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Checklist of cards from Alliances (Magic: The Gathering)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
145 Aesthir Glider (Facing Left) Artifact Creature C
1 Aesthir Glider (Facing Right) Artifact Creature C
146 Agent of Stromgald Creature C
2 Agent of Stromgald Creature C
147 Arcane Denial Instant C
3 Arcane Denial Instant C
4 Ashnod's Cylix Artifact R
161 Astrolabe Artifact C
5 Astrolabe Artifact C
148 Awesome Presence Enchantment C
6 Awesome Presence Enchantment C
7 Balduvian Dead Creature U
8 Balduvian Horde Creature R
9 Balduvian Trading Post Land R
10 Balduvian War-Makers Creature C
149 Balduvian War-Makers Creature C
11 Benthic Explorers Creature C
152 Benthic Explorers Creature C
12 Bestial Fury Enchantment C
153 Bestial Fury Enchantment C
13 Bounty of the Hunt Instant U
14 Browse Enchantment U
15 Burnout Instant U
150 Carrier Pigeons Creature C
16 Carrier Pigeons Creature C
151 Casting of Bones Enchantment C
17 Casting of Bones Enchantment C
18 Chaos Harlequin Creature R
19 Contagion Instant U
20 Deadly Insect (Bird) Creature C
157 Deadly Insect (Elf) Creature C
21 Death Spark Instant U
22 Diminishing Returns Sorcery R
23 Diseased Vermin Creature U
24 Dystopia Enchantment R
25 Elvish Bard Creature U
158 Elvish Ranger Creature C
26 Elvish Ranger Creature C
27 Elvish Spirit Guide Creature U
28 Energy Arc Instant U
159 Enslaved Scout Creature C
29 Enslaved Scout Creature C
160 Errand of Duty Instant C
30 Errand of Duty Instant C
31 Exile Instant R
156 False Demise Enchantment C
32 False Demise Enchantment C
33 Fatal Lore Sorcery R
155 Feast or Famine (Falling) Instant C
34 Feast or Famine (Knife) Instant C
154 Fevered Strength Instant C
35 Fevered Strength Instant C
36 Floodwater Dam Artifact R
37 Force of Will Instant U
162 Foresight Sorcery C
38 Foresight Sorcery C
163 Fyndhorn Druid Creature C
39 Fyndhorn Druid Creature C
40 Gargantuan Gorilla Creature R
164 Gift of the Woods Enchantment C
41 Gift of the Woods Enchantment C
165 Gorilla Berserkers Creature C
42 Gorilla Berserkers Creature C
166 Gorilla Chieftain Creature C
43 Gorilla Chieftain Creature C
44 Gorilla Shaman (Facing Left) Creature C
167 Gorilla Shaman (Facing Right) Creature C
168 Gorilla War Cry Instant C
45 Gorilla War Cry Instant C
169 Guerrilla Tactics Instant C
46 Guerrilla Tactics Instant C
47 Gustha's Scepter Artifact R
48 Hail Storm Instant U
49 Heart of Yavimaya Land R
50 Helm of Obedience Artifact R
51 Inheritance Enchantment U
170 Insidious Bookworms Creature C
52 Insidious Bookworms Creature C
53 Ivory Gargoyle Creature R
54 Juniper Order Advocate Creature U
55 Kaysa Legendary Creature R
56 Keeper of Tresserhorn Creature R
257 Kjeldoran Escort Creature C
57 Kjeldoran Escort Creature C
58 Kjeldoran Home Guard Creature U
59 Kjeldoran Outpost Land R
260 Kjeldoran Pride Enchantment C
60 Kjeldoran Pride Enchantment C
61 Krovikan Horror Creature R
62 Krovikan Plague Enchantment U
63 Lake of the Dead Land R
264 Lat-Nam's Legacy Instant C
64 Lat-Nam's Legacy Instant C
65 Library of Lat-Nam Sorcery R
266 Lim-Dul's High Guard Creature C
66 Lim-Dul's High Guard Creature C
67 Lim-Dul's Paladin Creature U
68 Lim-Dul's Vault Instant U
69 Lodestone Bauble Artifact R
