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Deck "Let Them Make The First Move"

Deck "Let Them Make The First Move"
Format: Dark Side - 60 Cards
created by auzi activity icon
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Same strategy as its light side counter part, the only real difference is less jedi and more high power cards. Star with Prepared Defense, Mobilization Points, Inconsequential Losses and Imperial Arrest Order. Control docking bays, get that good force generation and get jedi to the interior Naboo sites. Not a big fan of this objective because it is most useful by modifying force drains on Coruscant and making the opponent come to you. Still it is a very good objective. I do not focus on or use any cards for dueling since the opponent has to have jedi for that to work and i like to plan for playing any deck. But if you wanted to put in cards for dueling, there is plenty of room to take out cards and put others in. So a pretty flexible objective as well that does not require too much to use.

Card list Group cards by  
Cards without Type (9 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Arica Refl.III 107 SRF
1 x Aurra Sing (AI) Refl.III 108 SRF
1 x Darth Sidious Theed 15 R
1 x Dr. Evazan & Ponda Baba Refl.III 119 SRF
1 x Guri Refl.III 123 SRF
1 x P-59 Refl.III 135 URF
1 x P-60 Refl.III 136 SRF
1 x Prince Xizor Refl.III 138 SRF
1 x Snoova Refl.III 141 SRF
Type: Character (25 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x 4-LOM With Concussion Rifle E.CC 1 Character PM
1 x Bane Malar JP 5 Character R
1 x Boba Fett, Bounty Hunter Refl.III 2 Character PM
1 x Chokk Coruscant 3 Character U
1 x Colonel Davod Jon DStarII 13 Character U
1 x Commander Igar Endor 4 Character R
2 x Darth Vader, Dark Lord Of The Sith Special 13 Character R
1 x Dengar With Blaster Carbine E.JP 2 Character PM
1 x Djas Puhr Prem.Lim. 11 Character R
1 x Emperor Palpatine DStarII 18 Character Special
1 x General Veers Hoth 6 Character R
1 x IG-88 With Riot Gun E.CC 2 Character PM
1 x Jodo Kast Refl.II 78 Character SRF
1 x Keder The Black Coruscant 13 Character R
1 x Lathe Tatooine 210 Character U
2 x Lord Maul Refl.III 4 Character PM
1 x OWO-1 With Backup Theed 38 Character R
1 x Ree-Yees JP 31 Character R
3 x Stormtrooper Garrison Refl.III 5 Character PM
1 x U-3PO (Yoo-Threepio) ANH 26 Character R
1 x Zuckuss Dagobah 17 Character R
Type: Combat Vehicle (1 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Tempest 1 Endor 80 Combat Vehicle R
Type: Effect (5 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Imperial Arrest Order Endor 36 Effect U
1 x Inconsequential Losses DStarII 35 Effect C
1 x Mobilization Points DStarII 38 Effect C
2 x Presence Of The Force Prem.Lim. 65 Effect R
Type: Interrupt (2 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Hidden Weapons JP 64 Interrupt U
1 x Prepared Defenses DStarII 48 Interrupt C
Type: Location (5 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Blockade Flagship: Docking Bay [DS] Theed 10 Location U
1 x Coruscant: Docking Bay [DS] Coruscant 70 Location C
1 x Coruscant: Galactic Senate [DS] Coruscant 71 Location C
1 x Naboo: Theed Palace Generator Core [DS] Refl.III 46 Location PM
1 x Naboo: Theed Palace Generator [DS] Refl.III 45 Location PM
Type: Site Location (1 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Endor: Landing Platform (Docking Bay) [DS] Endor 76 Site Location C
Type: Vehicle (3 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Blizzard 2 Hoth 74 Vehicle R
1 x Blizzard 4 Refl.III 48 Vehicle PM
1 x Blizzard Scout 1 Hoth 75 Vehicle R
Type: Weapon (9 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
6 x Dark Jedi Lightsaber Prem.Lim. 152 Weapon U
1 x Maul's Double-bladed Lightsaber Refl.III 50 Weapon PM
1 x Vader's Lightsaber Prem.Lim. 162 Weapon R
1 x Vibro-Ax [DS] JP 90 Weapon C
Deck Statistics
Distribution by Rarity
C bar 12 %  
PM bar 13  22 %  
R bar 18  30 %  
Special bar 2 %  
SRF bar 13 %  
U bar 12  20 %  
URF bar 2 %  

Distribution by Side
Dark Side bar 60  100 %  

Distribution by Type
- bar 11  18 %  
Alien Character bar 3 %  
Character bar 12  20 %  
Character Weapon bar 2 %  
Character-alien bar 2 %  
Character-imperial bar 3 %  
Combat Vehicle bar 2 %  
Darth Maul Character bar 3 %  
Effect bar 8 %  
Imperial Character bar 5 %  
Interrupt bar 3 %  
Location bar 3 %  
Republic Character bar 2 %  
Site Location bar 7 %  
Vehicle bar 5 %  
Weapon bar 13 %  

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