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Deck "Spiderman stands alone"

Deck "Spiderman stands alone"
63 Cards
created by falcoe activity icon
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bring it!!!

Card list Group cards by  
Card Type: Character (35 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
2 x Aunt May, Golden Oldie MTU MTU-001 Character U
2 x Aunt May, May Parker MSM MSM-032 Character U
3 x Black Cat, Felicia Hardy MSM MSM-001 Character C
2 x Black Cat, Master Thief MSM MSM-033 Character U
3 x Mary Jane Watson, MJ MSM MSM-045 Character R
2 x Scarlet Spider as Spider-Man, Successor MMK MMK-201 Character R
4 x Scarlet Spider, Ben Reilly MSM MSM-051 Character C
2 x Solo, James Bourne MSM MSM-006 Character C
2 x Spider-Girl, Daughter of Spider-Man MUN MUN-269 Character U
2 x Spider-Man ~ The Spider, Earth-15 MEV MEV-197 Character R
1 x Spider-Man, Cosmic Spider-Man MSM MSM-054 Character R
4 x Spider-Man, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (Extended/Alternate Art) Promo MSM-007 Character P
3 x Spider-Man, Secret Avenger MUN MUN-026 Character R
1 x Spider-Man, Stark's Protégé MTU MTU-021 Character R
1 x Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man MSM MSM-008 Character R
1 x Venom, Lethal Protector MTU MTU-026 Character C
Card Type: Equipment (3 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
3 x Spider-Mobile, Unique MTU MTU-040 Equipment C
Card Type: Location (3 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Alias Investigations MUN MUN-294 Location U
1 x Base of Operations MOR MOR-176 Location C
1 x Daily Bugle MSM MSM-010 Location U
Card Type: Plot Twist (21 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
3 x Acrobatic Dodge MOR MOR-173 Plot Twist C
3 x Breaking Story MSM MSM-145 Plot Twist U
3 x Costume Change MSM MSM-059 Plot Twist U
1 x Invasion Plans MUN MUN-312 Plot Twist C
3 x Pleasant Distraction MSM MSM-156 Plot Twist U
2 x Return of Donna Troy DCR DCR-207 Plot Twist U
3 x Shrink MVL MVL-269 Plot Twist U
3 x Spider Senses MSM MSM-012 Plot Twist U
Card Type: Shadow Character (1 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Spider-Man, Parasitic Host MTU MTU-023 Shadow Character C
Deck Statistics
Distribution by Card Type
Character bar 35  56 %  
Equipment bar 5 %  
Location bar 5 %  
Plot Twist bar 21  33 %  
Shadow Character bar 2 %  

Distribution by Rarity
C bar 19  30 %  
P bar 6 %  
R bar 11  17 %  
Rare bar 3 %  
U bar 27  43 %  

Distribution by Recruit or Threshold Cost
- bar 10 %  
1 bar 13  21 %  
2 bar 18  29 %  
3 bar 10 %  
4 bar 8 %  
5 bar 13 %  
6 bar 6 %  
7 bar 3 %  
8 bar 2 %  

Distribution by Team Affiliation
- bar 27  43 %  
Avengers / Spider-Friends bar 5 %  
Spider-Friends bar 30  48 %  
Spider-Friends / Avengers bar 2 %  
Weapon X / Spider-Friends bar 3 %  

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Author Message
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Avatar for falcoe
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Subject: awesome   Posted: August 12, 2011 04:04 pm

love this deck it works well
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