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Checklist of cards from Soulcalibur III Set 1 (UFS (Universal Fighting System))
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
2 **Astaroth** Character Super Rare
20 **Cassandra** Character Rare
38 **Mitsurugi** Character Rare
56 **Nightmare** Character Starter Rare
74 **Taki** Character Starter Rare
92 **Voldo** Character Starter Rare
1 *Astaroth* Character Starter Rare
19 *Cassandra* Character Super Rare
37 *Mitsurugi* Character Super Rare
55 *Nightmare* Character Super Rare
73 *Taki* Character Super Rare
91 *Voldo* Character Super Rare
39 A Perfect Cut Action Rare
23 Angel Press Attack Common
21 Angel Step Action Rare
34 Angel Twirl Foundation Rare
35 Angelic Protection Foundation Uncommon
5 Annihilation Attack Uncommon
36 Assured Retribution Foundation Common
95 Asylum Dance Attack Rare
41 Autumn Requiem Attack Uncommon
6 Ax Grave Attack Common
109 Back Flip Action Rare
77 Bamboo Cutter Attack Common
134 Belligerent Aggression Foundation Common
96 Blade Nail Attack Common
97 Blind Dive Attack Rare
98 Blind Drop Attack Common
78 Blood Scroll Attack Rare
99 Bloody Drill Attack Uncommon
42 Bullet Cutter Attack Uncommon
135 Circle Of Steel Foundation Common
118 Close To The Edge Asset Super Rare
110 Critical Timing Action Super Rare
70 Cross Style Mastery Foundation Uncommon
24 Dancing Shield Attack Uncommon
79 Dark Destroyer Attack Uncommon
59 Dark High Kick Attack Uncommon
100 Dark Shredder Attack Uncommon
7 Demented Moon Attack Starter Rare
101 Demon Elbow Attack Uncommon
80 Demon Fangs Attack Uncommon
102 Despair Attack Common
25 Destined Greatness Attack Common
8 Destruction Attack Uncommon
106 Devotion Foundation Common
22 Digamma Sword & Nemea Shield Asset Super Rare
43 Disembowel Attack Common
60 Drop Kick Attack Uncommon
61 Earth Divide Attack Rare
81 Earth Scroll Attack Common
123 Earth Shatter Attack Uncommon
119 Enigmatic Maneuvers Asset Rare
120 Enlightenment Asset Super Rare
62 Evil Eye Attack Common
124 Feint Attack Common
137 Focus The Soul Foundation Uncommon
138 Footwork Foundation Uncommon
88 Fu-Ma Training Foundation Starter Rare
63 Gauntlet Bust Attack Uncommon
125 Great Cleave Attack Uncommon
122 Guarded Stance Asset Rare
26 Guardian's Judgement Attack Rare
16 Gyulkus Foundation Starter Rare
9 Hades Break Attack Common
27 Heaven's Guardian Attack Rare
44 Heavenly Prayer Attack Rare
82 Heavy Shadow Attack Rare
64 Helm Divider Attack Common
45 Hem Stitch Attack Common
126 High Slash Attack Common
127 High Thrust Attack Uncommon
28 Holy Purification Attack Common
121 Inhuman Fortitude Asset Rare
139 Knows No Fear Foundation Common
4 Kulutues Asset Super Rare
83 Lightning Strike Attack Uncommon
71 Lost Memories Foundation Common
128 Low Slash Attack Uncommon
129 Low Thrust Attack Common
29 Luminance Fall Attack Uncommon
17 Made Not Born Foundation Uncommon
10 Maelstrom Divide Attack Uncommon
94 Manas & Ayas Asset Super Rare
52 Masterful Duelist Foundation Common
140 Material Advantage Foundation Uncommon
11 Minotaur Crush Attack Common
89 Persistence Foundation Common
13 Poseidon Crest Attack Rare
12 Poseidon Tide Rush Attack Rare
57 Power Of The Edge Action Rare
76 Rekki-Maru & Mekki-Maru Asset Super Rare
72 Relic's Thrall Foundation Starter Rare
111 Replenishment Action Rare
14 Reverse Spiral Attack Rare
107 Ridiculously Flexible Foundation Starter Rare
65 Right Slasher Attack Common
130 Rising Ripper Attack Uncommon
103 Running With Scissors Attack Starter Rare
104 Scissor Claw Attack Common
105 Scorpion Tail Attack Uncommon
30 Seraphim Hammer Attack Rare
31 Seraphim Heel Attack Common
84 Shadow Banishment Attack Rare
75 Shadow Healing Action Starter Rare
85 Shadow Ripper Attack Common
86 Shadow Rush Attack Uncommon
87 Shadow Split Attack Common
136 Shake It Off Foundation Common
32 Shield Nova Attack Uncommon
40 Shishi-Oh Asset Super Rare
33 Shooting Star Attack Uncommon
66 Shoulder Rush Attack Rare
112 Sidestep Action Rare
18 Single Minded Foundation Common
3 Size Matters Action Rare
131 Slash Attack Common
93 Sonic Perception Action Rare
58 Soul Edge Asset Super Rare
113 Soul Reprisal Action Rare
67 Spin Kick Slash Cross Attack Starter Rare
132 Spinning Cross Slash Attack Rare
46 Splitting Gold Attack Uncommon
114 Start Over Action Super Rare
47 Stone Wall Thrust Attack Rare
141 Sublime Contemplation Foundation Common
48 Swift Edge Attack Common
68 Sword Buster Attack Common
53 Tenpu-Kosai-Ryu Kai Foundation Uncommon
90 The Power Of The Gale Foundation Uncommon
142 The Soul Still Burns Foundation Rare
133 Thrust Attack Uncommon
69 Thrust Throw Attack Rare
15 Tornado Shot Attack Common
49 Twin Splitters Attack Common
108 Unorthodox Style Foundation Uncommon
54 Veteran Of 1000 Battles Foundation Rare
115 Vicious Assault Action Uncommon
116 We'll Do It My Way Action Uncommon
143 Weapon Training Foundation Uncommon
50 Wheel Kick Attack Uncommon
51 Wind Hole Vortex Attack Rare
117 You Will Not Escape Action Common