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Checklist of cards from A House of Talons (A Game of Thrones)
in collection
for trade
Name  Type  Rarity  C T W
5 Alayne Stone Character U
111 Allies of Necessity Event C
112 Aloof and Apart Event R
135 As High as Honor Plot U
76 Behind the Walls Attachment U
77 Bowl of Brown Attachment U
44 Braavosi Harbormaster Character R
92 Bronze Yohn Royce Character R
63 Brothel Guard Character U
42 Captain Groleo Character U
3 Catelyn Stark Character U
113 Closeted Learning Event C
53 Coastal Trader Character R
61 Conflicted Conscience Attachment C
114 Contemplated Engagement Event C
14 Crawn Son of Calor Character U
37 Crow's Nest Location C
43 Daario Naharis Character R
29 Dagmer Cleftjaw Character R
50 Dawn Attachment U
78 Defender of the Vale Attachment C
30 Defiant Sister Character C
38 Derelict Hulk Location U
93 Despotic Steward Character U
45 Dismounted Longbowmen Character C
54 Displaced Dornishman Character U
52 Doran Martell Character R
55 Dornish Reserves Character C
31 Dowered Daughter Character U
11 Dreadfort Dungeon Location U
49 Drogo's Pyre Location R
125 Easily Misled Event C
65 Eyrie Bowman Character C
115 Fate and Foresight Event R
116 Feed It to the Goats Event U
117 Fled to the Vale Event C
32 Fleet of the Isles Character C
105 Forgotten Dungeon Location U
118 From East and West Event C
33 Galley Thralls Character U
119 Gathering of the Clans Event R
82 Ghost of High Heart Character R
94 Granary Overseer Character C
95 Guardian of the Bloody Gate Character C
66 Guardian of the Motte Character U
15 Gunthor Son of Gurn Character U
26 Hallowed Ground Location U
96 High Road Patrol Character U
79 Incognito Attachment U
46 Jorah's Cohorts Character C
136 Kings of Mountain and Vale Plot U
97 Knights of the Vale Character U
120 Lion in a Cage Event U
83 Littlefinger Character R
36 Longship "Sea Song" Location R
98 Lord Jon's Man Character C
99 Lords' Declarant Bannermen Character C
84 Lysa Arryn Character U
85 Maester Colemon Character U
23 Maester Pylos Character U
121 Make Him Fly! Event C
86 Marillion Character U
67 Maritime Sneakthief Character R
87 Mord Character U
80 Mountain Mule Attachment C
68 Nan's Ghost Character C
88 Nestor Royce Character R
56 Nomadic Harlot Character U
6 Northern Minstrel Character R
62 Obsidian Dragon Attachment U
122 On the Sly Event U
137 Our Mountain, Our Goat Plot R
138 Prove One's Worth Plot R
13 Red Hand Attachment C
7 Riverland Mob Character U
89 Robert Arryn Character R
90 Rorge Character R
69 Salty's Shadow Character C
70 Sellsword Company Character R
100 Septon at the Eyrie Character C
22 Ser Robar Royce Character R
91 Ser Vardis Egen Character U
64 Shadow Child Character C
34 Sharp-Eyed Lookout Character R
10 Siege Tower Location R
81 Sky Cell Attachment R
57 Soldier of Starfall Character C
123 Split Loyalties Event U
21 Stannis's Ambition Attachment C
124 Stocking the Summer Seat Event C
35 Student of the Higher Mysteries Character U
126 Summer Storm Event U
127 Tales of Immortality Event U
128 Temporary Disgrace Event U
129 That's Worth Another Kiss Event R
8 The Bastard's Host Character C
4 The Blackfish Character R
102 The Eyrie Location R
106 The Flint Cliffs Location R
130 The Hard Truth Event C
19 The Inn at the Crossroads Location U
103 The Moon Door Location R
131 The Power of Deceit Event R
132 The Power of Fear Event R
133 The Power of Honor Event R
59 The Prince's Pass Location R
27 The Rainwood Location R
24 The Red Queen's Host Character C
107 The Riverroad Location R
73 The Saltspear Location U
108 The Sea of Dorne Location R
134 The Shield That Guards Event R
74 The Stepstones Location U
60 The Vaith Location C
104 The Vale of Arryn Location U
16 Timett Son of Timett Character R
47 Traveling Jeweler Character U
139 Trial by Battle Plot U
18 Tribes of the Vale Character C
48 True Queen's Harbinger Character U
17 Tyrion Lannister Character R
12 Tyrion's Revenge Attachment R
9 Umber Bannerman Character C
40 Under the Dragon's Wing Attachment C
109 Vale Granary Location C
101 Vale Lordling Character C
1 Vale Pact Attachment R
20 Vale Pact Attachment R
28 Vale Pact Attachment R
39 Vale Pact Attachment R
51 Vale Pact Attachment R
71 Vale Ward Character R
41 Viserys's Arrogance Attachment U
25 Visiting Dignitary Character U
72 Wandering Holy Man Character R
58 Wandering Tutor Character U
140 Wardens of the East Plot R
110 Waycastle Location C
2 Wolfswood Ranger Attachment C
75 Woods of the Vale Location R