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Checklist of cards from Rise of Saruman (Lord Of The Rings)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
67 A Defiled Charge Condition R
15 A New Light Event U
27 Anduril, Sword That Was Broken Artifact R
93 Aragorn, Defender of Rohan Companion R
1 Armor of Khazad Possession U
5 Axe-Work Event U
2 Balin Avenged Condition R
16 Barliman Butterbur, Red-Faced Landlord Companion U
40 Beast of War Possession U
112 Blade of the White Hand Possession U
41 Ceremonial Armor Possession R
68 Chaotic Clash Condition C
69 Cry and Panic Condition C
113 Deathly Roar Condition C
94 Dispatched with Haste Condition U
145 Dol Guldur Site C
3 Dwarven Stratagem Event U
42 Easterling Dispatcher Minion U
43 Easterling Sneak Minion R
7 Elven Guardian Companion S
95 Eomer, Northman Companion R
96 Eowyn, Northwoman Companion R
146 Falls of Rauros Site U
28 Faramir, Bearer of Quality Companion R
29 Faramir´s Bow, Ithilien Longbow Possession R
70 Feral Ride Event C
97 For Death and Glory Condition . Support Area U
17 Gandalf, Returned Companion R
18 Glamdring, Orc Beater Possession R
44 Grima's Dagger Possession R
71 Grishnakh, Treacherous Captain Minion R
19 Guidance of the Istari Event U
20 Gwaihir, The Windlord Follower R
106 Halfling Leaf Condition U
99 Hama, Northman Companion R
8 Hearth and Hall Event U
108 Hornblower Leaf Condition U
147 Imladris Site U
45 In the Wild Men´s Wake Event R
100 Into the Caves Condition U
114 Land had Changed Event R
21 Long-Stemmed Pipe Condition U
9 Lothlorien Guides Event U
30 Madril, Loyal Lieutenant Companion S
22 Meneldor, Misty Mountain Eagle Follower U
107 Merry, In the Bloom of Health Companion U
10 Namárie Condition U
31 Narsil, Forged by Telchar Artifact R
32 Nimble Attack Event U
148 Nurn Site U
72 Orkish Assassin Minion C
73 Orkish Berserker Minion R
74 Orkish Cavalry Minion R
75 Orkish Dreg Minion C
76 Orkish Fiend Minion R
77 Orkish Flanker Minion C
78 Orkish Footman Minion C
79 Orkish Invader Minion R
80 Orkish Lackey Minion C
81 Orkish Maurader Minion C
82 Orkish Rider Minion R
83 Orkish Runner Minion C
84 Orkish Scout Minion R
85 Orkish Traveller Minion C
86 Orkish Veteran Minion R
87 Orkish Warg-Master Minion R
88 Orkish Warrior Minion U
11 Orophin, Silvan Elf Companion S
46 Pandemonium Event C
109 Pippin, In the Bloom of Health Companion U
47 Primitive Brand Possession C
33 Ranger of the White Tree Companion S
89 Relentless Warg Possession R
90 Rider´s Gear Possession U
4 Ring of Artifice Artifact R
142 Ring of Savagery Artifact R
143 Ring of Terror Artifact R
12 Rumil, Silvan Elf Companion S
48 Saruman, Coldly Still Minion S
115 Saruman, Curunir Minion S
37 Saruman, Instigator of Insurrection Minion R
116 Saruman, Master of the White Hand Minion R
38 Saruman, Servant of Sauron Follower R
23 Scintilating Bird Condition R
24 Shadowfax, Gratest of the Mearas Possession R
101 Soldier of Rohan Companion U
35 Soldier´s Cache Condition S
110 Southfarthing Leaf Condition U
111 Southlinch Leaf Condition U
117 Spear of the White Hand Possession U
34 Spirit of the White Tree Condition U
49 Stampeding Chief Minion R
50 Stampeding Hillsman Minion C
51 Stampeding Madman Minion C
52 Stampeding Ransacker Minion R
53 Stampeding Savage Minion C
54 Stampeding Shepherd Minion C
55 Sunland Guard Minion C
56 Sunland Scout Minion R
57 Sunland Skirmisher Minion C
58 Sunland Sneak Minion R
59 Sunland Trooper Minion C
60 Sunland Warrior Minion C
61 Sunland WeaponMaster Minion R
25 The Sap is in the Bough Event U
144 The Witch King, Conqueror of Arthedain Minion R
13 The Wolrd Ahead Condition R
102 Theoden, Northman, King of Rohan Companion R
6 Thorin III, Stonehelm Companion R
91 Threatening Warg Possession U
39 Throne of Isengard Artifact R
36 Throne of Minas Tirith Artifact R
105 Throne of The Dark Lord Artifact R
98 Throne of the Golden Hall Artifact R
139 Ulaire Cantea, Duplicitous Assassin Minion R
140 Ulaire Enquea, Duplicitous Lieutenant Minion R
141 Ulaire Otsea, Duplicitous Specter Minion R
64 Vengeful Pillager Minion C
65 Vengeful Primitive Minion R
62 Vengeful Savage Minion C
63 Vengeful Wild Man Minion C
92 Vicious Warg Possession C
118 Vile Pit Possession C
104 Warrior of Rohan Companion U
14 Weapons of Lothlorien Event U
103 Where Now The Horse Event U
119 White Hand Aggressor Minion C
120 White Hand Attacker Minion C
121 White Hand Berserker Minion R
122 White Hand Butcher Minion C
123 White Hand Captain Minion R
124 White Hand Destroyer Minion R
125 White Hand Enforcer Minion C
126 White Hand Guard Minion C
127 White Hand Intruder Minion C
128 White Hand Invader Minion C
129 White Hand Legion Minion R
130 White Hand Scout Minion C
131 White Hand Slayer Minion C
132 White Hand Taskmaster Minion R
133 White Hand Trooper Minion C
134 White Hand Vanquisher Minion C
135 White Hand Veteran Minion R
136 White Hand Warrior Minion C
66 Wildman´s Oath Possession C
26 Woodland Onod Companion C
137 You Do Not Know Fear Event R
138 You Do Not Know Pain Condition U