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Deck "Simply Galactus"

Deck "Simply Galactus"
67 Cards
created by lordmauler activity icon
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It's a simple Galactus deck mostly from the Heralds set. You're main goal is to stay alive until round 9 and throw down Galactus.

Card list Group cards by  
Card Type: Character (43 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
2 x Air-Walker, Gabriel Lan HoG MHG-001 Character R
4 x Air-Walker, Harbinger of Despair HoG MHG-002 Character U
3 x Destroyer, Harbinger of Devastation HoG MHG-004 Character C
2 x Destroyer, Soulless Juggernaut HoG MHG-003 Character C
2 x Frankie Raye as Nova, Harbinger of Death HoG MHG-009 Character C
4 x Frankie Raye as Nova, Optimistic Youth HoG MHG-007 Character C
4 x Frankie Raye as Nova, Soul Searcher HoG MHG-008 Character C
1 x Galactus, Devourer of Worlds (Extended Art) HoG MHG-011 Character R
2 x Galactus, The Maker HoG MHG-010 Character U
4 x Human Torch, The Invisible Man HoG MHG-013 Character C
4 x Silver Surfer, Harbinger of Oblivion HoG MHG-021 Character R
4 x Silver Surfer, Skyrider of the Spaceways HoG MHG-019 Character U
3 x The Fallen One, The Forgotten HoG MHG-025 Character C
2 x The Punishers, Army HoG MHG-026 Character C
2 x Tyrant, The Original Herald HoG MHG-027 Character U
Card Type: Location (4 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
4 x Elemental Converters HoG MHG-032 Location U
Card Type: Plot Twist (20 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
4 x Cosmic Necessity HoG MHG-029 Plot Twist U
4 x Cover Fire MOR MOR-183 Plot Twist C
4 x Kindred Spirits HoG MHG-036 Plot Twist U
4 x Pacification HoG MHG-037 Plot Twist U
4 x Relentless Onslaught HoG MHG-038 Plot Twist C
Deck Statistics
Distribution by Card Type
Character bar 43  64 %  
Location bar 6 %  
Plot Twist bar 20  30 %  

Distribution by Rarity
C bar 32  48 %  
R bar 10 %  
U bar 28  42 %  

Distribution by Recruit or Threshold Cost
- bar 6 %  
1 bar 9 %  
2 bar 14  21 %  
3 bar 9 %  
4 bar 16  24 %  
5 bar 9 %  
6 bar 9 %  
7 bar 9 %  
8 bar 3 %  
9 bar 1 %  

Distribution by Team Affiliation
- bar 24  36 %  
Heralds of Galactus bar 39  58 %  
Heralds of Galactus / Fantastic Four bar 6 %  

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