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Checklist of cards from The Ultimate Nova (Duel Masters)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
42 Aqua Escort Creature Common
24 Aqua Farecollector Creature Uncommon
40 Aqua Hulk Creature Common
23 Arclogic Energy Spell Uncommon
9 Astimart, Lord of Devils Evolution Creature Rare
7 Balmagan, Machine Gun Shooter Creature Rare
22 Captain Gyro Creature Uncommon
38 Captain Super-Rescue Creature Common
4 Comet Musashi Creature Very Rare
2 Commander Technobuster Creature Very Rare
26 Deepsea Mecha Ocean Creature Uncommon
14 Devilcast Energy Spell Rare
31 Disturbing Chuusa Creature Uncommon
S3 Dolzabard, Superior Dragonic Phoenix Evolution Creature Super Rare
S5 Draghurricane Energy Spell Common
15 Dragon Fighting Hero Naoya Creature Rare
55 Dreamfest Energy Spell Common
S1 Elsar Baltis, Emperor of Spirits Evolution Creature Super Rare
28 Endbringer Dragoon Creature Uncommon
51 Flame-Absorbing Palm Spell Common
25 Fuuma Boltis Creature Uncommon
27 Fuuma Foras Creature Uncommon
47 Fuuma Jaws Jacks Creature Common
45 Fuuma Valfork Creature Common
20 Great Blessing Spell Rare
18 Great Writer Chudersen Evolution Creature Rare
11 Greatmarch Energy Spell Rare
29 Grudge Gathering Spell Uncommon
34 Hopstep Grasshopper Creature Common
6 Invincible Mecha Gomach V Evolution Creature Rare
48 Iron Command Dragoon Creature Common
46 Kemprar of Poisoned Fog Creature Common
13 Magnum, Allshot Puppet Creature Rare
53 Manitus, Protection Spirit Creature Common
12 Necrodragon Vaisas Creature Rare
S2 Omegablack Z, Invincible Giant Evolution Creature Super Rare
10 Osmosis Bullet Soul Skull Hunter Creature Rare
36 Punishion, Spirit Knight Creature Common
50 Pursuiting Raizen Creature Common
39 Ra Bool, Guardian of White Gold Creature Common
3 Rabiol, Forgetting Doll Creature Very Rare
37 Rebellious Steelfist Barnian Creature Common
17 Roubanrei of Impact Creature Rare
21 Search Armor Garongar Creature Uncommon
43 Secret Clocktower Spell Common
44 Silent Dragoon Creature Common
30 Skychief Hatin Creature Uncommon
8 Slowly Chain Spell Rare
49 Smashblow Dragoon Creature Common
1 Strongarm Mecha Knuckle Fist Creature Very Rare
S4 Supernova Lyra Bolstorm Evolution Creature Super Rare
35 Surprise Illusion Spell Uncommon
19 Terradragon Mildgarmus Creature Rare
32 Tyranno-Drive Energy Spell Uncommon
54 Vandam Orange Creature Common
5 Victory Apple Creature Very Rare
41 Waving Argors Creature Common
16 Wind User Cheyenne Creature Rare
52 Zafal Banikis, Spirit Knight Creature Common
33 Zapping Beans Creature Uncommon