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Deck "RUG Bombazar"

RUG Bombazar
created by mi5i3k activity icon envelope icon

Just noticed this deck was crappy. I’ve rebuilt it. ... [read more]

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LV33 Poland activity icon envelope icon

Avatar for qbius
Member since
November 11, 2009
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Subject: pierogi   Posted: April 3, 2013 03:22 am

Hi there.
The deck as it is now will always be substantially weaker than other, more "standard" bombazar approaches simply because it is slower and more vulnerable to simple bad luck.
Playing a deck focused on this broken piece of shiet should only strive to achieve two things: Get like 2, maybe even 3 creatures on the field and then play bomazar. It should be done by turn 6/maybe even 5 with little luck but that won't happen every time (the "bombazar" turn) and it almost certainly will be in any properly built deck.

Allow me to identify the 5 main problems I can see in the current decklist.

First of all, the evolutions. Despite them being cool and all they do not fit the flow of the deck at all. They are too slow, and while sure they have some pretty sweet stuff like being unblockable it's still not the thing you should be focusing on. There is little to no need for Lancer or Fighter to steal Bombazar's spotlight given the fact that they both are much much muuuch weaker than him. That's rather obvious. There are only two types of cards in a Bombazar deck: 1. Bombazar, 2. Bombazar's bit.ches. The only evolution that is somewhat explainable is Paladin, but even then he's highly situational considering he needs a liquid on the field. Yes I am aware that it's so easy to have a friggin hulcus for example but for something as fanatically tunnel-visioned as Bombazar every "situational" is "highly situational". Moving on,

2 Energy Streams is much too low an amount, especially since the spell is so amazing. You are going to be punished by a lot of really awful hands and there is absolutely nothing as great as a stream to escape such situation. A 40-cards deck with 4 CNightmares or 4 Clamps is going to anally devastate you. We don't want that. As I've mentioned a while ago a bombazar deck wants to be finished by turn 5/6 and the job that needs to be done is to establish a proper flow of cards before that moment happens. Notice the "cards" in "flow of cards". What is going to provide you with those if not stream?

Bombazar costs 7 but waiting for the 7th turn is completely out of the question. Sure you do have 3 bronzes but that's like 5 mana accels short. Where the hell are Poisonous Mushrooms? And by the way,

Why the hell only 3 bronzes? More importantly, why the f.uck only 3 bombazars?! You want a bombazar in each each each and I mean EACH single one of your starting hands. There is no card that you want more in your mana pool as early as possible. Not only it gives you 2 of your most important colors, it turns your Soulswap into a game breaker. Speaking of which, Soulswap is the only card that you have put 4 copies. I'm going to assume you thought that it's because the most important card there. Wrong. There is nothing more important than Bombazar, absolutely nothing.

And lastly, each card above the minimal limit of 40 is a huge fist you are taking to the face.

Cards I would personally get rid of immediately:
- All evolutions
- Aqua Guard

Cards to consider:
- Scarlet Skyterror
- Lucky Ball (There's nothing for Rebirth if you target a creature that costs 4)

And 95% is a huge exaggeration. RUB Control's gonna beat you like 60-70% of games.
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LV24 Poland activity icon envelope icon

Avatar for mi5i3k
Member since
July 25, 2011
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Subject:    Posted: April 3, 2013 03:38 am

RUG Bombazar vol. 2
I created new deck, is it better?
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Singapore activity icon

Avatar for epicfish_xd
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Subject: Mana boost   Posted: October 29, 2013 09:28 pm

Could use more mana boosting cards like faerie life
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