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Checklist of cards from Treachery & Deceit (Lord Of The Rings)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
106 A Dragon's Tale Condition C
132 All Life Flees Event U
38 Aragorn, Heir to the Throne of Gondor Companion R
39 Armor of the White City Possession C
4 Arwen's Bow Possession R
5 Arwen's Dagger Possession R
6 Back to the Light Event R
18 Beorning Axe Possession R
40 Boromir, Proud and Noble Man Companion R
94 Cast From the Hall Condition C
7 Celebring Follower R
114 Cleaved Condition R
60 Corsair Boarding Axe Possession U
61 Corsair Bow Possession U
62 Corsair Grappling Hook Possession U
63 Corsair Halberd Possession U
64 Corsair Scimitar Possession U
28 Countless Cords Event R
41 Crown of Gondor Artifact R
29 Deceit Condition R
65 Declined Business Event C
44 Defenses Long Held Event C
43 Denethor's Sword Possession R
42 Denethor, On the Edge of Madness Companion R
78 Destroyers and Usurpers Condition U
46 Disarmed Condition U
134 Doorway to Doom Site U
19 Drawn to full Height Event C
45 Dunadan's Bow Possession U
47 Elendil's Army Follower R
8 Elven Armaments Possession U
9 Elven Defender Companion C
10 Elven Supplies Condition U
30 Enemy in your midst Event U
20 Ents Marching Event C
95 Eomer's Bow Possession R
96 Erkenbrand's Horn Possession R
97 Erkenbrand's Shield Possession R
98 Fall Back to Helm's Deep Event R
49 Faramir's Company Follower C
48 Faramir, Captain of Ithilien Companion R
115 Final Triumph Event R
66 Fleet of Corsair Ships Possession R
135 Foot of Mount Doom Site U
51 For Gondor! Event C
107 Fredegar Bolger, Fatty Companion R
79 Frenzy of Arrows Event U
116 Fury of the Evil Army Condition C
11 Galadriel's Silver Ewer Artifact R
100 Gamling Horn Possession R
99 Gamling, Dutiful Marshal Condition R
117 Ghastly Wound Event C
12 Gil-Galad, High King of the Noldor Companion R
1 Gimli, Sprinter Companion R
13 Glorfindel, Eldarin Lord Companion R
52 Godorian Servant, Denethor's Handman Follower R
108 Golden Perch Ale Possession U
81 Gothmog Warg, Leader's Mount Possession R
80 Gothmog, Morgul Leader Minion R
67 Grima, Witless Worm Minion R
82 Grond, Forged With Black Steel Possession R
83 Grusome Meal Event R
14 Haldir, Warrior Messenger Companion R
68 Harry Goatleaf Minion C
69 Henchman's Dagger Possession R
53 Horn of Boromir, The Great Horn Possession R
70 Ill News is an ill guest Event C
54 Isildur, Sword-Bearer Companion R
31 It drawns Him Event R
21 Last Stand Companion U
15 Lembas Bread Possession R
22 Librarian, Keeper of Ancient Texts Companion C
119 Lurtz Bow, Black-Fletch Bow Possession R
118 Lurtz, Halfling Hunter Minion R
109 Make a Run For It Event C
16 Miruvore Event C
136 Mithlond Site U
137 Morannon Plains Site U
71 Mumakil Commander, Bold an Grim Minion R
120 New Forges Built Event U
32 Not Easely Avoided Companion R
23 One-Upsmanship Event . Maneuver U
85 Orkish Aggressor Minion C
86 Orkish Archer Troop Minion U
84 Orkish Ax Possession C
87 Orkish Breeder Minion C
88 Orkish Defender Minion C
89 Orkish Headsman Minion C
90 Orkish Skirmisher Minion C
91 Orkish Sneak Minion C
24 Our Time Condition R
25 Perspective Companion U
121 Pikes Upon Pikes Condition U
101 Precise Attack Event C
110 Prized Lagan Condition U
133 Pull of the Ring Event R
26 Radagast's Herb Bag Possession R
55 Ranger of the North Condition R
56 Ranger of the South Companion C
111 Robin Smallburrow, Sherriff Cock-Robin Follower U
102 Rohirrim Diadem Condition R
103 Rohirrim Recruit Companion C
73 Rough Man of the South Minion C
72 Ruffian Minion C
2 Run Until Found Condition U
112 Scouring of the Shire Condition R
33 Set Up Event U
122 Shagrat, Tower Captain Minion R
34 Shelob, Menace Minion R
57 Shield of the White Tree Possession C
27 Ship of Smoke Companion U
138 Sirannon Ruins Site U
58 Soldier's Cache Companion U
74 Squint-Eyed Southerner Minion C
139 Steward's Tomb Site U
35 Sting of Shelob Event R
113 Sting, Elven Long Knife Possession R
140 Streets of Bree Site U
104 Surrended Weapons Condition U
75 Ted Sandyman, Chief's Men Ally Minion U
50 The Faithful Stone Companion R
105 Theoden, Ednew Companion R
3 Thorin's Harp Condition C
36 Time for Food Event C
123 Tracking the Prize Condition . Support Area U
76 Treachery Event R
37 Trusted Promise Event . Skirmish U
92 War Preparations Event U
93 Wary Orc Minion U
59 Watcher at Sand Ford, Ranger of the North Companion R
77 Whisper in the Dark Condition C
124 White Hand Attacker Minion C
125 White Hand Exorciser Minion C
126 White Hand Marchers Minion R
127 White Hand Marshal Minion R
128 White Hand Mystic Minion C
129 White Hand Sieger Minion C
130 White Hand Traveler Minion U
131 White Hand Uruk Minion C
17 Woodhall Elf, Exile Follower C