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Deck "Awesome DC"

Deck "Awesome DC"
114 Cards
created by eaden14 activity icon
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Card Type: Character (99 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Abra Kadabra, Citizen Abra JLA DJL-076 Character U
1 x Agamemno, Interplanetary Conqueror DCL DCL-110 Character R
1 x Amadeus Arkham, Architect of Insanity DCR DCR-208 Character U
1 x Andromeda, Laurel Gand DLS DLS-001 Character C
1 x Aquaman, King of the Seven Seas JLA DJL-002 Character U
1 x Aztek, Champion of Quetzalcoatl DCL DCL-003 Character C
1 x Bane, The Man Who Broke the Bat (extended-art) Promo DOR-064 Character P
1 x Barracuda, Earth 3 DCL DCL-111 Character C
1 x Barry Allen as The Flash, Scarlet Speedster JLA DJL-003 Character R
1 x Big Barda, Furious Fatale DCL DCL-008 Character C
1 x Black Lightning, Energetic Hero DCL DCL-009 Character U
1 x Black Manta, Deepwater Denizen DCL DCL-112 Character C
1 x Blockbuster, Roland Desmond DSM DSM-139 Character U
1 x Bouncing Boy, Chuck Taine DLS DLS-003 Character C
1 x Brainiac 5.1, Querl Dox DLS DLS-004 Character R
1 x Captain Boomerang, George Harkness JLA DJL-077 Character C
1 x Chameleon, Reep Daggle DLS DLS-005 Character U
1 x Charaxes, Drury Walker DOR DOR-065 Character C
1 x Circe, Immortal Sorceress JLA DJL-078 Character C
1 x Colossal Boy as Leviathan, Gim Allon DLS DLS-006 Character C
1 x Connor Hawke as Green Arrow, Son of the Archer JLA DJL-005 Character U
1 x Cosmic Boy, Rokk Krinn DLS DLS-007 Character R
1 x David Clinton ~ Chronos, Timetwister DCL DCL-116 Character R
1 x Dinah Laurel Lance ~ Black Canary, New Wings DCL DCL-010 Character C
1 x Dr. Light, Blinding Flash DCL DCL-117 Character R
1 x Dream Girl, Nura Nal DLS DLS-008 Character R
1 x Elasti-Girl, Rita Farr DCL DCL-229 Character R
1 x Element Lad, Jan Arrah DLS DLS-009 Character C
1 x Elongated Man, Stretchable Sleuth DCL DCL-011 Character U
1 x Faith, "The Fat Lady" JLA DJL-008 Character U
1 x Felix Faust, Soulless Mystic DCL DCL-118 Character C
1 x Ferro Lad, Andrew Nolan DLS DLS-010 Character C
1 x Firefly, Garfield Laynns DOR DOR-066 Character R
1 x Firehawk, Flaming Justice DCL DCL-012 Character C
1 x Firestorm, Ronnie Raymond DCL DCL-013 Character U
1 x Floronic Man, Alien Hybrid JLA DJL-083 Character U
2 x Harley Quinn, Dr. Harleen Quinzel DOR DOR-067 Character C
1 x IQ, Ira Quimby JLA DJL-088 Character C
1 x Insectoid Troopers, Army JLA DJL-087 Character C
1 x Jazmin Cullen as Kid Quantum, Hero of Xanthu DLS DLS-011 Character C
1 x Jemm, Son of Saturn DCL DCL-119 Character U
1 x John Henry Irons ~ Steel, Working Man DCL DCL-016 Character C
1 x KGBeast, Anatoli Knyazev DWF DWF-136 Character C
1 x Karate Kid, Val Armorr DLS DLS-013 Character C
1 x Katar Hol as Hawkman, Thanagarian Enforcer JLA DJL-014 Character C
1 x Killer Croc, Cannibal DWF DWF-137 Character C
1 x Kinetix, Zoƫ Saugin DLS DLS-014 Character C
1 x Libra, Alien Conqueror JLA DJL-092 Character R
1 x Live Wire, Garth Ranzz DLS DLS-015 Character C
1 x Mad Hatter, Jervish Tetch DOR DOR-069 Character R
1 x Man Bat, Dr. Robert Langstrom DOR DOR-070 Character C
1 x Matt Hagan as Clayface, Man of Clay DOR DOR-071 Character C
1 x Matter-Eater Lad, Tenzil Kem DWF DWF-219 Character U
1 x Maxie Zeus, God Complex DSM DSM-140 Character U
1 x Mento, Steve Dayton DCL DCL-230 Character U
1 x Mon-el as Valor, Lar Gand DLS DLS-016 Character R
1 x Mr. Freeze, Cold Shoulder DWF DWF-140 Character C
1 x Negative Man, Larry Trainor DCL DCL-231 Character U
1 x Ocean Master, Son of Atlan JLA DJL-093 Character C
1 x Owen Mercer as Captain Boomerang, Digger's Son DLS DLS-220 Character U
