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Deck "Lasombras Nocturnus"

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Deck "Lasombras Nocturnus"
101 Cards
created by vagrak LV34 activity icon envelope icon
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Quite easy. Get out your vamps (2-3 with a little help from governs) and constantly attack with your 1 bleed nocturns. If they punch through, modify with empowerment. Blood of Ahrimanes & path of night make the nocturns cheap and perfection & hunting ground keeps your vamps fed. Finish your opponent off with simple stealth bleed.
Defend with the usual reaction cards (bounce & reduce)

Card list Group cards by  
Section: Crypt (12 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
3 x Appius Claudius Corvus SoC 1 Vampire V
3 x Dame Hollerton HttB 20 Vampire PKia
3 x Ermenegildo, The Rake HttB 24 Vampire PKia
3 x Saul Meira SoC 17 Vampire V
Section: Library (89 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
4 x Bonding HttB 119 Action Modifier PKia6
4 x Deflection HttB 150 Reaction PGar4
4 x Dominate Kine KoT 203 Action PV
3 x Drink the Blood of Ahriman SoC 27 Action R
1 x Elysian Fields Third 252 Master U
12 x Empowering the Puppet King KoT 215 Action Modifier C
2 x Giant's Blood KoT 246 Master R/PM
8 x Govern the Unaligned HttB 183 Action PKia6/PSal4
16 x Nocturn HttB 232 Ally PKia2
4 x Perfectionist KoT 331 Master C
2 x Political Hunting Ground HttB 245 Master PKia
4 x Redirection Third 414 Reaction C/PTr4
4 x Shadow Play HttB 269 Action Modifier PKia4
4 x Shroud of Absence HttB 273 Action Modifier PKia
4 x Shroud of Night Third 450 Action Modifier C
1 x The Path of Night Third 495 Master U
4 x Truth in Ink SoC 56 Reaction C
8 x Wake with Evening's Freshness HttB 320 Reaction PGar6/PSal5
Deck Statistics
Distribution by Clan
- bar 82  81 %  
Kiasyd bar 3 %  
Lasombra bar 16  16 %  

Distribution by Group
- bar 89  88 %  
4 bar 6 %  
5 bar 6 %  

Distribution by Type
Action bar 15  15 %  
Action Modifier bar 28  28 %  
Ally bar 16  16 %  
Master bar 10  10 %  
Reaction bar 20  20 %  
Vampire bar 12  12 %  

Current score for this Deck, based on 2 votes:

bar 1.50
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