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Checklist of cards from Age's End (Lord Of The Rings)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
12 Aragorn, Well-Traveled Guide Companion P
5 Army Long Trained Condition P
6 Arwen, Royal Maiden Companion P
13 Boromir, Destinated Guide Companion P
24 Brought Down From Inside Condition P
25 Eomer, Eored Captain Companion P
26 Eowyn, Lady of the Mard Companion P
28 Frodo, Little Master Companion P
8 Gandalf, Wise Guide Companion P
2 Gimli, Opinionated Guide Companion P
10 Gollum, Threatening Guide Minion P
16 Grima, Servant of Another Master Minion P
34 In Twilight Condition P
7 Legolas, Skeptical Guide Companion P
33 Lurtz, Resilent Captain Minion P
29 Merry, Resolute Friend Companion P
14 Not Bound to His Fate Condition P
30 Pippin, Steadfast Friend Companion P
22 Pit Troll Minion P
31 Rabbit Stew Condition P
19 Reaching Tentacle Minion P
32 Sam, Loyal Friend Companion P
27 Sauron's Might Event P
11 Smeagol, Pitiable Guide Companion P
9 Stern Words Condition P
3 Still Twiching Condition P
15 Strenght in my Blood Condition P
20 Strong Tentacle Minion P
4 That's Two Event P
18 The Balrog, Demon of Might Minion P
1 The One Ring, The Great Ring Ring P
40 The Witch King, Dark Lord Minion P
23 Troll of the Deep Minion P
35 Ulaire Attea, Dark Predator Minion P
36 Ulaire Enquea, Dark Threat Minion P
37 Ulaire Lemenya, Dark Enemy Minion P
38 Ulaire Nertea, Dark Horseman Minion P
39 Ulaire Toldea, Dark Shadow Minion P
17 Urgency Condition P
21 Watcher in the Water, Many-Tentacled Creature Minion P