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Checklist of cards from A House of Thorns (A Game of Thrones)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
109 A Web of Thorns Event R
94 Allegiance Attachment U
53 Banner of the Rose Attachment C
46 Belated Messenger Character U
16 Blockade Runner Location R
110 Breaking the Siege Event C
72 Bringers of Dread Character C
60 Butterbumps Character U
1 Chipped Poleaxe Attachment C
111 Choke Event R
99 Courier Captain Character R
106 Decadent Brothel Location C
112 Deception Event C
93 Declaration of War Attachment U
3 Donella Hornwood Character R
113 Dothraki Fury Event C
34 Dothraki Guide Character U
35 Dothraki Youth Character C
100 Dreadfort Defender Character C
5 Dreadfort Sentinels Character C
17 Driftwood Cudgel Attachment C
114 Edict of the Prince Event R
115 Endless Ambition Event R
98 False Septon Character U
54 Favorite Among Favorites Attachment U
140 Final Sacrifice Plot R
6 Flayer of Men Character R
116 Fleeting Restoration Event R
101 Garden Caretaker Character C
21 Grey Garden Master-at-Arms Character R
135 Growing Strong Plot U
47 Guardian of the Way Character U
55 Heat Exhaustion Attachment C
117 Hefty Tariff Event U
118 Hidden Chambers Event U
83 Highgarden Location R
74 Highgarden's Finest Character R
119 Holding Tactics Event R
87 Home Ground Location C
107 Homeland Fiefdom Location U
18 Hooked Trident Attachment R
29 Horseback Discipline Attachment R
30 Horselord's Bow Attachment C
48 House Dayne Courier Character C
22 House Harlaw Tactician Character C
75 House Tyrell Bannermen Character R
76 House Tyrell Envoy Character C
31 In Drogo's Name Attachment U
2 In Eddard's Name Attachment U
41 In Oberyn's Name Attachment U
11 In Robert's Name Attachment U
120 Invocation of Birth Event C
19 Invoking the Kraken Attachment U
23 Ironborn Raiders Character U
24 Island Defenders Character R
7 Karhold Master at Arms Character C
102 Keeper of Oaths Character U
61 Knight of Flowers Character U
77 Knight of the Reach Character C
95 Left Character R
49 Lord Anders' Honor Guard Character R
62 Mace Tyrell Character U
50 Maester at Yronwood Character C
20 Maester Wendamyr Character U
32 Magister Illyrio Character U
108 Mander Ford Location R
63 Margaery Tyrell Character R
78 Men of the Mander Character C
51 Oldtown Apprentice Character R
121 Olenna's Cunning Event R
88 Olenna's Study Location U
122 Opportunistic Thrust Event U
39 Pentoshi Palace Location U
25 Pirate of Pyke Character C
36 Poison Merchant Character R
42 Polished Longaxe Attachment C
123 Preemptive Politics Event C
56 Protection of Highgarden Attachment U
79 Purposeful Imposters Character C
124 Put to the Question Event R
44 Quentyn Martell Character R
9 Ramparts of Winterfell Location R
96 Ramsey's Betrothed Character R
43 Reckless Attachment R
65 Reek Character U
125 Resolve of the Kraken Event C
4 Rickard Karstark Character U
97 Right Character R
139 Roadblock Plot R
126 Roles Reversed Event C
66 Roose Bolton Character U
89 Rose Garden Location C
57 Rose Perfume Attachment C
80 Roseroad Watchmen Character C
92 Rusted Sword Attachment C
26 Saltwater Scholar Character C
37 Scavenger of the Free Cities Character C
136 Scouring the Vaults Plot U
90 Secluded Coast Location C
58 Seduced by the Rose Attachment R
38 Seeker from the Shadow Character C
73 Seeress of Shadows Character U
81 Selfless Scoundrels Character C
13 Selyse Baratheon Character U
103 Septon of the Shadows Character C
14 Ser Axell's Man Character C
67 Ser Garlan Tyrell Character U
134 Shadows and Spiders Plot U
28 Shatterstone Location R
15 Sister of Fire Character R
68 Steelshanks Walton Character R
71 Summer Sea Brigands Character R
59 Sun Stroke Attachment R
127 Supernatural Supplication Event C
12 Support of the King Attachment C
128 Taxing the Poor Event R
129 Terminal Schemes Event C
69 The Bastard of Bolton Character R
8 The Bastard's Recruits Character U
84 The Dreadfort Location R
85 The Pleasure Barges Location U
64 The Queen of Thorns Character R
130 The Rich Get Richer Event C
91 The Shield Islands Location R
86 The Weeping Water Location U
82 Trader on Ironman's Bay Character R
131 Trip to the Market Event R
45 Tyene Sand Character U
10 Tywin Lannister Character R
132 Ulterior Motive Event U
104 Unorthodox Priest Character R
40 Vaes Tolorro Location R
27 Veteran Looters Character U
52 Vigilant Dornishman Character C
133 Warden of the South Event U
105 Wardens of the Reach Character U
138 Waste Their Time Plot R
70 Willas Tyrell Character U
137 Winter Storm Plot U
33 Xaro Xoan Daxos Character R