1 x Plastic Man, Plastic Fantastic DCL DCL-024 Character U
1 x Poison Ivy, Pamela Isely DOR DOR-074 Character R
1 x Professor Hugo Strange, Psycho-Analyst DOR DOR-075 Character C
1 x Prometheus, Darker Knight JLA DJL-095 Character C
1 x R.J. Brande, Philanthropist DLS DLS-017 Character U
1 x Red Tornado, Elemental Android DCL DCL-026 Character C
1 x Robotman, Cliff Steele DCL DCL-232 Character C
1 x Roy Harper as Arsenal, Knight DCR DCR-098 Character C
1 x Roy Harper ~ Red Arrow, Coming of Age DCL DCL-027 Character R
1 x Saturn Girl, Imra Ardeen DLS DLS-018 Character R
1 x Scarecrow, Chiroptophobic DCL DCL-131 Character R
1 x Scarecrow, Professor Jonathan Crane DOR DOR-078 Character R
1 x Sensor, Jeka Wynzorr DLS DLS-019 Character U
1 x Shayera Thal as Hawkwoman, Thanagarian Enforcer JLA DJL-020 Character C
1 x Shrinking Violet as Leviathan, Salu Digby DLS DLS-020 Character U
1 x Spark, Ayla Ranzz DLS DLS-021 Character C
1 x Star Boy, Thom Kallor DLS DLS-022 Character C
1 x Sun Boy, Dirk Morgna DLS DLS-023 Character C
1 x Superboy, Earth Prime DCR DCR-171 Character R
1 x Tattooed Man, Art Imitates Life DCL DCL-135 Character R
1 x The Chief, Niles Caulder DCL DCL-228 Character U
1 x The General, Wade Eiling JLA DJL-084 Character R
1 x The Joker as Red Hood, The Man Who Laughs DWF DWF-135 Character U
1 x The Joker, Emperor Joker DSM DSM-141 Character R
1 x The Penguin, Arms Merchant DCR DCR-210 Character U
1 x The Riddler, Multiple Choice DWF DWF-144 Character U
1 x The Shade, Ageless Enigma DCL DCL-132 Character U
1 x Timber Wolf, Brin Londo DLS DLS-024 Character C
1 x Triad, Luornu Durgo DLS DLS-025 Character U
1 x Two-Face, Harvey Dent DOR DOR-084 Character U
1 x Ultra Boy, Jo Nah DLS DLS-026 Character U
1 x Vandal Savage, Cro-Magnon Man DCL DCL-137 Character R
1 x Ventriloquist as Scarface, Arnold Wesker DOR DOR-085 Character R
1 x Vixen, Tantu Totem DCL DCL-030 Character C
1 x Wildfire, Drake Burroughs DLS DLS-028 Character C
1 x Wonder Woman, Ambassador of Peace DCL DCL-032 Character R
1 x Zatanna, Zatanna Zatara JLA DJL-025 Character R
1 x Zazzala ~ Queen Bee, H.I.V.E. Monarch DCL DCL-139 Character R
Card Type: Shadow Character (15 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Anarky, Lonnie Machin DWF DWF-122 Shadow Character U
1 x Apparition, Tinya Wazzo DLS DLS-002 Shadow Character C
1 x Evan McCulloch as Mirror Master, Smoke and Mirrors JLA DJL-082 Shadow Character C
1 x Great White, Warren White DWF DWF-131 Shadow Character C
1 x Gypsy, Cynthia Reynolds JLA DJL-010 Shadow Character C
1 x Hush, Mystery Man DGL DGL-165 Shadow Character R
2 x Illusionary Warriors, Army JLA DJL-085 Shadow Character C
2 x Infernal Minions, Army JLA DJL-086 Shadow Character C
1 x Lady Blackhawk, Zinda Blake DWF DWF-072 Shadow Character R
1 x Ray Palmer as The Atom, World's Smallest Hero JLA DJL-018 Shadow Character R
1 x Savant, Brian Durlin DWF DWF-074 Shadow Character C
1 x Shadow-Thief, Carl Sands JLA DJL-098 Shadow Character C
1 x Umbra, Tasmia Mallor DLS DLS-027 Shadow Character C
Deck Statistics
Distribution by Card Type
Character bar 99  87 %  
Shadow Character bar 15  13 %  

Distribution by Rarity
C bar 54  47 %  
P bar 1 %  
R bar 29  25 %  
U bar 30  26 %  

Distribution by Recruit or Threshold Cost
1 bar 26  23 %  
2 bar 23  20 %  
3 bar 13  11 %  
4 bar 19  17 %  
5 bar 16  14 %  
6 bar 7 %  
7 bar 4 %  
8 bar 3 %  
9 bar 1 %  

Distribution by Team Affiliation
Arkham Inmates bar 26  23 %  
Birds of Prey bar 2 %  
Checkmate / Teen Titans bar 1 %  
Crisis / Team Superman bar 1 %  
Doom Patrol bar 4 %  
Injustice Gang bar 29  25 %  
JLA bar 22  19 %  
Legionnaires bar 28  25 %  

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