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Deck "A Scar-ed life"

Deck "A Scar-ed life"
81 Cards
created by dragon921 activity icon
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Here is a Scar life on the run deck I've built in my spare time. advice would be helpful

Scar, Harbinger of chaos
Scar, Hard to kill
Scar, Life on the Run
Scar, Single Minded

Arid Desert
Yock Island
Youswell Inn
The Armstrong Estate
Refugee Camp
Police Station
Rockbell Auto-Mail
Empty Fountain
Seedy Hotel

Allies: 31
Displaced Mob x1*
Angry Mob x3
Adoring Fans x3
Renegade Soldiers x3
Rebel Sergeant x1*
Pensioner x1*
Militia x3
Bald, Hostage Taker x1
Rebel Engineers x2
Restauranteur x1
Insurgent x2
Loner x2
Claire x2
Leo, Survivor x2
Greed, Rebellious Sin x2
Entourage x2

Rebel Sergeant and Pensioner switch depending on if the opposing player uses many military allies

Events: 18
Deeds, Not Words! x2
Bull's-eye x2
Rally the People x2
Test of Might x3
Aflame x3
Exhaustion x2
Daring Gambit x2
Cage x2

Attachments: 14
Mother's Locket x2
Automotive x2
Antique Armor x2
Rebel Brand x3
Pistol x2
Bitter Memories x2
Armstrong Family Gloves x1
Father Cornello's Chain Gun x1

Advantages: 4
Raw Firepower x2
Fight on my Terms x2

Card list Group cards by  
Section: Main Deck (68 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
3 x Adoring Fans, Big Distraction BW 25-110 Ally C
3 x Aflame AH 65-110 Event U
3 x Angry Mob, Citizens of Liore HP 27-60 Ally PC
2 x Antique Armor AB FC-30 Attachment FC
2 x Automotive FMA 137-240 Attachment U
1 x Bald, Hostage Taker FMA 105-240 Ally R
2 x Bitter Memories HP 73-140 Attachment U
2 x Bull's-eye HP 89-140 Event C
1 x Cage FMA 162-240 Event U
1 x Cage HP 44-60 Event PC
2 x Claire, Nurse HP 28-60 Ally PC
2 x Daring Gambit HP 45-60 Event PC
2 x Deeds, Not Words! FMA 170-240 Event U
1 x Displaced Mob, Ishbalite Survivors AG 54-140 Ally R
2 x Entourage, Rogues Gallery AG 56-140 Ally R
2 x Exhaustion AH 71-110 Event U
1 x Father Cornello's Chain Gun FMA 140-240 Attachment R
2 x Fight on My Terms SAC 119-140 Advantage R
1 x Greed, Rebellious Sin HP 61-140 Ally R
1 x Greed, Rebellious Sin HP 2-6d Ally X
2 x Insurgent, Child Soldier HP 62-140 Ally F
1 x Leo, Survivor HP 63-140 Ally U
1 x Leo, Survivor SAC 11-18 Ally PC
2 x Loner, Faceless Butcher BW 30-110 Ally R
1 x Militia, Citizens of Liore HP 29-60 Ally PC
2 x Militia, Citizens of Liore AH 50-110 Ally R
2 x Mother's Locket AH 59-110 Attachment U
1 x Pensioner, Veteran BW 31-110 Ally C
2 x Pistol FMA 148-240 Attachment U
1 x Rally the People FMA 8-9d Event X
1 x Rally the People FMA 200-240 Event R
2 x Raw Firepower HP 123-140 Advantage U
2 x Rebel Brand HP 38-60 Attachment PC
1 x Rebel Brand FMA 149-240 Attachment U
2 x Rebel Engineers, Eastern Liberation Front FMA 118-240 Ally R
1 x Rebel Sergeant, Eastern Liberation Front FMA 120-240 Ally U
3 x Renegade Soldiers, Mustang Loyalists SAC 64-140 Ally C
1 x Restauranteur, All You Can Eat SDS 76-140 Ally C
3 x Test of Might FMA 215-240 Event U
1 x The Armstrong Family Gloves BW 45-110 Attachment R
Section: Location Deck (9 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Arid Desert HP 57-60 Location PC
1 x Empty Fountain BW 104-110 Location U
1 x Police Station BW 108-110 Location U
1 x Refugee Camp AH 107-110 Location R
1 x Rockbell Auto-mail AH 5-5b Location X
1 x Seedy Hotel HP 136-140 Location U
1 x The Armstrong Estate SDS 136-140 Location R
1 x Yock Island AG 140-140 Location U
1 x Youswell Inn HP 60-60 Location PC
Section: Leader Stack (4 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Scar, Harbinger of Chaos BW SC-2-2 Leader T
1 x Scar, Hard to Kill HP 19-140 Leader F
1 x Scar, Life on the Run SAC 4-18 Leader PC
1 x Scar, Single Minded AH 2-5a Leader X
Deck Statistics
Distribution by Card type
Advantage bar 5 %  
Ally bar 31  38 %  
Attachment bar 15  19 %  
Event bar 18  22 %  
Leader bar 5 %  
Location bar 11 %  

Distribution by Rarity
C bar 10  12 %  
F bar 4 %  
FC bar 2 %  
PC bar 15  19 %  
R bar 18  22 %  
T bar 1 %  
U bar 28  35 %  
X bar 5 %  

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