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Checklist of cards from Origin of Perfect Gear (Duel Masters)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
13 Accident Eye Spell Rare
6 Apostle of Waltz Rastol Creature Rare
24 Aqua Wizard Creature Uncommon
48 Atomic Giant Creature Common
18 Avatar of War Technique Creature Rare
15 Axe Revolver Dragon Creature Rare
28 Bard Tanbarin Creature Uncommon
47 Bind Shadow Creature Common
45 Bone Eating Weird-Man Horn Ripper Creature Common
31 Brother Lizard Creature Uncommon
35 Chain Helix Cross Gear Uncommon
26 Command Device Cross Gear Uncommon
5 Commanding Leopard Horn Creature Very Rare
10 Cool Reaction Spell Rare
12 Death Oni Death Walts Evolution Creature Rare
51 Drill Squall Spell Common
20 Drum Spirit Cross Gear Rare
3 Dulanzames, Jet-Black War Demon Creature Very Rare
36 Evil Declarer Zemekis Creature Common
50 Fighter of Whirlwind Vinja Creature Common
2 Gaia Crush Crawler Creature Very Rare
29 Gigazanda Creature Uncommon
22 Guardian of Galaxy Gran Shiris Creature Uncommon
7 Heaven's Gate Spell Rare
14 Immortal Braid Cross Gear Rare
8 Impact Absorber Cross Gear Rare
44 Jenny, the Dismantling Puppet Creature Common
49 Jockey of North Wind Fogger Creature Common
40 Kibinok Creature Common
21 Light Channeler Sveta Creature Uncommon
S2 Lunar Cosmoview Creature Super Rare
41 Lunar Eclipse Creature Common
46 Mad Guitar Creature Common
25 Malibu Dancer Creature Uncommon
9 Marshal Queen Evolution Creature Rare
19 Mobile Forest Cross Gear Rare
27 Moors, the Dirty Digger Puppet Creature Uncommon
11 Noble Enforcer Cross Gear Rare
43 Pacific Dominator Creature Common
42 Paradise Aroma Creature Common
38 Prophet Cubic Creature Common
37 Saint Knight Ringaral Creature Common
16 Sky Divine Soldier Wing Leos Creature Rare
17 Sky Jet Cross Gear Rare
52 Smiling Faerie Reirin Creature Common
53 Snarve Mushroom Creature Common
1 Spirit of Divine Military Oltegia Creature Very Rare
S1 Spirit of Five Realms Ofanis Creature Super Rare
23 Spirit Patrols Solario Creature Uncommon
34 Stomach Garden Spell Uncommon
S3 Super Divine Dragon Abas Nonaris Evolution Creature Super Rare
S5 Super Divine Dragon Bramgral Evolution Creature Super Rare
30 Super Soul Blades Evolution Creature Uncommon
32 Timer of Metal Clock Creature Uncommon
55 Type God Bu Creature Common
33 Type God Shaman Creature Uncommon
S4 Uberdragon Valkyrias Evolution Creature Super Rare
4 Valkerios Dragon Creature Very Rare
54 Vambrace of Power Creature Common
39 Webius, the Patroller Creature Common