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Deck "aaseddfrfew3sffted"

Deck "aaseddfrfew3sffted"
45 Cards
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Type: Combat Fate (3 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Chronic Fatigue LHE LHE-024 Combat Fate C
1 x Dimensional Rift LHE LHE-038 Combat Fate R
1 x Divine Mantis Punch LHE LHE-039 Combat Fate C
Type: Combat Minion (3 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Deathsong Shrieker LHE LHE-035 Combat Minion C
1 x Dog of War LHE LHE-040 Combat Minion U
1 x Doublethinker LHE LHE-041 Combat Minion R
Type: Fate (2 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Cement Shoes LHE LHE-020 Fate U
1 x Destroy the Mall LHE LHE-037 Fate U
Type: God (3 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x AMATSU LHE LHE-004 God R
1 x ARES LHE LHE-011 God R
Type: Minion (24 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Abhorrent Enforcer LHE LHE-001 Minion C
1 x Aeshma LHE LHE-002 Minion R
1 x Amashki LHE LHE-003 Minion R
1 x Amorphous Psychic LHE LHE-006 Minion C
1 x Anklebiters LHE LHE-008 Minion U
1 x Antediluvian LHE LHE-009 Minion U
1 x Archbishop LHE LHE-010 Minion R
1 x Bastet Priestess LHE LHE-014 Minion U
1 x Black Jack LHE LHE-015 Minion R
1 x Bothus Horridus LHE LHE-017 Minion C
1 x Brain Worm LHE LHE-019 Minion C
1 x Chacutl Harpy LHE LHE-021 Minion U
1 x Chammelganger LHE LHE-022 Minion C
1 x Chemical Specialist LHE LHE-023 Minion R
1 x Chupacabra del Muerte LHE LHE-025 Minion R
1 x Cranioderm LHE LHE-026 Minion U
1 x Cth' Aboth LHE LHE-028 Minion R
1 x Daka Azu LHE LHE-030 Minion C
1 x Dead Dog LHE LHE-031 Minion R
1 x Deadphones LHE LHE-032 Minion C
1 x Death Frog LHE LHE-033 Minion U
1 x Death Speaker LHE LHE-034 Minion C
1 x Deep Lurker LHE LHE-036 Minion U
1 x Dravulok the Breeder LHE LHE-042 Minion R
Type: Relic (10 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Ancient Maiden LHE LHE-007 Relic U
1 x Aura Projector LHE LHE-012 Relic U
1 x Book of the Dead LHE LHE-016 Relic R
1 x Crown of Namtar LHE LHE-027 Relic R
1 x Cursed Galleon LHE LHE-029 Relic U
5 x Uncle Andrew LHE LHE-132 Relic U
Deck Statistics
Distribution by Doom
Corruption bar 13  29 %  
Deceit bar 18 %  
Destruction bar 16 %  
Greed bar 17  38 %  

Distribution by Rarity
C bar 11  24 %  
R bar 16  36 %  
U bar 18  40 %  

Distribution by Subtype
- bar 10  22 %  
Animate bar 4 %  
Anubian bar 4 %  
Aztecal bar 2 %  
Beast bar 9 %  
Chupacabra bar 2 %  
Cultist bar 4 %  
Curse bar 2 %  
Demon bar 9 %  
Dragon bar 2 %  
Dread Star of Heaven bar 2 %  
Fish bar 2 %  
Fish Mutant bar 2 %  
Lord of the Flies bar 2 %  
Mishap bar 4 %  
Mutant bar 9 %  
Outsider bar 2 %  
Shapeshifter bar 2 %  
Tactic bar 4 %  
The Devastator bar 2 %  
Undead bar 2 %  
Vermin bar 2 %  

Distribution by Type
Combat Fate bar 7 %  
Combat Minion bar 7 %  
Fate bar 4 %  
God bar 7 %  
Minion bar 24  53 %  
Relic bar 10  22 %  

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