70 Lord of Tresserhorn Legendary Creature R
271 Martyrdom Instant C
71 Martyrdom Instant C
72 Misfortune Sorcery R
73 Mishra's Groundbreaker Artifact U
74 Misinformation Instant U
75 Mystic Compass Artifact U
76 Nature's Blessing Enchantment U
77 Nature's Chosen Enchantment U
78 Nature's Wrath Enchantment R
279 Noble Steeds Enchantment C
79 Noble Steeds Enchantment C
80 Omen of Fire Instant R
281 Phantasmal Fiend Creature C
81 Phantasmal Fiend Creature C
82 Phantasmal Sphere Creature R
83 Phelddagrif Legendary Creature R
284 Phyrexian Boon Enchantment C
84 Phyrexian Boon Enchantment C
85 Phyrexian Devourer Artifact Creature R
86 Phyrexian Portal Artifact R
287 Phyrexian War Beast Artifact Creature C
87 Phyrexian War Beast Artifact Creature C
88 Pillage Sorcery U
89 Primitive Justice Sorcery U
90 Pyrokinesis Instant U
291 Reinforcements Instant C
91 Reinforcements Instant C
292 Reprisal (Green Dragon) Instant C
92 Reprisal (Red Dragon) Instant C
93 Ritual of the Machine Sorcery R
94 Rogue Skycaptain Creature R
95 Royal Decree Enchantment R
296 Royal Herbalist Creature C
96 Royal Herbalist Creature C
97 Scarab of the Unseen Artifact U
98 Scars of the Veteran Instant U
99 School of the Unseen Land U
100 Seasoned Tactician Creature U
101 Sheltered Valley Land R
102 Shield Sphere Artifact Creature U
103 Sol Grail Artifact U
104 Soldevi Adnate Creature C
304 Soldevi Adnate Creature C
105 Soldevi Digger Artifact R
106 Soldevi Excavations Land R
107 Soldevi Heretic Creature C
307 Soldevi Heretic Creature C
108 Soldevi Sage Creature C
308 Soldevi Sage Creature C
109 Soldevi Sentry Artifact Creature C
309 Soldevi Sentry Artifact Creature C
110 Soldevi Steam Beast Artifact Creature C
310 Soldevi Steam Beast Artifact Creature C
111 Soldier of Fortune Creature U
112 Spiny Starfish Creature U
113 Splintering Wind Enchantment R
114 Stench of Decay Instant C
314 Stench of Decay Instant C
115 Storm Cauldron Artifact R
116 Storm Crow Creature C
316 Storm Crow Creature C
117 Storm Elemental Creature U
118 Storm Shaman Creature C
318 Storm Shaman Creature C
119 Stromgald Spy Creature U
120 Suffocation Instant U
121 Surge of Strength Instant U
121* Surge of Strength [Hobby Japan Commemorative] Instant P
122 Sustaining Spirit Creature R
123 Swamp Mosquito Creature C
323 Swamp Mosquito Creature C
124 Sworn Defender Creature R
125 Taste of Paradise Sorcery C
325 Taste of Paradise Sorcery C
126 Thawing Glaciers Land R
127 Thought Lash Enchantment R
128 Tidal Control Enchantment R
129 Tornado Enchantment R
130 Undergrowth Instant C
330 Undergrowth Instant C
131 Unlikely Alliance Enchantment U
132 Urza's Engine Artifact Creature R
133 Varchild's Crusader Creature C
333 Varchild's Crusader Creature C
134 Varchild's War-Riders Creature R
135 Veteran's Voice Enchantment C
335 Veteran's Voice Enchantment C
136 Viscerid Armor Enchantment C
336 Viscerid Armor Enchantment C
137 Viscerid Drone Creature U
138 Wandering Mage Creature R
139 Whip Vine Creature C
339 Whip Vine Creature C
140 Whirling Catapult Artifact R
141 Wild Aesthir Creature C
341 Wild Aesthir Creature C
142 Winter's Night World Enchantment R
143 Yavimaya Ancients Creature C
343 Yavimaya Ancients Creature C
144 Yavimaya Ants Creature U
144* Yavimaya Ants [Hobby Japan Commemorative] Creature P