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Deck "T1-Abomination Recombinations"

Deck "T1-Abomination Recombinations"
40 Cards
created by cpt_vance activity icon
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I can, in no way, take no credit for this build. It is a transfer of a build by Tom Wylie I pulled from the WotC Hecatomb site ages ago when it was still active.

I have made and tested this deck, though, and found it quite effective, so in the interest of trying to rekindle the community, I wanted to share it.

What follows is Tom's layout of design and tactics:

This deck revolves around recombining abominations to suit the particular stage of the game. Instead of relying on a couple of key combos, it's built around a variety of cards with similar limitations and a range of cards for working around those. The deck starts out on the defensive, rabidly constructing abominations with double-digit strenghts to guard the fort while you build up the mana needed to get Aura Projector working. The key minions here are Agonel, Bringer of Sacrifice, and Nhandu, all of them cheap and powerful, but with drawbacks you can work around with the other cards in the deck. A typical opening sequence is playing Agonel or Nhandu on turn 2 and a Bringer of Sacrifice on top of that in turn 3. In this strategy, Agonel's drawback is neatly suppressed, you gain 1 soul in the deal, and later on there are plenty of ways to transfer it or Nhandu to an abomination that can attack.

Skin Melder and Creature from Xhilo are the most obvious means of transferring these minions into a powerful attacker. In addition to working around Agonel's Host limitation or avoiding triggering Nhandu's drawback, either card can work with minions that are already in the abomination you're playing them onto. For example, an enemy looking at an Agonel with a couple of Mecatls on top might attack, expecting to trade weaker minions if you block. Even if you have no other 4-strength minions in play, Creature from Xhilo allows you to float that Agonel to the top of the abomination, and combined with a Hidden Power or two could wipe out the attacking abomination while losing no minions or your own. Late in the game you can apply these tactics even more effectively with Quangle.

Zurlych vs. Hiana

Zurlych is included because it fits the theme of the deck. Playing Zurlych onto an Agonel/Nhandu/Bringer of Sacrifice abomination and using it to immediately rip out the Agonels and Nhandus is an effective tactic, especially with Aura Projector in play. But the cost of TAP 3 plus the cost of the conditional ability you'll never use could give one pause. For example, you could argue that Hiana is better for this deck than Zurlych since Hiana combines with Infusion to put your expensive minions in play two turns sooner than otherwise possible. A typical sequence here is:

  • Turn 2: Play Agonel
    Turn 3: Play Hiana
    Turn 4: Attack and put Damned Thing in play by playing Infusion with X=6, but paying 2 less since Hiana's in combat.

Minion Selection

As is usual for a deck, your choice of expensive minions is subject to the environment you play in. Skinny Pete is a useful backup when the Aura Projectors aren't showing up, but if you don't play against many cheap relics, there are better sources of Fanatic. Soldier of the Sun is good for its Soulbound ability, since that's a stitching mechanic under the covers, so triggers Aura Projector. But forcing deceit minions to the top of your abominations works too much against the deck's strengths if the Quangles aren't staying in play. Damned Thing is a great finisher, and of course this deck doesn't mind Parasites. If you play against a lot of destruction decks, be sure to include at least two Parasites.

The minion curve stops at 6 because this deck is especially dependent on playing multiple cards in a turn, and if you're still around on turn 9 something has probably gone very wrong. If you want to go higher, Lamia Huntress is interesting because of Soulbound's tricks, Skull Swarm obviously combines nicely with the rest of this deck, and you get full value from either one with Infusion. Greater Cthugian is also good if you want to focus on the Hiana/Infusion combination, since its conditional ability is weak enough you won't mind losing out on it. In most environments, you're playing enough Mutants that Greater Khoshu can generally find targets to exhume.

Getting the Party Started

Finally, I included Killer Party since it can eliminate a blicker, and the problem of also having to sever one of your own minions is largely neutralized by this deck. There are so many Quangles and strength 4 minions around that it's common to have one sitting around in a singleton abomination. And of course it's another way of ripping good attackers out of a Guardian stack once your mana supply is established.

A Variant

An alternative version of this deck takes advantage of its great bushwhacking potential by relying on Hunter more than Aura Projector. Swap TEZCATLIPOCA in for NYARLATHOTEP, and some Deep Lurkers in for other minions, and you can easily pick off opposing abominations giving you trouble.

You can select other 5-cost minions in place of Night Child, Skinny Pete, and Soldier of the Sun, and other 6-cost minions in place of Damned Thing, Daughter of Blood and Hatchoq, although those would be my preference for those cost points.

Card list Group cards by  
Type: Combat Fate (6 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
2 x Dark Genesis Base BASE-029 Combat Fate U
2 x Hidden Power Base BASE-061 Combat Fate C
2 x Infusion LHE LHE-069 Combat Fate C
Type: Combat Minion (3 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
3 x Creature from Xhilo Base BASE-024 Combat Minion C
Type: Fate (2 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
2 x Killer Party LHE LHE-077 Fate C
Type: God (2 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
Type: Minion (25 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
3 x Agonel Base BASE-001 Minion C
3 x Bringer of Sacrifice Base BASE-015 Minion C
1 x Damned Thing Base BASE-028 Minion C
1 x Daughter of Blood Base BASE-030 Minion U
1 x Hatchoq LHE LHE-061 Minion R
1 x Hiana Base BASE-060 Minion R
3 x Mecatl Base BASE-079 Minion C
2 x Nhandu LHE LHE-090 Minion U
1 x Night Child Base BASE-090 Minion C
3 x Quangle LHE LHE-101 Minion C
3 x Skin Melder Base BASE-113 Minion U
1 x Skinny Pete LHE LHE-113 Minion C
1 x Soldier of the Sun LHE LHE-116 Minion R
1 x Zurlych LHE LHE-144 Minion U
Type: Relic (2 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
2 x Aura Projector LHE LHE-012 Relic U
Deck Statistics
Distribution by Doom
Corruption bar 22  55 %  
Deceit bar 18  45 %  

Distribution by Rarity
C bar 24  60 %  
R bar 13 %  
U bar 11  28 %  

Distribution by Subtype
- bar 5 %  
Anubian bar 3 %  
Aztecal bar 8 %  
Cultist bar 8 %  
Demon bar 8 %  
Invocation bar 10 %  
Mishap bar 5 %  
Mutant bar 11  28 %  
Outsider bar 8 %  
Shapeshifter bar 10 %  
Tactic bar 5 %  
Thing outside Time and Space bar 5 %  

Distribution by Type
Combat Fate bar 15 %  
Combat Minion bar 8 %  
Fate bar 5 %  
God bar 5 %  
Minion bar 25  63 %  
Relic bar 5 %  

Current score for this Deck, based on 1 vote:

bar 4.00
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Subject:    Posted: July 15, 2015 06:21 am

This deck is super fun, as OP stated the modular properties make it very fresh, and inerrsting to play!
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