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Checklist of cards from SNK Set 1 (UFS (Universal Fighting System))
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
001 *Alba* Character Rare
010 *Athena* Character Rare
019 *Charlotte* Character Rare
037 *Gaira* Character Rare
028 *Galford* Character Rare
046 *Hanzo* Character Rare
055 *Haohmaru* Character Starter Rare
064 *Iori* Character Rare
073 *Kyo* Character Rare
082 *Lien* Character Rare
091 *Mai* Character Starter Rare
100 *Nagase* Character Rare
109 *Nakoruru* Character Rare
118 *Terry* Character Starter Rare
127 *Ukyo* Character Starter Rare
136 *Yoshitora* Character Rare
075 427 Torment Trigger Attack Rare
129 6 Swallow Flash Attack Rare
111 Ambe Yataro Attack Rare
080 Ancient Arts of Kusanagi Foundation Common
071 Ancient Arts of Yagami Foundation Common
084 Assault Type Beta: Al Tarf Attack Rare
085 Assault Type Epsilon: Atropos Attack Common
086 Assault Type Epsilon: Psdterior Attack Uncommon
088 Assault Type Iota: Syrma Attack Common
087 Assault Type Lambda: Shaula Attack Uncommon
107 Battle Disc System Foundation Uncommon
074 Beautiful Purple Flame Action Rare
120 Burning Knuckle Attack Rare
121 Buster Wolf Attack Starter Rare
138 Camellias Attack Rare
003 Captive Serpent Jab Attack Rare
143 Carouser Foundation Common
039 Ceiling Slam Grabber Attack Rare
110 Chichiushi Asset Super Rare
130 Concealed Sabre Snowfall Slash Attack Common
131 Concealed Sabre Swallow Swipe Attack Starter Rare
066 Crescent Moon Crunch Attack Common
057 Crescent Moon Slash Attack Uncommon
021 Crystal Rose Attack Rare
058 Cyclone Slash Attack Common
093 Deadly Ninja Bees Attack Starter Rare
125 Deadly Rage Foundation Starter Rare
134 Deathly III Foundation Starter Rare
030 Double Megastrike Heads Attack Rare
094 Dragons Flame Romp Attack Uncommon
053 Duty Calls Foundation Uncommon
017 E.S.P. Foundation Common
040 Earthquake Assault Attack Common
059 Earthquake Slice Attack Starter Rare
112 Elelyu Kamui Risse Attack Rare
067 Exorcism Attack Rare
041 Exploding Euthanasia Attack Rare
062 Fierce Competitor Foundation Starter Rare
048 Flying Cicada Dance Attack Rare
095 Folding Fan Fandango Attack Common
056 Fugudoku Asset Super Rare
132 Ghostly Dashing Slice Attack Common
042 Hard Head Grabber Attack Uncommon
139 Hollyhocks Attack Common
089 Homicidal Karate Foundation Common
135 Iaido Sword Style Foundation Common
116 Idyllic Kamui Kotan Foundation Uncommon
054 Iga Master Foundation Uncommon
144 Impetuous Foundation Uncommon
068 Iori's Fire Ball Attack Uncommon
060 Judgement Blast Slash Attack Rare
029 Justice Blade Asset Super Rare
113 Kamui Mutsube Attack Common
114 Kamui Risse Attack Common
076 Kyo's Fire Ball Attack Common
020 La Roche Asset Super Rare
044 Lacks Virtue Foundation Uncommon
022 Lance de Lion Attack Common
115 Lela Mutsube Attack Uncommon
083 Lovely Reaper Action Common
004 Luminescent Lash Attack Uncommon
119 Martial Arts Action Uncommon
026 Master Fencer Foundation Uncommon
035 Mission of Peace Foundation Common
140 Morning Glories Attack Common
065 Mow The Men Down Action Uncommon
137 Nadeshiko Asset Super Rare
102 Nagase Spiral Attack Rare
101 Nagase's Blog Action Uncommon
103 Nagase's Shooting Star Attack Uncommon
038 Namu Abi Dabi Asset Super Rare
117 Nature's Defender Foundation Common
092 Ninja Arts Action Uncommon
049 Ninja Exploding Dragon Blast Attack Rare
036 Ninja of Justice Foundation Common
050 Ninja Shrike Dash Attack Uncommon
051 Ninja Windsplitter Attack Uncommon
096 Nocturnal Plover Attack Uncommon
012 Phoenix Arrow Attack Uncommon
002 Photographic Memory Action Rare
141 Pink Blossoms Attack Common
031 Plasma Blade Attack Common
077 Poison Bite 105 Attack Rare
122 Power Charge Attack Uncommon
123 Power Dunk Attack Common
124 Power Wave Attack Common
011 Psychic Teleport Action Uncommon
013 Psycho Ball Attack Attack Common
014 Psycho Reflector Attack Uncommon
015 Psycho Sword Attack Uncommon
104 Punishment Mode TYPE: Maximum Spiral Attack Common
105 Punishment Mode TYPE: Mega Slash Attack Super Rare
069 Rage of the 8 Maidens Attack Super Rare
032 Replica Attack Attack Uncommon
033 Rush Dog Attack Rare
061 Sake Slash Attack Rare
005 Seizing the Dragon Attack Common
008 Self Made Man Foundation Common
078 Serpent Wave Attack Super Rare
016 Shining Crystal Bit Attack Super Rare
098 Shiranui Ninja Arts Foundation Common
043 Shout! Attack Rare
023 Splash Fount Attack Rare
034 Strike Heads Attack Uncommon
063 Strive for Excellence Foundation Uncommon
133 Strong Slash Attack Attack Common
097 Super Deadly Ninja Bees Attack Super Rare
006 Surreptitious Punch of the Thundergod Attack Super Rare
009 The Devil of Daybreak Foundation Uncommon
099 The Enchanting Ninja Maiden Foundation Starter Rare
018 The Eternal Psychic Idol Foundation Common
072 The Flame of Finality Foundation Common
126 The Hero of Southtown Foundation Common
108 The Ninja Computer Geek Foundation Uncommon
081 The Purifying Flame Foundation Common
090 The Sexy Avenger of the Shadows Foundation Uncommon
024 Tri-Slash Attack Common
052 True Shrike Dash Attack Uncommon
128 Ukyo's Sword of No Name Asset Super Rare
047 Unnamed Ninja Sword Asset Super Rare
106 Unrelenting Fire Attack Rare
025 Violette Lunge Attack Uncommon
027 Wander Lust Foundation Common
045 Wandering Monk Foundation Uncommon
142 White Lilies Attack Uncommon
007 Winds of Pain Attack Uncommon
070 Winds of Waste Attack Rare
079 Yano Sabi Attack Common