of the Dragon Event Rare
3 Second Doom of the Scorpion Event Rare
131 Shadowlands Ambassador Follower Uncommon
47 Shiba Jouta Personality Uncommon
132 Shogun's Advisors Follower Rare
58 Shosuro Atesharu Personality Uncommon
500 Shourido Event Promotional
142 Slayer's Vial Item Common
59 Soshi Tabito (Experienced) Personality Rare
9 South Hub Village Holding Rare
114 Steep Slopes Action Common
115 Strength Action Rare
152 Strength of the Forge Spell Rare
147 Strike of the Dragon Kiho Uncommon
116 Stronger than Steel Action Rare
26 Tamori Emina Personality Rare
27 Tamori Futaba Personality Uncommon
52 Tchik Personality Rare
156 The City of Lies Stronghold Fixed
153 The End is Near Spell Rare
133 The Hammer of Kaiu Follower Common
117 The Price of Loyalty Strategy Rare
148 The Rolling Tides Strategy Uncommon
118 The Shogun's Left Hand Action Rare
4 The Shogun's Peace Event Uncommon
119 The Shogun's Right Hand Action Rare
120 Tiger's Mouth Action Common
28 Togashi Kadoma Personality Uncommon
29 Togashi Satsu (Experienced 3) Personality Rare
53 Tok-ik Personality Uncommon
74 Toku Butaka Personality Common
10 Torii no Orochi Holding Uncommon
143 Tortoise Shell Armor Item Rare
78 Treacherous Plains Region Rare
121 Treacherous Sands Action Uncommon
37 Tsuruchi Chion Personality Common
38 Tsuruchi Futoshi Personality Uncommon
75 Usagi Genchi Personality Common
68 Utaku Gyonwan Personality Uncommon
122 Utaku Lineage Action Uncommon
69 Utaku Tayoi Personality Common
70 Utaku Wakiken Personality Uncommon
71 Utaku Yu-Pan (Experienced) Personality Rare
11 West Hub Village Holding Rare
123 Will Action Rare
39 Yoritomo Ryouta Personality Common
540 Yoritomo Singh Personality Rare
41 Yoritomo Tadame Personality Rare