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Deck "The Wrath of the THEME DECK!"

Deck "The Wrath of the THEME DECK!"
80 Cards
created by piccolo activity icon
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It's Coming! The Super-Ultra Scary Streight out of the Package Theme DECK! ( With a few cards added). It's based off of the Artificial Human Theme Deck 1.

Card list Group cards by  
Section: Main Deck (60 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
2 x A Good Meal BW 36-110 Attachment C
1 x Alchemist Showdown FMA 154-240 Event U
1 x Alphonse Elric, Pure of Heart BW 1-110 Ally C
1 x Alphonse, The Voice of Conscience HP 2-6a Ally X
1 x Bazaar AH 66-110 Event C
1 x Betrayal AH 67-110 Event C
2 x Block BW 50-110 Event U
1 x Blood & Water SAC 14-18 Event PC
1 x Blood and Water PR PR5-6 Event PR2005
1 x Bright Jewel SAC 9-9b Philosopher's Stone X
1 x Combined Arms HP 90-140 Event C
1 x Daring Gambit HP 45-60 Event PC
2 x Decoy BW 53-110 Event C
1 x Deep Understanding AH 96-110 Advantage U
1 x Den, Watchdog AH 25-110 Ally U
1 x Disintegration FMA 175-240 Event C
1 x Edward Elric, Prodigy FMA 2-10a Ally X
1 x Exhaustion AH 71-110 Event U
1 x Fletcher Tringham, Petulant Child HP 26-140 Ally U
1 x Flim-flam Artistry FMA 180-240 Event C
1 x Frenzy HP 46-60 Event PC
1 x Gunslinging PR PR5-3 Event PR2005
1 x Halling, Innkeeper FMA 49-240 Ally C
2 x Intimidation FMA 189-240 Event C
2 x Introduction to Alchemy FMA 141-240 Attachment C
1 x Kyle Halling, Miner's Son FMA 50-240 Ally C
1 x Librarian, Research Attendant AH 54-110 Ally U
1 x Lyra, Upstart Alchemist FMA 6-9d Ally X
1 x Maes Hughes, Aggressive AH 42-110 Ally C
1 x Majhal, Friendly Neighbor FMA 129-240 Ally C
1 x Man of Light, Anonymous Benefactor FMA 51-240 Ally U
1 x Maria Ross, Maternal Instinct AH 43-110 Ally C
2 x Military Saber FMA 146-240 Attachment C
1 x Momentum AH 79-110 Event U
1 x No Time AH 81-110 Event C
1 x Overconfident AH 83-110 Event U
1 x Pinako Rockbell, Hardnosed Gramma FMA 54-240 Ally U
1 x Prison Guards, Civil Servants AH 56-110 Ally C
1 x Quick Draw FMA 7-10a Event X
1 x Rebellious Miners, Citizens of Youswell FMA 56-240 Ally C
1 x Rose Thomas, Apostate FMA 57-240 Ally C
1 x Rose Thomas, Disobedient Servant HP 71-140 Ally U
1 x Roy Mustang, Mysterious Stranger FMA 58-240 Ally C
1 x Russell Tringham, Idealist BW 5-110 Ally R
2 x Sidearm AH 61-110 Attachment C
1 x Stunning Attack AH 88-110 Event C
2 x The Better Weapon FMA 216-240 Event C
2 x Wheedling AH 100-110 Advantage C
1 x Winry Rockbell, Compulsive Tinkerer AH 29-110 Ally F
2 x Wounded AH 94-110 Event C
Section: Location Deck (9 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Elric House Ruins FMA 226-240 Location C
1 x High Command FMA 228-240 Location C
1 x Idyllic Pastures AH 103-110 Location C
1 x Ishbal Ruins BW 105-110 Location F
1 x Parish Church BW 107-110 Location R
1 x Rockbell Auto-mail AH 108-110 Location U
1 x The Armstrong Estate SDS 9-9a Location X
1 x The Conversion Room AH 109-110 Location U
1 x Yock Island AG 8-8b Location X
Section: Leader Stack (11 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Edward Elric, Avenger FMA 2-10e Leader X
1 x Edward Elric, Body of the Sanctioned FMA 6-240 Leader U
1 x Edward Elric, Dog of the Military FMA 7-240 Leader C
1 x Edward Elric, Final Transmutation SAC 1-5e Leader X
1 x Edward Elric, His Favorite Trick AG 1-8d Leader X
1 x Edward Elric, Inspiring AB FC-11 Leader FC
1 x Edward Elric, Intimidating AH 4-110 Leader F
1 x Edward Elric, Inventive AH 5-110 Leader F
1 x Edward Elric, Our Hero BW 77-110 Leader R
1 x Edward Elric, The Fullmetal Alchemist HP 3-60 Leader PC
1 x Edward Elric, Unbeliever FMA 1-10b Leader X
Deck Statistics
Distribution by Card type
Advantage bar 4 %  
Ally bar 21  26 %  
Attachment bar 10 %  
Event bar 27  34 %  
Leader bar 11  14 %  
Location bar 11 %  
Philosopher's Stone bar 1 %  

Distribution by Rarity
C bar 39  49 %  
F bar 5 %  
FC bar 1 %  
PC bar 5 %  
PR2005 bar 3 %  
R bar 4 %  
U bar 16  20 %  
X bar 11  14 %  

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