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Deck "Arkham Insanity"

Deck "Arkham Insanity"
61 Cards
created by lordmauler activity icon
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Card Type: Character (37 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Amadeus Arkham, Architect of Insanity DCR DCR-208 Character U
1 x Bane, The Man Who Broke the Bat DOR DOR-064 Character C
1 x Basil Karlo as Ultimate Clayface, Mud Pack DWF DWF-123 Character R
1 x Bat-Mite, #1 Fan DWF DWF-124 Character R
1 x Batzarro, World's Worst Detective DWF DWF-125 Character U
1 x Calendar Man, Julian Gregory Day DWF DWF-126 Character U
1 x Charaxes, Drury Walker DOR DOR-065 Character C
1 x Crime Doctor, Bradford Thorne DWF DWF-129 Character C
1 x Firefly, Burning Desire DWF DWF-130 Character C
1 x Harley Quinn, Mr. J's Girl DWF DWF-132 Character C
1 x KGBeast, Anatoli Knyazev DWF DWF-136 Character C
1 x Killer Croc, Cannibal DWF DWF-137 Character C
1 x Mad Hatter, Jervish Tetch DOR DOR-069 Character R
1 x Mad Hatter, Mad as a Hatter DWF DWF-138 Character U
1 x Man Bat, Dr. Robert Langstrom DOR DOR-070 Character C
1 x Matt Hagen as Clayface, Mud Pack DWF DWF-139 Character C
1 x Mr. Freeze, Cold Shoulder DWF DWF-140 Character C
1 x Mr. Zsasz, Scar Tissue DWF DWF-141 Character C
1 x Poison Ivy, Pamela Isely DOR DOR-074 Character R
1 x Poison Ivy, Venomous Vixen DWF DWF-143 Character C
1 x Query and Echo, Double Trouble DOR DOR-076 Character U
1 x Scarecrow, Fear and Loathing DWF DWF-145 Character R
1 x Scarecrow, Professor Jonathan Crane DOR DOR-078 Character R
1 x Sondra Fuller as Clayface, Mud Pack DWF DWF-146 Character C
1 x Tally Man, Tax Time DWF DWF-147 Character R
1 x The Joker as Red Hood, The Man Who Laughs DWF DWF-135 Character U
1 x The Joker, Crazy for You DWF DWF-133 Character R
1 x The Joker, Emperor Joker DSM DSM-141 Character R
1 x The Joker, Joker's Wild DOR DOR-079 Character R
1 x The Joker, Out of His Mind DWF DWF-134 Character R
1 x The Joker, Permanent Vacation DCR DCR-209 Character R
1 x The Penguin, Crime's Early Bird DWF DWF-142 Character C
1 x The Riddler, Multiple Choice DWF DWF-144 Character U
1 x Two Face, Harvey Dent DOR DOR-084 Character U
1 x Two-Face, Heads or Tails DWF DWF-148 Character C
1 x Two-Face, Jekyll and Hyde DWF DWF-053 Character C
1 x Two-Face, Split Personality DGL DGL-166 Character R
Card Type: Location (4 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Arkham Asylum DOR DOR-086 Location U
1 x Bat's Belfry DGL DGL-167 Location R
1 x Blackgate Prison DOR DOR-087 Location R
1 x No Man's Land DOR DOR-091 Location U
Card Type: Plot Twist (16 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x All Locked Up DWF DWF-151 Plot Twist C
1 x Batter Up! DWF DWF-205 Plot Twist C
1 x Batzarro Beatdown DWF DWF-206 Plot Twist R
1 x Beside Myself DWF DWF-152 Plot Twist R
1 x Burn Baby Burn DWF DWF-153 Plot Twist C
1 x Certifiable DWF DWF-207 Plot Twist R
1 x Crackshot DWF DWF-209 Plot Twist C
1 x Gone But not Forgotten DOR DOR-151 Plot Twist U
1 x Have a Blast! DOR DOR-153 Plot Twist R
1 x Hush Baby DWF DWF-154 Plot Twist C
1 x It's a Hard Life DWF DWF-155 Plot Twist R
1 x Money Talks DWF DWF-156 Plot Twist R
1 x Pick a Card DWF DWF-157 Plot Twist R
1 x SKREEEEEEE! DWF DWF-213 Plot Twist C
1 x Total Anarchy DOR DOR-163 Plot Twist R
1 x Usual Suspects DWF DWF-158 Plot Twist U
Card Type: Shadow Character (4 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Anarky, Lonnie Machin DWF DWF-122 Shadow Character U
1 x Catwoman, Jewel Thief DWF DWF-127 Shadow Character C
1 x Great White, Warren White DWF DWF-131 Shadow Character C
1 x Hush, Mystery Man DGL DGL-165 Shadow Character R
Deck Statistics
Distribution by Card Type
Character bar 37  61 %  
Location bar 7 %  
Plot Twist bar 16  26 %  
Shadow Character bar 7 %  

Distribution by Rarity
C bar 24  39 %  
R bar 24  39 %  
U bar 13  21 %  

Distribution by Recruit or Threshold Cost
- bar 2 %  
1 bar 11  18 %  
2 bar 16  26 %  
3 bar 11  18 %  
4 bar 11 %  
5 bar 8 %  
6 bar 7 %  
7 bar 7 %  
8 bar 3 %  

Distribution by Team Affiliation
- bar 20  33 %  
Arkham Inmates bar 33  54 %  
Arkham Inmates / Fifth Dimension bar 2 %  
Arkham Inmates / Gotham Knights bar 3 %  
Arkham Inmates / Injustice Gang bar 2 %  
Arkham Inmates / Secret Six bar 2 %  
Arkham Inmates / Villains United bar 2 %  
Gotham Knights / Arkham Inmates bar 2 %  
Injustice Gang / Arkham Inmates bar 2 %  

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