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Deck "above"

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Deck "above"
119 Cards
created by lorrenir activity icon
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Card list Group cards by  
Card Type: Character (57 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Barry Allen as The Flash, Scarlet Speedster JLA DJL-003 Character R
1 x Captain Atom, Nathaniel Adam JLA DJL-042 Character C
1 x Captain Marvel, Billy Batson JLA DJL-043 Character R
1 x David Clinton as Chronos, The Time Thief JLA DJL-080 Character C
3 x Doctor Spectrum, Joe Ledger MAV MAV-049 Character R
1 x Felix Faust, Infernal Dealmaker JLA DJL-158 Character U
1 x Firestorm, The Nuclear Man JLA DJL-009 Character U
1 x Floronic Man, Alien Hybrid JLA DJL-083 Character U
1 x Funky Flashman, Salesman Supreme JLA DJL-122 Character U
3 x Genis-Vell as Captain Marvel, Son of Mar-Vell MAV MAV-093 Character R
3 x Golden Archer, Wyatt McDonald MAV MAV-051 Character C
1 x Gorilla Grodd, Simian Mastermind JLA DJL-123 Character C
1 x Green Goblin, Friend and Foe MCG MEX-003 Character R
1 x Guy Gardner, Egomaniac JLA DJL-049 Character C
1 x Hal Jordan, Hard-Traveling Hero JLA DJL-011 Character C
1 x Hector Hammond, Mind Over Matter JLA DJL-124 Character C
1 x Henry King as Brainwave, Sinister Psionic JLA DJL-125 Character C
1 x IQ, Ira Quimby JLA DJL-088 Character C
1 x Ice, Tora Olafsdotter JLA DJL-050 Character C
1 x Insectoid Troopers, Army JLA DJL-087 Character C
1 x James Jesse as Trickster, Giovanni Giuseppe JLA DJL-126 Character C
1 x John Henry Irons as Steel, Steel-Drivin' Man JLA DJL-012 Character C
1 x John Stewart, Emerald Architect JLA DJL-013 Character C
1 x Joseph Jones as General Glory, Lady Liberty's Champion JLA DJL-051 Character C
1 x Kanjar Ro, Kylaq Defense Minister JLA DJL-159 Character C
1 x Katar Hol as Hawkman, Thanagarian Enforcer JLA DJL-014 Character C
1 x Kelex, Faithful Servant JLA DJL-209 Character U
1 x Kimiyo Hoshi as Dr. Light, Starlight Sentinel JLA DJL-052 Character C
1 x L-Ron, Robot Companion JLA DJL-053 Character U
1 x Lex Luthor, Criminal Genius JLA DJL-127 Character R
1 x Lex Luthor, Evil Incorporated JLA DJL-091 Character C
1 x Lex Luthor, Nefarious Philanthropist JLA DJL-090 Character U
1 x Libra, Alien Conqueror JLA DJL-092 Character R
1 x Maxima, Empress of Almerac JLA DJL-212 Character R
1 x Maxwell Lord, Financier JLA DJL-055 Character C
1 x Metamorpho, Rex Mason JLA DJL-056 Character C
1 x Mogo, The Living Planet JLA DJL-198 Character R
1 x Neron, Soul Collector JLA DJL-161 Character R
1 x Oberon, Micro Manager JLA DJL-057 Character U
1 x Ocean Master, Son of Atlan JLA DJL-093 Character C
1 x Oliver Queen as Green Arrow, Emerald Archer JLA DJL-199 Character U
1 x Oliver Queen as Green Arrow, Hard-Traveling Hero JLA DJL-016 Character C
1 x Plastic Man, Eel O'Brian JLA DJL-017 Character R
1 x Poison Ivy, Deadly Rose JLA DJL-094 Character R
1 x Poison Ivy, Kiss of Death JLA DJL-131 Character C
1 x Power Girl, Karen Starr JLA DJL-058 Character R
1 x Professor Ivo, Anthony Ivo JLA DJL-162 Character C
1 x Prometheus, Darker Knight JLA DJL-095 Character C
1 x Psycho-Pirate, Roger Hayden JLA DJL-132 Character R
1 x Spider-Man, New New Avenger MCG MEX-011 Character R
1 x Stardust, Herald MCG MCG-029 Character R
Card Type: Equipment (9 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
3 x Force Field Belt MAV MAV-193 Equipment C
1 x High-Tech Flare Gun JLA DJL-179 Equipment U
1 x Justice League Signal Device JLA DJL-152 Equipment C
1 x Mobius Chair JLA DJL-213 Equipment U
1 x Nth Metal JLA DJL-187 Equipment C
1 x Philosopher's Stone JLA DJL-108 Equipment R
1 x Quadromobile JLA DJL-146 Equipment U
Card Type: Location (9 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x District X XMen MXM-193 Location U
1 x Field of Honor JLA DJL-028 Location U
1 x Gorilla City JLA DJL-143 Location C
1 x Hard-Light Storage Tank JLA DJL-105 Location R
1 x Injustice Gang Satellite JLA DJL-107 Location R
1 x JLI Embassy JLA DJL-067 Location C
1 x Kooey Kooey Kooey JLA DJL-069 Location R
1 x Lair of the Mastermind JLA DJL-182 Location C
1 x Monitor Womb Station JLA DJL-030 Location R
Card Type: Planet (1 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Sub-Atomica, Micro Planet MCG MCG-013 Planet C
Card Type: Plot Twist (33 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
3 x Bring Down the House MAV MAV-214 Plot Twist R
1 x Counterterrorism JLA DJL-173 Plot Twist U
1 x Crisis on Infinite Earths, Team-Up JLA DJL-174 Plot Twist R
1 x Death Times Five JLA DJL-175 Plot Twist C
1 x Divided We Fall JLA DJL-141 Plot Twist R
1 x Funeral For a Friend JLA DJL-177 Plot Twist U
1 x Funky's Big Rat Code, Team-Up JLA DJL-142 Plot Twist C
3 x Game of the Galaxy MAV MAV-181 Plot Twist R
1 x Gang-Up, Team-Up JLA DJL-104 Plot Twist C
1 x Glass Jaw JLA DJL-178 Plot Twist C
1 x H'ronmeer's Curse JLA DJL-180 Plot Twist R
1 x Hero's Welcome JLA DJL-029 Plot Twist R
1 x Identity Crisis JLA DJL-181 Plot Twist R
1 x Infestation JLA DJL-106 Plot Twist U
1 x Justice League Task Force, Team-Up JLA DJL-068 Plot Twist C
1 x Justice League of Arkham, Team-Up JLA DJL-217 Plot Twist U
1 x Lead by Example JLA DJL-183 Plot Twist C
1 x Look-Alike Squad JLA DJL-210 Plot Twist R
1 x Matter Convergence JLA DJL-205 Plot Twist R
1 x Membership Drive JLA DJL-184 Plot Twist C
1 x Midnight Cravings JLA DJL-185 Plot Twist C
1 x Mysterious Benefactor JLA DJL-144 Plot Twist U
1 x New Era JLA DJL-031 Plot Twist R
1 x Not on My Watch JLA DJL-186 Plot Twist U
1 x Obliterate!, Epic MCG MCG-037 Plot Twist C
1 x Plasma Blast JLA DJL-070 Plot Twist C
1 x Poisoned! JLA DJL-219 Plot Twist U
1 x Power Siphon JLA DJL-109 Plot Twist R
1 x Strategic Thinking MCG MEX-020 Plot Twist R
Card Type: Shadow Character (10 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
3 x Dallas Riordan, Mayoral Aide MAV MAV-089 Shadow Character C
1 x Dr. Fate, Kent Nelson JLA DJL-047 Shadow Character R
1 x General Fabrikant, Qwardian General JLA DJL-204 Shadow Character U
1 x Gypsy, Cynthia Reynolds JLA DJL-010 Shadow Character C
1 x Illusionary Warriors, Army JLA DJL-085 Shadow Character C
1 x Infernal Minions, Army JLA DJL-086 Shadow Character C
1 x Martian Manhunter, J'onn J'onzz JLA DJL-054 Shadow Character U
1 x Martian Manhunter, Manhunter from Mars JLA DJL-015 Shadow Character R
Deck Statistics
Distribution by Card Type
Character bar 57  48 %  
Equipment bar 8 %  
Location bar 8 %  
Planet bar 1 %  
Plot Twist bar 33  28 %  
Shadow Character bar 10  8 %  

