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Deck "Duke of Calamity"

Deck "Duke of Calamity"
Format: OCG (Old format) - 50 Cards
created by heron activity icon
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Clan: Gold Paladin (46 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
4 x Black Dragon Knight, Vortimer EB03 EB03-014 Gold Paladin R
1 x Black Dragon Whelp, Vortimer EB03 EB03-015 Gold Paladin R
4 x Elixir Sommelier TD05 TD05-018 Gold Paladin Fixed
4 x Falcon Knight of the Azure EB03 EB03-032 Gold Paladin C
4 x Fortune Bell TD05 TD05-017 Gold Paladin Fixed
2 x Gigantech Destroyer EB03 EB03-013 Gold Paladin R
2 x Halo Shield, Mark VG-BT06 BT06-017 Gold Paladin RR
2 x Incandescent Lion, Blond Ezel VG-BT06 BT06-004 Gold Paladin RRR
2 x Knight of Elegant Skills, Gareth TD05 TD05-008 Gold Paladin Fixed
2 x Knight of Superior Skills, Beaumains VG-BT06 BT06-032 Gold Paladin R
2 x Little Fighter, Cron VG-BT06 BT06-085 Gold Paladin C
2 x Mage of Calamity, Tripp VG-BT06 BT06-033 Gold Paladin R
1 x Player of the Holy Axe, Nimue VG-BT06 BT06-034 Gold Paladin R
2 x Player of the Holy Bow, Viviane VG-BT06 BT06-005 Gold Paladin RRR
4 x Scout of Darkness, Vortimer EB03 EB03-029 Gold Paladin C
1 x Silver Fang Witch TD05 TD05-013 Gold Paladin Fixed
3 x Sleygal Dagger VG-BT06 BT06-016 Gold Paladin RR
4 x Spectral Duke Dragon EB03 EB03-002 Gold Paladin RRR
Clan: Narukami (4 cards)
  Card Set Number Type Rarity
4 x Breakthrough Dragon VG-BT06 BT06-088 Narukami C
Deck Statistics
Distribution by Clan
Gold Paladin bar 50  100 %  

Distribution by Grade / Skill
Grade 0 / Boost bar 17  34 %  
Grade 1 / Boost bar 15  30 %  
Grade 2 / Intercept bar 10  20 %  
Grade 3 / Twin Drive!! bar 16 %  

Distribution by Nation
United Sanctuary bar 50  100 %  

Distribution by Power
10000 bar 10  20 %  
4000 bar 18 %  
5000 bar 18 %  
6000 bar 8 %  
7000 bar 16 %  
8000 bar 4 %  
9000 bar 16 %  

Distribution by Race
Abyss Dragon bar 8 %  
Angel bar 4 %  
Elf bar 12 %  
Giant bar 8 %  
High Beast bar 6 %  
Human bar 23  46 %  
Salamander bar 8 %  
Sylph bar 8 %  

Distribution by Rarity
C bar 14  28 %  
Fixed bar 11  22 %  
R bar 12  24 %  
RR bar 10 %  
RRR bar 16 %  

Distribution by Shield
- bar 16 %  
- bar 4 %  
10000 bar 13  26 %  
5000 bar 27  54 %  

Distribution by Trigger
- bar 16  32 %  
+5000, Critical bar 8 %  
Draw +5000 Power bar 8 %  
Heal +5000 Power bar 8 %  
None bar 18  36 %  
Stand +5000 Power bar 8 %  

Current score for this Deck, based on 20 votes:

bar 4.00
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Discussion about this Deck
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Author Message
Tunisia activity icon

Avatar for hatem
Reply with quote Report content icon
Subject: Yesterday   Posted: June 15, 2012 01:05 am

Lool, it's the best deck here and I beated it twice yesterday ;)
Anyway I also liked it
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United Kingdom activity icon

Avatar for heron
Reply with quote Report content icon
Subject:    Posted: June 16, 2012 04:22 am

Hatem, the only thing that this deck is not immune to is a bad draw.
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Indonesia activity icon

Avatar for lone_heart
Reply with quote Report content icon
Subject: how to make a great deck?   Posted: June 21, 2012 08:06 am

im new in here can you tell me how to make a great deck?
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United Kingdom activity icon

Avatar for heron
Reply with quote Report content icon
Subject:    Posted: June 21, 2012 08:43 am

Hello lone_heart. It really depends on the clan. But generally having a deck that has a good balance between grades(there should generally be a down curve as the grade increases). There should be about 17 grade 0s, 15 grade 1s, 10 grade 2s, and 8 grade 3s. As long as you have about that many cards of each grade you should be fine(make sure that the total amount of cards adds up to 50 though).
Then you could include combos that will make your opponent guard with more cards or not guard at all which will shorten the opponent's hand. For example in this deck my Sleygal Dagger and my Gigantech Destroyer are my main combo because if i counter blast 1(only if my filed is full though) Sleygal will get + 2k and that will make him a 9k booster, then my destroyer's ability is that when it attacks a vanguard if my vanguard is gold paladin destroyer gets + 2k making this combo a 21k attack which in most situations (excluding only Magesty Blaster Overlord, Dragonic Overlord The End, and Phantom Blaster Overlord because they are 12k/13k vanguards) will make the other player guard with 15k.
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Canada activity icon

Avatar for ren_suzagamori
Reply with quote Report content icon
Subject:    Posted: July 27, 2012 02:29 pm

This deck is good but you should take out witch and nimue and tron because duke is going to get rid of should add 1 mark,1 dindrane and 2 disciple of pain because if someone doesn't attack to make you get limit break then you can call pain and cb for damage and duke can cb for 2
Back to top Modified on July 27, 2012 02:29 pm 
United States activity icon

Avatar for aaronrob23
Reply with quote Report content icon
Subject:    Posted: September 7, 2012 10:48 am

Like I said in the rating i know ezel is a back up plan but it would be better to focus on the Duke chain.
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