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Deck "Exodia Burn Deck"

Deck "Exodia Burn Deck"
Format: Advanced - 40 Cards
created by dark_crusader activity icon
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Right... the idea of this deck is, well get exodia out ofcourse
using monsters like emissary of the afterlife and sangan to add them to your hand, or cards like cyber valley and dekoichi to draw more cards and stall.
next while that is happening... Macro cosmos should keep your graveyard empty so that you can use your chaos greed to draw more cards... if exodia should get removed from play, then use burial from a different dimension to bring the peices back and then use monster reincarnation to add it back to your hand. use your spell cards to stall while you get exodia out!
if all else fails, then use gren maju da eiza to bash your opponent in for a bit as they will have probs used up most of there counter cards stopping exodia and seeing how its only 3 stars, it can attack even though gravity bind or level limit area b are out

any improvements on this deck would be great Thanks!

Card list Group cards by  
Section: Monsters (17 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity Average price
3 x Cyber Valley PTDN PTDN-EN010 Monster / Effect Super Rare
2 x Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive RDS RDS-EN032u Monster / Effect Ultimate Rare
3 x Emissary of the Afterlife AST AST-076 Monster / Effect Super Rare
1 x Exodia the Forbidden One LOB LOB-124 Monster / Effect Ultra Rare
2 x Gren Maju Da Eiza IOC IOC-024 Monster / Effect Common
1 x Left Arm of the Forbidden One LOB LOB-123 Monster Ultra Rare
1 x Left Leg of the Forbidden One LOB LOB-121 Monster Ultra Rare
1 x Marshmallon PP01 PP01-EN003 Monster / Effect Secret Rare
1 x Right Arm of the Forbidden One LOB LOB-122 Monster Ultra Rare
1 x Right Leg of the Forbidden One LOB LOB-120 Monster Ultra Rare
1 x Sangan MRD MRD-069 Monster / Effect Rare
Section: Spells (14 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity Average price
2 x Burial From A Different Dimension DP03 DP03-EN026 Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play Ultra Rare
2 x Chaos Greed IOC IOC-038 Spell/Magic Card Common
1 x Heavy Storm MRD MRD-142 Spell/Magic Card Super Rare
1 x Level Limit - Area B AST AST-092 Spell/Magic Card / Continuous SP
1 x Messenger of Peace MRL MRL-102 Spell/Magic Card / Continuous Super Rare
3 x Monster Reincarnation RDS RDS-EN045 Spell/Magic Card Super Rare
1 x Mystical Space Typhoon MRL MRL-047 Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play Ultra Rare
1 x Soul Release MRD MRD-058 Spell/Magic Card Common
2 x Swords of Revealing Light LOB LOB-101 Spell/Magic Card Super Rare
Section: Traps (9 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity Average price
1 x Gravity Bind PSV PSV-073 Trap Card / Continuous Rare
3 x Macro Cosmos EOJ EOJ-EN057 Trap Card / Continuous Common
1 x Magic Cylinder LON LON-104 Trap Card Secret Rare
1 x Mirror Force MRD MRD-138 Trap Card Ultra Rare
3 x Solemn Judgment MRD MRD-127 Trap Card / Counter Ultra Rare
Total price for the deck:
Deck Statistics
Distribution by Attribute
- bar 23  58 %  
Dark bar 11  28 %  
Fire bar 5 %  
Light bar 10 %  

Distribution by Card Type
Monster bar 10 %  
Monster / Effect bar 13  33 %  
Spell/Magic Card bar 23 %  
Spell/Magic Card / Continuous bar 5 %  
Spell/Magic Card / Quick-Play bar 8 %  
Trap Card bar 5 %  
Trap Card / Continuous bar 10 %  
Trap Card / Counter bar 8 %  

Distribution by Level
- bar 23  58 %  
1 bar 18 %  
3 bar 13 %  
4 bar 13 %  

Distribution by Monster Type
- bar 23  58 %  
Fairy bar 3 %  
Fiend bar 15 %  
Machine bar 13 %  
Spellcaster bar 13 %  

Distribution by Rarity
Common bar 20 %  
Rare bar 5 %  
Retail Sec bar 3 %  
Secret Rare bar 3 %  
SP bar 3 %  
Super Rare bar 13  33 %  
Ultimate Rare bar 5 %  
Ultra Rare bar 12  30 %  

Current score for this Deck, based on 2 votes:

bar 3.00
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Discussion about this Deck
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Author Message
Canada activity icon

Avatar for morphingjar
Reply with quote Report content icon
Subject: Skull Lair   Posted: May 7, 2008 09:55 pm

There's a mistake on Skull Lair that they fixed when they riprinted it. You can only remove monsters for it's effect and not just any card in your GY
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United Kingdom activity icon

Avatar for dark_crusader
Reply with quote Report content icon
Subject: Skull Lair   Posted: May 8, 2008 06:12 am

Thanks for the tip

ill have to change it slightly lol
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United Kingdom activity icon

Avatar for emogothdragon
Reply with quote Report content icon
Subject: Deck Comment   Posted: May 9, 2008 04:52 am

Heya dark_crusader,
I think your deck idea is great but is slightly flawed as you call it an exodia deck but i feel that it would be very unlikely to get exodia out at all and i feel that it is really a waste of 5 cards that could be substituted for others such as return from a different dimention and other cards that help when removed from play such as cyber ouroboros which allows u to draw the cards you need.

tell me what u think
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