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Deck "Demon Hunters"

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Deck "Demon Hunters"
61 Cards
created by yurasakasagami activity icon
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Section: Regular Deck (60 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x A Tragic Death (Kijin #104) Tensei PC4 event Subset
1 x An Unimaginable Loss Keshin 119 event Ultra Rare
1 x Bankotsu Shimei H2 character Hidden Rare
1 x Bankotsu, Band of Seven FWDecks BS7 character Subset
1 x Banryu, Demon Powered Keshin 86 item Uncommon
1 x City Street Kassen 114 location Rare
1 x Goodies Saisei 119 event Rare
1 x Hiraikotsu Tousou W4 item Subset
1 x How Long Do You Intend to Hide? Tensei 47 event Uncommon
1 x I Need Help Shimei 108 event Rare
1 x I Was So Worried About You Shimei 89 event Uncommon
1 x I didn't Say Get Naked! Tetsu. 223 event Rare
2 x Inuyasha, Heroic Champion Tensei 53 character Rare
1 x Inuyashaâ„¢, the Demon Within Jaki 116 character Ultra Rare
2 x Jakotsu, Band of Seven FWDecks BS2 character Subset
1 x Jakotsuto Tousou W10 item Subset
1 x Jewel of Four Souls Tousou W8 item Subset
1 x Just Ask for Help Kassen 119 event Ultra Rare
1 x Kikyo Tensei 66 character Hidden Rare
1 x Kikyo (legends) Kijin LS3 character Subset
1 x Kikyo, Free to Hate Jaki 68 character Uncommon
2 x Kirara, Transformed Kijin 55 character Uncommon
1 x Kon Blade Tensei 24 item Common
1 x Myoga, Terrified Flea Saisei 76 character Uncommon
1 x Naraku, Vile Demon Keshin P4 character Promotional
2 x Naraku, Wicked Demon Tensei 57 character Rare
1 x Playing With Toys Shimei 103 event Rare
1 x Possessed Shrine Tensei 51 location Uncommon
2 x Princess Abi, Bird Demon Princess Tensei 76 character Ultra Rare
2 x Saint Hijiri the Holy One Tensei 29 character Uncommon
1 x Sango, Demon Hunter Shimei 56 character Uncommon
2 x Sango, the Demon Slayer Kijin 95 character Rare
2 x Sara, Young Princess Tensei 1 character Common
1 x Sara, the Woman Who Loved Sesshomaru Tensei 41 character Uncommon
2 x Sesshomaru Keshin FW2 character Subset
1 x Sesshomaru, Silent Demon Tensei 56 character Rare
1 x Shikon Jewel Nearly Completed Kassen 111 item Rare
1 x Tenseiga, the Sword of Life Jaki 83 item Uncommon
1 x Tetsusaiga, Red Kassen 113 item Rare
1 x The Naginata of Kenkon Tensei 72 item Rare
1 x Tokijin Tousou W3 item Subset
1 x Toran, Deva of the Panther Tribe Kassen 63 character Uncommon
1 x Toran, Warrior of the Panther Tribe Saisei 89 character Uncommon
1 x Trident of Naraku's Bones Tensei 73 item Rare
2 x Tsubaki, Old Priestess Yokai 90 character Rare
2 x Tsubaki, Young Priestess Yokai 60 character Uncommon
1 x Tsukuyomaru, Father of the Bat Demons Kassen 56 character Uncommon
2 x Where are You? Yokai 69 event Uncommon
Section: Kaitou Deck (1 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
1 x Peaceful Times Yokai 118 sideboard Ultra Rare
Deck Statistics
Distribution by Card Type
character bar 36  59 %  
event bar 11  18 %  
item bar 11  18 %  
location bar 3 %  
sideboard bar 2 %  

Distribution by Deck Cost
- bar 11 %  
1 bar 11 %  
2 bar 15 %  
3 bar 17  28 %  
4 bar 14  23 %  
5 bar 8 %  
6 bar 3 %  

Distribution by Rarity
Common bar 5 %  
Hidden Rare bar 3 %  
Promotional bar 2 %  
Rare bar 18  30 %  
Subset bar 11  18 %  
Ultra Rare bar 10 %  
Uncommon bar 20  33 %  

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