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Deck "sand deck"

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Deck "sand deck"
Format: Casual - 40 Cards
created by chisengan activity icon
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Section: Ninja Cards (40 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Armed Puppet RAR RARJ-156 Jutsu Uncommon
1 x Baki CUS CUSN-130 Ninja Rare
1 x Crow RAR RARN-171 Ninja Uncommon
1 x Gaara of the Desert ER ERN-178 Ninja Common
1 x Gaara of the Desert QFP QFPN-287 Ninja Rare
1 x Gaara of the Desert (Possessed Mode) QFP QFPN-US043 Ninja Rare
1 x Gaara of the Desert (Possessed Mode) ER ERN-179 Ninja Rare
1 x Head Butt ER ERJ-169 Jutsu Uncommon
1 x Internal Monster ER ERM-US014 Mission Uncommon
1 x Kankuro ER ERN-US026 Ninja Common
1 x Kankuro RAR RARN-170 Ninja Common
1 x Kazekage RAR RARN-147 Ninja Rare
1 x Kazekage RAR RARN-169 Ninja Rare
1 x Love RAR RARM-165 Mission Common
1 x Puppet Master Jutsu ER ERJ-US014 Jutsu Common
1 x Puppet Master Jutsu RAR RARJ-155 Jutsu Common
1 x Retaliation CUS CUSM-105 Mission Uncommon
1 x Sand Armor CUS CUSJ-099 Jutsu Starter
1 x Sand Burial CUS CUSJ-100 Jutsu Rare
1 x Sand Clone RAR RARJ-139 Jutsu Uncommon
2 x Sand Cocoon RAR RARJ-138 Jutsu Common
1 x Sand Coffin COS COSJ-078 Jutsu Uncommon
1 x Sand Shield COS COSJ-057 Jutsu Super Rare
2 x Sand Shuriken ER ERJ-166 Jutsu Uncommon
2 x Shukaku ER ERN-177 Ninja Super Rare
1 x Stormy Battle RAR RARM-154 Mission Uncommon
1 x Temari QFP QFPN-US052 Ninja Common
1 x Temari ER ERN-US025 Ninja Common
1 x The Third Eye COS COSJ-056 Jutsu Common
1 x Wind Blade CUS CUSJ-123 Jutsu Starter
1 x Wind Scythe Jutsu RAR RARJ-137 Jutsu Rare
1 x Wind Scythe Jutsu COS COSJ-054 Jutsu Rare
1 x Wind Style: Air Bullets ER ERJ-168 Jutsu Rare
1 x Wind Style: Air Bullets QFP QFPJ-US030 Jutsu Uncommon
1 x Wind Style: Infinite Sand Storm Devastation DL DLJ-188 Jutsu Rare
1 x Wind Style: Infinite Sand Storm Devastation QFP QFPJ-US029 Jutsu Uncommon
1 x Yashamaru ER ERN-180 Ninja Common
Deck Statistics
Distribution by Card Type
Jutsu bar 21  53 %  
Mission bar 10 %  
Ninja bar 15  38 %  

Distribution by Combat Attribute
- bar 35  88 %  
Manipul. bar 3 %  
Ninjutsu bar 8 %  
Weapon bar 3 %  

Distribution by Entrance Cost
- bar 32  80 %  
- bar 3 %  
3 bar 5 %  
4 bar 3 %  
5 bar 5 %  
6 bar 5 %  

Distribution by Hand Cost
- bar 29  73 %  
- bar 10 %  
1 bar 15 %  
3 bar 3 %  

Distribution by Rarity
Common bar 12  30 %  
Rare bar 11  28 %  
Starter bar 8 %  
Super Rare bar 8 %  
Uncommon bar 11  28 %  

Distribution by Symbol
- bar 19  48 %  
Earth bar 5 %  
Lightning bar 3 %  
Wind bar 18  45 %  

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