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Checklist of cards from Arabian Nights (Magic: The Gathering)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
1 Abu Ja'far Creature U
2 Aladdin Creature U
3 Aladdin's Lamp Artifact U
4 Aladdin's Ring Artifact U
5 Ali Baba Creature U
6 Ali from Cairo Creature U
7 Army of Allah Instant C
81 Army of Allah Instant C
8 Bazaar of Baghdad Land U
82 Bird Maiden Creature C
9 Bird Maiden Creature C
10 Bottle of Suleiman Artifact U
11 Brass Man Artifact Creature U
12 Camel Creature C
13 City in a Bottle Artifact U
14 City of Brass Land U
15 Cuombajj Witches Creature C
16 Cyclone Enchantment U
17 Dancing Scimitar Artifact Creature U
18 Dandan Creature C
19 Desert Land C
20 Desert Nomads Creature C
21 Desert Twister Sorcery U
22 Diamond Valley Land U
23 Drop of Honey Enchantment U
24 Ebony Horse Artifact U
25 El-Hajjaj Creature U
26 Elephant Graveyard Land U
27 Erg Raiders Creature C
83 Erg Raiders Creature C
28 Erhnam Djinn Creature U
29 Eye for an Eye Instant U
30 Fishliver Oil (a) Enchantment C
31 Fishliver Oil (b) Enchantment C
32 Flying Carpet Artifact U
33 Flying Men Creature C
34 Ghazban Ogre Creature C
35 Giant Tortoise (a) Creature C
36 Giant Tortoise (b) Creature C
37 Guardian Beast Creature U
38 Hasran Ogress Creature C
84 Hasran Ogress Creature C
39 Hurr Jackal Creature C
40 Ifh-Biff Efreet Creature U
41 Island Fish Jasconius Creature U
42 Island of Wak-Wak Land U
43 Jandor's Ring Artifact U
44 Jandor's Saddlebags Artifact U
45 Jeweled Bird Artifact U
46 Jihad Enchantment U
47 Junun Efreet Creature U
48 Juzam Djinn Creature U
49 Khabal Ghoul Creature U
50 King Suleiman Creature U
51 Kird Ape Creature C
52 Library of Alexandria Land U
53 Magnetic Mountain Enchantment U
54 Merchant Ship Creature U
55 Metamorphosis Sorcery C
56 Mijae Djinn Creature U
57 Moorish Cavalry (Dark 2) Creature C
85 Moorish Cavalry (Light 2) Creature C
58 Mountain Basic Land L
59 Nafs Asp Creature C
92 Nafs Asp Creature C
60 Oasis Land U
61 Old Man of the Sea Creature U
62 Oubliette Enchantment C
86 Oubliette Enchantment C
63 Piety Instant C
87 Piety Instant C
64 Pyramids Artifact U
65 Repentant Blacksmith Creature U
66 Ring of Ma'ruf Artifact U
67 Rukh Egg Creature C
88 Rukh Egg Creature C
68 Sandals of Abdallah Artifact U
69 Sandstorm Instant C
70 Serendib Djinn Creature U
71 Serendib Efreet Creature U
72 Shahrazad Sorcery U
73 Sindbad Creature U
74 Singing Tree Creature U
75 Sorceress Queen Creature U
76 Stone-Throwing Devils Creature C
89 Stone-Throwing Devils Creature C
77 Unstable Mutation Enchantment C
78 War Elephant Creature C
90 War Elephant Creature C
79 Wyluli Wolf Creature C
91 Wyluli Wolf Creature C
80 Ydwen Efreet Creature U