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Deck "Robin"

Deck "Robin"
5 Cards
created by leonia activity icon
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Card Type: Armor (2 cards)
1 x Arrow Scars Arrow Scars (Set 8)
  • Card Number: 34
  • Rarity: Fixed
  • Card Type: Armor
  • Culture: Briton
  • Traits: Head
  • Initiative: 2
Card text:

Trum: Opponents cannot discard your cards from play or modify dice in your rolls.
Eadig: When you make a non-attack roll, the roll gains +1.

"And it should be known that in the year of Our Lord 1403, the prince of Wales and Duke of Aquitaine and Lancaster, was struck by an arrow next to his nose on his left side during the battle of Shrewsbury. The prince was cured by me-I give enormous thanks to God-in the following manner."
John Bradmore, Philomena

1 x Burhs Burhs (Set 8)
  • Card Number: 29
  • Rarity: Fixed
  • Card Type: Armor
  • Culture: Briton
  • Traits: Location
  • Initiative: 7
Card text:

Dael forstandan: When you make a defense roll, if you have a Special card in play, the roll gains +1.
Hal gelogian: When you make a roll, if you revealed a Briton card this round, the roll gains +1.

During the invasions of Danish Vikings, the Anglo-Saxons created small walled towns and hill forts. These defenses, which can still be found today, were the predecessors of modern boroughs.

Card Type: Special (1 cards)
1 x Domesday Book Domesday Book (Set 8)
  • Card Number: 50
  • Rarity: Fixed
  • Card Type: Special
  • Culture: Briton
  • Traits: Tome - Item
  • Initiative: 5
Card text:

Sobfaestian gafol: After you are damaged by a weapon attack, if you have less life than the attacker, gain 1 life.
Inquistio Eliensis: When you are hit, if the attack is a critical hit, the attack deals -1 damage.

"What is the name of the manor?
Who held it in the time of King Edward?
Who holds it now?"
-from the Articles of Inquiry, Inquisitio Eliensis

Card Type: Warrior (1 cards)
1 x Robin Hood Robin Hood (Set 2)
  • Card Number: 21
  • Rarity: Fixed
  • Card Type: Warrior
  • Culture: Briton
  • Source: Mail-in Pack
  • Traits: Male
  • Element: Wind
  • Life/Speed/Experience: 7 / 3 / 4
  • Damage: 1
Card text:

Treowe Ame: You gain +3 experience and your attack rolls gain +1 if you have a ranged weapon.

Becoming the basis of many legends, the earliest Robin Hood was a yeoman, not a wronged nobleman, who haunted Barnsdale Forest.

Card Type: Weapon (1 cards)
1 x Longbow and Stakes Longbow and Stakes (Set 8)
  • Card Number: 33
  • Rarity: Fixed
  • Card Type: Weapon
  • Culture: Briton
  • Traits: Polearm - Ranged (2 Hands)
  • Initiative: 7
  • Damage: 2
Card text:

+1 +1
Faestnian: When an opponent makes a defense roll, if they moved into a space in this card's attack grid last round, the roll gets -2.

At the Battle of Agincourt, the English set up their longbowmen behind a line of stakes. When the archers rained arrows down upon the enemy line, the French responded with a charge of knights. Unable to flank the longbows, and halted by the stakes, the cavalry foundered in its charge; the rest of the army would fare no better.

Deck Statistics
Distribution by Card Type
Armor bar 40 %  
Special bar 20 %  
Warrior bar 20 %  
Weapon bar 20 %  

Distribution by Culture
Briton bar 100 %  

Distribution by Damage
- bar 60 %  
1 bar 20 %  
2 bar 20 %  

Distribution by Element
- bar 80 %  
Wind bar 20 %  

Distribution by Initiative
- bar 20 %  
2 bar 20 %  
5 bar 20 %  
7 bar 40 %  

Distribution by Life/Speed/Experience
- bar 80 %  
7 / 3 / 4 bar 20 %  

Distribution by Rarity
Fixed bar 100 %  

Distribution by Source
- bar 80 %  
Mail-in Pack bar 20 %  

Distribution by Traits
Head bar 20 %  
Location bar 20 %  
Male bar 20 %  
Polearm - Ranged (2 Hands) bar 20 %  
Tome - Item bar 20 %  

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