Distribution by Rarity
C bar 53  45 %  
R bar 43  36 %  
U bar 23  19 %  

Distribution by Recruit or Threshold Cost
- bar 1 %  
- bar 5 %  
1 bar 20  17 %  
10 bar 1 %  
2 bar 30  25 %  
3 bar 11  9 %  
4 bar 19  16 %  
5 bar 5 %  
6 bar 12  10 %  
7 bar 6 %  
8 bar 4 %  
9 bar 1 %  

Distribution by Team Affiliation
- bar 57  48 %  
Anti-Matter bar 1 %  
Avengers bar 1 %  
Green Lantern bar 2 %  
Injustice Gang bar 8 %  
Injustice Gang / Arkham Inmates bar 1 %  
Injustice Gang / Revenge Squad bar 2 %  
JLA bar 4 %  
JLA / Green Lantern bar 3 %  
JLA / JLI bar 1 %  
JLA / Team Superman bar 1 %  
JLI bar 10  8 %  
JLI / Green Lantern bar 1 %  
JLI / JLA bar 1 %  
JLI / Shadowpact bar 1 %  
Revenge Squad bar 1 %  
Secret Society bar 4 %  
Secret Society / Arkham Inmates bar 1 %  
Secret Society / Emerald Enemies bar 1 %  
Secret Society / Revenge Squad bar 1 %  
Sinister Syndicate bar 1 %  
Squadron Supreme bar 5 %  
Team Superman bar 1 %  
Thunderbolts bar 5 %  

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